#Magicmoments - Big Boy Bikes

My husband and myself took the boys on Saturday to choose their new bikes......its there first big boys bikes...no stabilisers in sight....They were very excited as there were so many to choose from but finally settled on BMX in black...They haven't stopped talking about them and can't wait to go to collect the bikes after school today......Its a magic moment to see then growing and changing into big boys...another stage of their lives....We cant wait to take them out later...I will post some pictures of them later.


  1. How lovely! Bikes are so good for kids, so much fun :)

  2. They certainly grow so so quickly dont they! i bet they have been out all evening haven't they!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. Hope they get plenty of summer fun on them. I remember getting my very first bike and I used to speed around for hours!


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