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LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash

As its the half-term holidays we are always looking exciting things to do keep us entertained, so we were super excited to get out hands on this cool LEGO bundle along with the LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash. We have adored every single LEGO movie so far so we were really excited to watch this one.

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash is a cool action adventure movie which sees Flash lose his powers and fired from the Justice League, The Flash must find a way to stop thetime loop that forces him to relive the same day over and over again, but will Flash have the powers to restore time and defeat his enemy,you'll need to watch to find out, but in the meantime here is a little taster of LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash.

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash movie is available to digitally download or buy on DVD now.


We were delighted to head to the SSE Arena in London to watch Disney On Ice Worlds Of Enchantment, we have been very fortunate to see a few shows, so we knew we were in for a real treat. We were in awe as we watched the production unfold. Micky Mouse and Minne Mouse introduced the show and the Disney magic began.

The characters from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the gang attempt to escape Sunnyside Daycare. 

Then we joined Little Mermaid and her friends under the sea.

Disney/Pixar's Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew race around the ice.

Then lastly must but no means least we headed to Arendale where we watched the loving, yet
distant relationship between the two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa. 

Each time have seen Disney On Ice I'm never disappointed, the stunning choreography and costumes bring our favourite characters from the movie to life, watching the elegant skating moves alongside the mesmerising Disney songs and stories is a real not to be missed treat. Disney On Ice Worlds Of Enchantment gives us Disney fans the chance to watch our favourite Disney story live on ice, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment.

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment will be on at The SSE Arena, Wembley from the 4th April until the 8th April after this date Disney On Ice  Worlds of Enchantment will be appearing at various locations across the UK, for more information check out www.disneyonice.com/worlds-of-enchantment.


Now that the final remnants of my Easter eggs are gone, it time I start getting myself back on track and start exercising and looking after my health a bit more. Prior to the Easter break, I was drinking green smoothies and eating a bit healthier and exercising three to four times a week, it's amazing how quickly I fall off the wagon, but now I'm back and looking to improve my general health and wellbeing.

I have read so much amazing information on the health benefits of Drinking Apple Cider,  so I was delighted to try Comvita’s Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar which is available in two refreshing flavours, Natural and Golden Kiwifruit both are naturally sweetened with Manuka Honey which is made by New Zealand honeybees, with no added sugar or artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, a great drink for on the go.

I have also been trying Manuka Honey Elixirs which is very pleasant taste, this soothing elixir contains Vitamin C and Zinc to help contribute to the normal immune system functions and helps protect against coughs and colds.

Comvita’s Apple Cider Vinegar £2.99 whilst the Manuka Honey Elixirs are £9.98, both are available to purchase online (www.comvita.co.uk) and at Holland & Barrett.

Looking forward to summer

Now that the longer days have finally arrived and summer is just around the corner, I'm defiantly thinking ahead and looking forward to Summer sun, my thoughts have started to turn to the summer holidays and planning a getaway. This year we are divided where we want to go my husband and son would like a relaxing beach holiday in Antalya which is full of history along with some of the finest beaches in Europe, it would be great to visit and take in the culture and local markets. My youngest son would prefer a UK based holiday as he is not keen on traveling to far.

On the other hand, I would quite like an adventurous holiday and explore Italy's capital Rome, I'd love to take in the culture and architecture and explore the ancient ruins of the Colosseum.
Whichever holiday we decide to choose I'm in no doubt that it will be filled with fun and adventure.

So over the next few weeks, I'll be trying to figure out a destination that we all can agree on, which is not only fits all our wants and needs, but it also has to be a cheap holiday deal and fits in with our budget. All I can think of is the warm sun and the relaxing thoughts of being away from the daily routines.what are your plans for the summer holidays!

Disney On Ice Worlds of Enchantment Is Coming To London

The magical world of Disney On Ice returns to London this April with four of your favourite Disney stories at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment.

Watch Disney/Pixar's Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew race around the ice, best of all my favorite characters from Toy Story are back Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the gang attempt to escape Sunnyside Daycare, then join The Little Mermaid Ariel in her undersea kingdom.

Finally, enter into the wintry world of Frozen join sisters Anna and Elsa and friends Olaf and Kristoff as they learn that true love comes from within. Arrive early to join in the Fit to Dance pre-show party.

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment will be on at The SSE Arena, Wembley from the 4th April Until the 8th April for more information check out www.disneyonice.com/worlds-of-enchantment.