My Reasons to be cheerful - #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

It's been a long week.... Mainly because I have had this cold that just won't shift.......I'm looking forward to the weekend and having some family time.

My youngest son got a fixture on the new book bags at school.... They are the same as the old ones but have a body well as a carry handle.....He has been talking about them for a couple if days,so today I went to the school office to purchase two  £3.15 each.....that's £6.30 for two....thought book bags were free...oh well...My children are so easily pleased xxx

I'm feeling very grateful for my life....and realise... I don't have any room to grumble as my thought turn to those less fortunate then me.....Although its well known I like a good

As on Saturday 6th October Britmums co-founder Jennifer Howze and Michelle Pannell who blogs at Mummy from the heart and shares this wonderful Linky each week ...embark on their trip to Ethiopia with to see how international aid in helping those in extreme poverty....I wish them a safe and  journey and look forward to reading about their journey and posts xxxx

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  1. I hope that you feel better soon! I buy the mini mes character back packs, the schools ones are ridiculously priced. £3.15 isn't bad though! x

    1. I suppose not that bad....I hope it lasts and doesn't fall apart xxx

  2. I hate colds that drag on, J2 and I seemed to have one for about 3 months over the course of last winter, it was ridiculous. Book bags at J1's school are £2 each but I have to get the frequently, they just fall to pieces!x

  3. I hope it clears up voice is going up and down....driving me MAD xxx

  4. Great post, feel better soon, and enjoy your family time x


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