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The £2 Challenge with Zamcog and Voucherbox

The £2 Challenge with Zamcog

This January Voucherbox.co.uk has teamed up with Zamcog a UK based charity that is dedicated to helping feed and educates Zambia’s most at-risk children. It costs £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia every day. In an effort to change the way we think about food, Voucherbox is challenging the blogging community to live frugally for one day by cutting down on their food spending costs,

The Challenge - to feed myself and my family on £2 per person for one day, Voucherbox.co.uk will also donate £50 to Zamcog to help the charity continue their goal of supporting Zambia’s most at-risk children.

asda Shopping

Like most we would like to save money and be more conscious of our spending, so we were really excited to take on the £2 Challenge with Zamcog and Voucherbox. We had 2 per person for the day, So I put the £8 together and purchased our shopping form ASDA, here's what we got and how we fed ourselves for the day.

Shopping List ASDA -  One Day's Food Shop for a Family of Four
Milk £0.99p
Asda Cornflakes £0.38p
Bread £0.50p
Cheese £1.00
Banana's £0.75p
Frozen White Fish Filets £2.15p
Tomato Puree £0.39p
Asda Rice £0.42p
Garlic bulb £0.20p
Coriander* £0.60p 
Total £7.38p = approx £1.85 per person

toasted cheese sandwich

Corn Flakes and Milk
Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Fish Curry & Rice

For the Fish Curry recipe check our my Cod Curry recipe HERE, *I had some curry powder and chilli powder already at home, but if you don't just omitted coriander and buy the curry powder. Also in the recipe, I previously added a small onion, but I have made it many times without and it tastes just as good.

fish curry

It was really a challenge to stick to the £2 budget and I had to be really aware of exactly what I was spending, I guess we don't always think how much we spend and often that few pounds or pence can go unnoticed, having a strict budget really made me think about what I spend and how much I take for granted the things that I just want to buy. It was a real eye-opener, and it can be done, so I really do intend to see how much more I can save week to week just by being mindful of what we eat and the costs.

For more information about the challenge please visit https://www.voucherbox.co.uk/blog/the-2-challenge/  and check out Zamcog

Royal Albert Hall #mysundayphoto

We were very lucky to be at the opening night of Amaluna - Cirque Du Soleil on Thursday at the Royal Albert Hall,  I couldn't help but capture the ceiling and stunning looking scenery as we waited for the show to start.

Due to licencing we were not allowed to take pictures of the show, which was a shame, but on the plus side it did give me the chance to fully enjoy the show rather than watching it through the lens of a camera.


Amaluna Cirque du Soleil

Amaluna Cirque du Soleil

We were really excited to head to the Royal Albert Hall in London to watch Cirque du Soleil Amaluna, The production is a celebration of love, and a tribute to women, with female performers making up the majority of the cast. Amaluna is a coming of age story: Queen Prospera calls all the people of the island together to celebrate Miranda's journey into womanhood, during the celebrations, there is a storm which causes a group of young men wash up on the island, then follows the spectacular love story between Miranda and the young stranger Romeo,

Amaluna water bowl   
Miranda contorts around the rim on the bowl and plays in the water. 

Amaluna maranda
Romeo finds Miranda and the two kiss for the first time.

Aerial Hoop  Amaluna

We watched in awe as Marinda and Romeo's love evolved through the various astounding scenes, which incorporated the stunning acts which featured aerialists. dancers and acrobatics, amazing stunts and a touch of magic. along with some light-hearted comedy. throughout the show we were treated to live music and singing as the various acts graced the stage, the stage gently moved and lights and scenery swiftly changed which created an amazing atmosphere for the audience,

Amaluna The Amazons
We loved these fierce warriors as they showed off their flipping and jumping skills.

The men of the island attempt to escape using their teeterboard which saw they fly through the air.

Amaluna comedy  Amaluna

We were dazzled enthralled and thoroughly entertained,  Amaluna Cirque du Soleil is absolutely awesome, we enjoyed every single minute of the show and cannot recommend it enough. A mind blowing, jaw dropping show that you will be talking about long after the show finishes,

 Amaluna Cirque du Soleil

Amaluna Cirque du Soleil is now on at the Royal Albert Hall London until Sunday 26 February 2017, for more inforamtion on the show and how to book click here HERE.



I'm happy to see Cadbury's Cream eggs are back on the shelves, so to celebrate Cadbury is launching the first-ever travelling Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Lodge, It will tour the UK from 27th January stopping off in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh.


The lodge will be open for a limited time only and will be a delicious haven for Creme Egg lovers offering a Creme Egg inspired treats. from a takeaway area that is specifically designed for fans that are short on time, with an offering of gooey Creme Egg S’mores to-go. but for those with a little more time to spare will be able to enjoy the cosy outdoor area, complete with an egg-stravagent bush-craft menu, offering four inspiring ways to enjoy the deliciously gooey chocolate treat, including:

Gooey Creme Egg S’mores – gooey Creme Egg pieces and a giant marshmallow, sandwiched between two biscuits, toasted for added gooeyness!
Creme Egg Hunters’ Hot Choc– mouth-watering Cadbury hot chocolate, with melted Creme Egg added in for goo-d measure!
Creme Egg Forest Fridge Cake-  crushed biscuits, nuts and apricots, coated in a thick layer of delicious Cadbury chocolate, topped with  gooey Creme Egg  pieces
Creme Black Forest Toastie – the popular Creme Egg Toastie is back with a twist – gooey Creme Eggs mixed with black cherries, sandwiched between golden toast

To keep up to date on all the latest Cadbury Creme Egg news, including details of the Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Lodge, visit the event page here www.facebook.com/cadburycremeegg or tweet @CadburyUK using the hashtag #CremeEggHuntingSeason

Locations and Timings:
27th January – The London Eye*, London (4:50pm – 9pm)
30th January – Broadmead, Bristol (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
31st January – Broadmead, Bristol (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
3rd February – Birmingham City Centre (4:50pm- 9pm)
4th February – Birmingham City Centre (Open 1:50pm- 6pm)
8th February – The Briggate, Leeds (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
9th February – The Briggate, Leeds (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
10th February – Festival Sq, Edinburgh (Open 3:50pm – 8pm)
11th February – Festival Sq, Edinburgh (Open 1:50pm – 6pm)
25th February – The London Eye, London (Open 1:50pm – 6pm
26th February – The London Eye, London (Open 1:50pm – 6pm)

Cadbury Creme Eggs are back for a limited time only, available nationwide, until the 16th April, RRP
Cadbury Creme Egg single: 40g - £0.58, Cadbury Creme Egg five pack: 197g - £2.85, Cadbury Creme Egg twelve pack: 475g - £6.68.



I recently have been suffering from some repetitive strain pains in my arm, so when I got the opportunity to try the Trion: Z Zen Loop Solo magnetic therapy bracelet I jumped at the chance.


The Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo unique magnetic bracelet features the patented magnetic technology and ION Core, thanks to the medical 2x 1,000 gauss magnets,along with the orientation of the magnets and the infused Ion Core it produces over 1,500 negative ions per second, which are said to give a sense of well-being and aid in recovery and improve performance.


Magnetic therapy has been studied by a number of eminent medical researchers and evidence suggests that magnets may increase blood flow and help with the healing process, and is considered by many health professionals to be an extremely powerful form of alternative medicine. read more about the technology Here.


The Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo comes in four sizes small, medium, large and x-large, it's made using premium grade braided cord with a stainless steel magnetic push-fit fastening, and better still it comes in five different colours Black/Pink, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/White, Black/Red.


I really looking forward to wearing this cool bracelet, I have only been wearing for a couple of days, so it's too early to say if it's making a real difference, but I certainly will pop back and update this post with my thoughts at a later date. For more information check out Trion: Z -Zen Loop Solo.