Monday, 1 September 2014

Back To School With Sainsbury's

I can't believe how fast the school holidays have gone, and as the new term approaches, like most parents I have been getting prepared to ensure my boys have all of their school essentials.

Sainsbury's has an amazing selection of everyday school essentials from Uniform to Stationary Sets, Lunch Boxes and Rucksacks and everything you could possibly need to start the new term organised and in style.

My son was very delighted with this cool Gola Backpack from Sainsbury's which comes in this amazing camouflage grey/black and is the perfect fit as it had adjustable shoulder straps. We loved the fact the rucksack has two large pockets and smaller pocket, 
The rucksack comes with two elastic drink holders on each side of the rucksack, not only is this rucksack stylish but it also has padded handles which makes this rucksack very comfortable to wear.

My eldest son loved this cool Black and Orange Gola Rucksack from Sainsbury's, not only does it look very cool but its amazingly spacious inside, perfect for carrying my sons PE kit, books, and most defiantly for day trips with the school,This cool rucksack has one huge main compartment and two smaller pockets and comes with an elastic drink holder to prevent spillages, The shoulder straps are padded and the rucksack feel very secure once on.

We really do love all of Sainsbury's stationary and I'm always in need of more pens and notebooks. Sainsbury's offer a varied range of bright coloured and bold note books and diaries at amazing prices.
My son adored these cool Travel buddies which consist of two cool keyring's,reflective stickers and a badge which is perfect for adding those special touches and personalising your school bag.

Check out Sainsbury's online www.sainsburys/back-to-school and in store for all of your Back To School Essentials.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Zhoodz - Reflective Clothing

We were super excited to receive these amazing Zhoodz t-shirts, Zhoodz is a totally unique clothing brand unlike anything I have ever seen before as Zhoodz creates amazing reflective clothing and accessories, Which not only looks super cool, but the designs and logos are reflective which means that as the lights fade the Zhoodz takes on a cool reflective look.

These pictures really show how amazing the Zhoodz t-shirts are, When the wearer comes into the path of a light beam or car headlights the cool reflective designs of the Zhoodz t-shirts take on a unique and exciting look, So not only do the Zhoodz t-shirts and hoodies look great but they are extremely practical when outside as they ensure you are seen by oncoming vehicles.

My eldest son opted for the cool Green Insect T-Shirt, In the daylight the t-shirt is bright and bold you can see the cool bugs but once the light hits the reflective bugs come to life giving an amazing look,

My youngest son opted for the Mad Face T-Shirt which looks awesome,This cool t-shirt is an amazing bright yellow with a cool design. Each of the t-shirts come with the cool Zhoodz eyes branding which also is reflective and looks amazingly cool.

My boys love their Zhoodz t-shirts and have wanted to wear them all of the time, which means I've had to wash them more then once,but this hasn't made any difference to the awesome design or the amazing quality of the t-shirts as they still look as awesome as the day we received them.

We really love Zhoodz they have so many amazing designs and colour options to choose from as well as a range of cool hoodies and some amazing accessories. My sons have already requested a hoodie each and Beenie hat for the cooler night to come.

Zhoodz T-Shirts are only £17,99 check out Zhoodz amazing clothing and accessories at

Monday, 25 August 2014

Mighty Meaty Seabrook Crisp Sandwich

This month, the people at Seabrook Crisps are celebrating National Crisp Sandwich Week.
As huge Seabrook Crisp fans and regular sandwich eaters we couldn't wait to get involved. 
 “This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps”

So here is our 

Mighty Meaty Seabrook Crisp Sandwich


2 slices of brown bread
1 slice of chicken roll
1 cheese slice
1 packet of Beefy Seabrook Crisps


This is a super quick and simple recipe, great for on the go and when time is short. Simply layer all the ingredient together and create this Mighty Meaty crunchy sandwich.

It tasted amazing the mix of the chicken and Beefy Seabrook crisp give delicious meaty and crunchy texture, whilst the cheese offers a creaminess a great combination..

Why not get creative and make your own tasty Seabrook sandwich.

Yollies - Yogurt Lolly

We were absolutely delighted to try the amazing New Yollies, Yollies are from the makers of  Cheesestrings who have brought a cool and unique dairy delight on a stick, 

Yollies are Made from a deliciously fruity yogurt, We were amazed at the thick creamy texture which was unlike anything we had ever tasted before, As huge yogurt lovers we often opt out of taking yogurt's on picnics or in packed lunches due the the fact you need to take along a spoon and plus they can be quite messy, But New Yollies had changed the way we eat yogurt forever,

Yollies are packed in a cool looking character stay fresh pod's and are firm enough to stay on the stick, Which means that Yollies keep there shape and stay fresh. 

Yollies are sold in packs of four and not only feature 16 cool characters,But each stick is a collectable keyring too, And as a mother I can be assured that Yollies are made using real fruit puree and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings. 

We really loved Yollies they were amazing to eat, We loved the funky looking characters and cool designs, It was great choosing which character was our favourite and who we was going to eat next, As we bit into the Yollies our mouths were filled with the creamy texture and fruity flavour,They tasted amazing, It was a yogurt but firmer and on a stick !!! which was so amazingly cool, Yollies are a perfect dairy snack for on the go.

Yollies come in three amazing flavours Raspberry, Strawberry and Apricot and can be found in the Yogurt aisle are available in Asda Stores nationwide RRP £2

We were given the Yollies to sample, All thought are honest and that of our own.

Asda - Baby and Toddler Event

The Asda baby and toddler event is your one stop shop for all your baby products Packed full of offers from all your favourite quality brands, The Asda baby event is not to be missed.

  Asda's Baby & Toddler Event is back with bigger and better savings, So why not pop down to your local store or check online

Starting On Friday 23rd August online and Monday 25th August in-store, the event offers amazing reductions over a wide range of great products and there is also chance for early birds to get their hands on special offers on selected items now, including baby essentials including Asda exclusive brands Little Angels and George. From household helpers to every day baby essentials there is a bargain that every parents needs.

Here is just a sneak peak at some of the amazing offers available

 Check Asda in store or online for more amazing must have bargains

Friday, 22 August 2014

Takeaway.Com - Review

There's nothing more I like then a takeaway, not only does it save me having to cook, but its also a nice family treat. We have used various online services, so we were delighted to order our takeaway via is an online food ordering,service, Created in 2000 became a market leading in the Netherlands and are now developing their services in many European countries.They currently have over 20.000 member’s and their websites record an average of 800,000 orders per month, work closely with several known brand such as Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola, and Ben & Jerry’s. have a online ordering website or you can opt to order via the app which is downloadable via iphone or android, to order is quick and simple, Just input your postcode and will locate all of the restaurants located in your area.

With so many delicious cuisine's you are certainty spoilt for choice, We ordered this delicious curry via

We really enjoyed using we found it quick simple and very easy to use, it was very easy to naviate around the website, and we located our desired cuisine with a few simple clicks, we were really delighted with the service at and we most defiantly will be using the service again soon.

For more information or to order a tasty takeaway visit

We were given a voucher to test the service of

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Creating An Atmosphere: A Guide To Mood Lighting

With a little imagination and some new lighting products, it’s amazing how easy it is to transform the look and feel of your rooms. If you’re keen to create some impressive mood lighting effects in your home, take a look at these top tips.

Living room
You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to selecting mood lights for your living room. The important thing to remember is that by using different types of lighting and placing these products in various locations around the space, you can create a host of different effects and achieve the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.  

A must for any living room is a ceiling light and by purchasing dimmer versions, you can control how bright the space is. If you’re trying to read or concentrate, put the dimmer up high. On the other hand, if you’re relaxing or enjoying a romantic evening in, simply turn it down.

To add texture to your lounge lighting, it’s a good idea to introduce wall lights and these items are also available with dimmer controls. Low level lighting around the edges of your room can help to create a warm, homely feel. The same applies to floor and table lamps. You can turn these on or off, depending on the look you’re trying to create.

Last but by no means least, it’s worth investing in some stylish picture lights. Rather than adding to the brightness of your living room, these products simply draw attention to your artwork. They look especially good when the rest of your lounge is under low level lighting.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a relaxing soak in the tub, but stark lighting can ruin these experiences. If you want to unwind in style in your bathroom, it helps to have an alternative to your main ceiling light.

One great option is to invest in mirror lights. By switching these on rather than your overhead light, you can create a much more restful environment.

You can supplement this look by lighting a few candles around your bath or on your window ledge, and for the full effect opt for aromatherapy versions.

Of course, you’ll need to be able to see what you’re doing when you’re cooking up a storm in your kitchen. However, if you’re staging an intimate dinner party or a romantic meal for two in the space, it’s important to have less intense lighting options.

Ceiling spot lights can be perfect for these rooms. You can adjust the heads so that they are directed towards your hob, sink and food preparation areas, but away from your dining table. Under cabinet lights are great too. They illuminate worktops without casting too much light around the room more generally.  

You can have some real fun when it comes to choosing mood lights for your bedroom. After all, this is your space to do whatever you like with. Dimmer wall lights and lamps are a must in these rooms. They allow you to completely transform the atmosphere at the flick or a switch or turn of a button.

You can also use your imagination when it comes to colour. Bedrooms should be warm, cosy places and you can achieve this look by simply purchasing the right shades for your wall and ceiling lights, as well as your lamps. Earthy colours and pinks and reds are a great option if you want to create a romantic setting.

It’s also possible to purchase coloured ceiling pendant lights. For example, you can get versions that feature opal glass pendants with coloured bulbs, and the colour is only visible when the pendant is lit.

See for yourself
If these ideas have sparked your imagination and you want to check out the impressive selection of lighting products now available, head to websites like The Lighting Superstore. You should be able to find everything you need within no time.

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