Thursday, 30 October 2014

John Torode’s Pumpkin and Nutmeg Tarts

Pumpkin and nutmeg tarts are a small, sweet version of the classic tart, a combination that is a particular favourite of John’s. Ideally, they are better served cooked, rather than cooled, as they can be brittle when hot.  The autumnal flavours make this recipe perfect for a Halloween party treat. Why not decorate the top of the tarts with spooky characters to really emphasise the Halloween theme!

Enjoy John’s Pumpkin and Nutmeg tarts as an occasional treat, served best with a cup of Tassimo English Breakfast Tea.
Makes approximately 8-10 individual tarts. You will need a medium saucepan and 8-10 small pie tins.

1kg of quantity of short-crust pastry
500g pumpkin (or butternut squash) unpeeled
100g brown sugar
1 tbsp. corn flour
1 egg
1 tsp nutmeg
Milk (for glazing)
1 tbsp. caster sugar

1 -  Pre-heat the oven to 200 C/gas mark 6.
2 - Chop the pumpkin into good size chunks, then place them into the oven to bake for 30 minutes, or until soft.
3 - Whist the chunks are baking, roll out the pastry until about 1cm thick, and cut into circles slightly larger than the base of the tins.
4 - Line the 8-10 small pie tins with the circle cut pastry, leaving enough for a lid, afterward place in the fridge for 20 minutes.
5 - Whilst the pumpkin is still hot, scoop the flesh from the skin. Discard the skin.
6 - In a bowl, whisk the pumpkin until smooth.
7 - Beat the sugar, egg and nutmeg together, then add to the pumpkin and whisk some more.
8 - Let the filling cool, and then spoon the mix into the chilled tart cases.
9 - With the remaining pastry, cut shapes for the top of the tarts and place on top of the filling.Brush the tops with milk and scatter with caster sugar.
10 - Place pie dishes on larger baking tray (in case any liquid leaks out) and bake for 25 minutes.
11 - Allow to cool before turning out.

Skylanders Trap Team Twitter Party

Skylanders Trap Team Twitter Party - Tomorrow at 2pm I will be co-hosting a #SkylandersHalloween Twitter party, just follow @janglitz & join in to win awesome Skylanders Trap Team prizes.

Win competitions at - See more at:

Le Pain Quotidien - Baking Class

We were delighted to attend a Halloween decorating class at Le Pain Quotidien at Notting Hill London. Le Pain Quotidien serves simple yet elegant food made with fresh organic ingredients whenever possible and offers a in both dine-in and take out services, As well as a varied range of baking classes.


When we arrived we headed up the winding iron staircase to our class, We were very excited as we were greeted by an amazing selection of cookie cutters and baking equipment, the boys had the most amazing time as they rolled our their dough and were taken through the steps and stages of the baking process.

As the cookies baked, the kids were entertained with some spot the difference activities.The best was to come as the children got creative designing and decorating their cookies. We really had a wonderful cooking session, the boys loved every minute of the class and we were feeling very proud of their creations.

We are really had an amazing time and cant wait to attending another baking class with Le Pain Quotidien.For more details on Le Pain Quotidien and their baking class visit and check out a store near you.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Skylanders Universe Magazine

We were super delighted to attend an amazing coffee morning in London to learn about the amazing new Skylanders Universe Magazine. Skylanders Universe is an awesome monthly magazine which shares amazing Skylander facts, fun challenges, puzzles and more.

We were delighted to meet the Editor of Skylanders Universe Craig Donaghy and senior Art Director Nikki Davies, We really couldn't believe how much time and effort goes into creating this awesome magazine.

We had an amazing opportunity to see first hand the cool Skylanders Universe magazine, it looked amazing and the boys were instantly drawn to awesome Skylander characters and bold designs. A monthly must have for Skylander fans.

The magazine was full of amazing cool facts, awesome posters and puzzles, inside this months magazine is a pack of Skylanders Trap Team cards and a cool Trigger Happy gold coin blaster, all at an amazing price of only £2.99, I certainly know Skylanders Universe will be a magazine my boys will buy with their pocket money every month.

We had the most amazing day as the boys got creative creating their very own magazine cover, as well as some awesome game play of the new Skylanders Trap Team on the Ipad.

 Skylanders Universe Magazine is now available at all good supermarkets and newsagents for only £2.99.

When we arrived home the boys really enjoyed reading their Skylanders Universe Magazine and opted for some fun spot the difference challenges and we are certainly looking forward to entering some of the cool competitions too.

 A huge Thank you to the Team at Skylanders Universe Magazine.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spooky Snacks and Creepy Crafts

There is nothing more I love then a challenge,so I was delighted to get creative with these spooky Halloween creations. 

Squeamish Squares

150g Shredded Wheat
x6 Yorkie Bars
50g Marshmallows
200g Golden Syrup
1 Pack of Strawberry Laces
1 Pack of Jelly Tots
1 Bag of Milky Bars Buttons

Step 1
Grease and line a 20cm square tin

Step 2
Slowly melt the Yorkie Bars and Golden Syrup together over a cauldron simmering water until melted.

Step 3
Mix the Shredded Wheat and half of the Jelly Tots, Jelly Worms and Marshmallows together into a bowl and then stir in the Yorkie and Golden Syrup mixture until combined.

Step 4
Pour the mixture into the tin and place in the fridge for a least an hour to set.

Step 5
Melt the Milky Bar and scatter across the top adding the rest of the jelly tots, Once set cut into squares,

Spider Attack

You Will Need
(Makes Two Spiders)
6 Pipe Cleaners
2 Pack Of Smarties
4 Googly Eyes

Step 1
Empty the Smarties and wrap around a pipe cleaner, Twist and bend down to form legs continue to do this with another two of the pipe cleaners.

Step 2
Kink each leg, so your spider is ready to pounce.

Step 3
Glue on the googly eyes.

Step 4
Hang on doorways or leave on your party table.

Handy Treat

Witch's Hand
2 Packs of Jelly
500ml of boiling water
Oil Spray/Oil

Bed Of Dirt
100g Caster Sugar
75g Plain Nestle Crunch Milk (blended into crumbs)

Step 1
Melt your jelly by pouring 250ml of boiling water and allow to dissolve, then add another 250ml of cold water.

Step 2
Oil the inside of a clean rubber glove, then poor in the jelly mix, tie with a elastic band and suspend in the fridge. I suspended my glove on a wooden spoon over two shake cups and held in place with a heavy duty clip.

Step 3
Very carefully cut away the glove to revel your hand.

Step 4
Now create your bed of dirt.... Boil the caster sugar with a splash of water until the sugar turns a very light brown.

Step 5
Boil until sugar is dissolved, remove from heat and whisk in the crumbled chocolate. Leave to cool on a baking tray before fluffing up into a mould of dirt,

Step 6
Add the hand on top of the chocolate dirt.

Why not try these awesome creations and amaze your family and friends.

JoJo Maman Bébé - raising funds for new motorbike ambulance in Mozambique

In Mozambique, infant and maternal mortality rates are scarily high - in some areas one in three children will not live to see their 5th birthday. JoJo Maman Bébé, the mother and baby specialist, has been working to help reduce this shocking statistics for the past 8 years.

In rural areas, seeking medical attention often means a long walk to reach the town. Once there you will join a queue outside the basic hospital only to find, when it is eventually your turn to see the doctor, that in most cases the medicine has already run out.

A motorbike ambulance will speed up the process of treating patients by taking much needed medicines to those most in need and getting them to the hospital on time in the case of a difficult birth. It costs just £12,000 to buy a motorbike ambulance, run and maintain it for two years, amazingly including the driver’s salary. JoJo customers can support this much needed appeal in two ways - by purchasing a JoJo Gift Voucher in store or online, or by donating directly through the JoJo website. JoJo has pledged to donate 10% of the value of every Gift Voucher purchased to Nema this Christmas, in order to raise the funds required.

“We would love to be able to buy an ambulance in time for Christmas this year” says Laura Tenison MBE, JoJo founder and MD, who has recently returned from visiting the charity.

JoJo has supported Nema (which translates as “happiness following hardship” in the local Kimwani language) on numerous past projects include building schools, providing school meals, health, sanitation, HIV & Malaria prevention programmes. A team of eight local employees work on these projects amongst others such as looking after 120 orphans and vulnerable children and monitoring the pregnant women in the area. Life is tough in rural villages like Nuande, where the clinic only offers the most basic level of medical care.

“Imagine how happy you would be to see the Nema ambulance man if you had a pregnancy or baby emergency?” comments Laura. “The alternative could be a very long walk carrying your little one, or a four-hour trip in a wheelbarrow in the middle of a difficult birth – it’s just too horrible to imagine”.

For JoJo Maman Bébé, developing the scope for responsible retailing has meant adopting and being proactive in running Nema, this grass-roots charity which helps mothers and children in one of the poorest countries of the developing world. After many years of war Mozambique is re-building itself, but has been left with little infrastructure, devastating levels of poverty and high rates of infant mortality.

 For further information on Nema’s work, please visit Charity

Supporting Charities 

Skylanders Trap Team Launch Party

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to attend the awesome launch party of the New Skylanders Trap Team. Skylanders continues in the awesome brand new Skylanders Trap Team game, as Kaos attempts to fulfill his ongoing quest to rule over Skylands and it will be up to you to defeat Kaos and trap his villainous friends.

When we arrived at the Royal Festival Hall in London and we were greeted by the awesome Gill Grunt. We were pleasantly surprised and we entered into the amazing party which was already full with parents,gamers press and a host of celebrities.

We were transformed into the world of the Skylander's as we mingled and enjoyed the company of our fellow Skylander fans, and of course no Skylander launch party would be compleate without some serious game play of the awesome new Skylanders Trap Team. 

The boys couldn't wait to get stuck in for some amazing Trap Team game play, totally awesome.

Not only was we delighted to play the new Skylanders trap team, but we were treated to some amazing ice cream, sweet treats and tasty drinks. It was amazing.

The boys really love the Skylander piñata, each tweet sent, led the an electronic hit of the piñata, it was awesome as we watched the piñata shake and crumble, eventually releasing it's goodies.

A real treat was the boys having their caricatures done, as they were transformed into the ultimate Skylander baddie Kaos.

We had the most amazing time a the Skylanders Trap Team Party, As we now excitedly await our very own delivery of Skylanders Trap Team, we very much look forward to having the Skylanders Trap Team adventure in our own home.

A huge thank you the the Skylanders Trap Team and Partners for this awesome party x