#ONEMums Lend Us Your Voice Meme

I'm more then humbled and honored to support ONE and the fight against extreme poverty.

By supporting ONE, you have the opportunity to take action to support effective, proven initiatives that are delivering results in the poorest places on the planet: protecting families from preventable diseases like AIDS and malaria, putting children in school, providing economic opportunity and stabilising communities.

ONE charity does not ask for money from the general public...They only asked for our voices to help raise public awareness to help in the fight against poverty.

How you can help Join one and highlight the work of ONE..at .Take part in this excellent meme called "It Only Takes One Mum" which was created by Clare who blogs Seasider in the City.
All you have to do it to use the phrase "ONEMums" and for each letter come up with a word of phrase that sums up what being a mother means to you..

Here's mine....I look forward to reading yours add you blog link via
Seasider In The City- onemums lend us your voices

O - Only in my dreams
N - Now a reality
E - Ever wanting...... Now in my arms

M - My beautiful babies
U -  Unreal feeling of love
M - Means the world to me
- Special moments to share each day... Thank you god for my beautiful boys..they mean they world to me.

Join me and millions of people around the world who believe that where you live shouldn't determine whether you live:

Join http://one.org/international/

Together as ONE we can make a difference!


  1. Motherhood is the realisation of my dreams too. Lovely post.

  2. Thank you xxx I always feel so blessed to have them in my life xxx

  3. Ahh beautiful,you can feel the love ouzing form your post. Mich x

    1. Aaaw bless you xxx all the best on your journey xxx

  4. Just perfect, you summed it up beautifully!

    1. Aaaw thank you xxx so special being a mum we are all sooo blessed xxx

  5. Awww love ur beautiful poem, being a mum best job in the world xx

  6. So true and I feel exactly the same :)


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