Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Asda - Toy's

Nestle - Creative Challenge

We were very excited to take part in Nestle creative challenge, where we can show our creative skills using our favourite Nestle cereals.

We are huge Nestle cereal fans not only because Nestle cereals are extremely tasty, but the green banner across the top is a visual reminder that these tasty cereals are full of whole grain goodness as they are high in fibre and full of important nutrients, such as B vitamins, calcium and iron which are important for our health. also Netle Cereals are the prefect way to start the day.
My boys love Nesquik and Cheerios, where as I'm a huge fan of shreddies. whilst my husband likes shredded wheat.

Not only is this a tasty challenge but it was a fun one, and as huge lovers of Nestle Cereals it was a fantastic challenge
We decided to make a tasty snack as well as craft project..

Nestle crunch

We used a varied selection of Nestle Cereals and Raisins layered with low fat yogurt to create this very tasty snack.

You will need
Your favourite Nestle cereal, we used Nesquik and Curiously Cinnamon 
Plain Yogurt

Layer you Nestle Cereal's and top with yogurt and cereal top with raisins.
Simple yet tasty.

Nestle Big Red Bus

You will need
1 Large Nestle Cereal box
4 small Nestle Cereal boxes foe the wheels and windows
Poster paint 
Paint brush

using the small Nestle boxes, cut out four circles and some small square windows paint these black.
Next paint the large Nestle cereal box red and wait to try
Once dry stick om bus wheels and windows, allow to full dry and there you have your Nestle Big Red Bus.

We were given the Nestle Cereals to help us take part in this challenge, However all creative ideas and thoughts on Nestle are that of our own,

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Spicy Couscous with Birds Eye Petits Pois & Waffle Croutons

The summer holidays now seem like a long distance memory, With myself and my hubby back at work and the boys back into the school routine, it can get a little crazy around here so its important everything in our home runs as smoothly as possible. Which normally means as soon as the boys come home from school,they are hungry and want some to eat, which means i have to have to prepare something quick simple for tea.

So i was ever so delighted to take part in the Bird Eye  after school Chefs Challenge with Bird Eye.
Birds Eye Products are one of our all time family favourites, so it was great to take on the challenge, with two hungry boys everyday at tea time this meal is an important part of the day. We often opt for quick and simple options, Here are two of our favorite  Fish Finger wraps  and Bird Eye Rice Infusions teamed with Bird Eye Inspirations - Pink Salmon in a sweet chili and ginger sauce.

But we wanted to share one of our all time favorites Spicy Couscous & Birds Eye Petits Pois & Waffle Croutons. A very simple quick and healthy meal which the boys love.

Spicy Couscous & Birds Eye Petits Pois & Waffle Croutons 

What you will need
2/3 Bird Eye Potato Waffles
Birds Eye Petits Pois (approx one to two handfuls)
1 Spring Onion (Chopped)
Half a tin of Chickpeas
120g Couscous (Cooked)
1 teaspoon of mixed curry power
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
1 fresh green chili (optional)
Fresh coriander to garnish
Tablespoon of oil
Salt to taste

Prepare the couscous as per packet instructions, and cook your Birds Eye potato waffles until golden brown. keep the waffles warm in warming oven compartment.

Add the oil into a non stick pan frying pan warm though, next add the chopped spring onion, chickpeas and Bird Eye Peas, followed by the green chili and the teaspoon of mixed curry powder and turmeric. Mix together and saute on a low head with the pan lid on.
Leave for approx 4-6 minutes, which will allow chickpeas and Bird eye Peas to soften and cook through.

Add in the cooked couscous and toss though insuring a good mix leave for another 4-5 minutes on a low heat tossing occasionally, then add Bird Eye Potato Waffle croutons and fresh coriander.

Serve immediately, This dish can be eaten alone or served with Birds Eye Fish Fingers or Birds Eye Inspirations Salmon.

“This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Linky Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook page.” 

We were given some Birds Eye vouchers to take part in this challenge, All thoughts and recipe ideas are that of our own and we share our honest opinions on the Products.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Thomas Sabo - Glam and Soul Collection 2014

Thomas Sabo divine Autumn collection is full of sparkle, with golden  tones teamed with sterling silver.This amazing selection is great if you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, As a Thomas Sabo fan I wanted to share some of my favourite items from the Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul Autumn Collection 2014.

These amazing Karma beads are amazing, I love the colours and designs of these beads, this Karma Bracelet is designed using the sparkling crushed pavé and filigree beads, which look stunning as they compliment each other.These delicate tones of browns, rose golds and silver is a must have this autumn season.

Sterling Silver Romantic Autumn with Fairy Twines - These delightful designs are inspired by the beauty of nature, the filigree twines and the sparkling pavé zirconia give this style a unique look.
I really do love the entwined design something that I would defiantly wear everyday.

I really love these new crushed pavé glamorous line  as it exudes radiance and surrounds its wearer with a glamorous sparkling aura. Defiantly something I would wear both day and night.

Check out Thomas Sabo -Glam and Soul Collection

Family Time With FAGE - #YogArtist

We were really excited to take part in the YogArtist Challenge, The idea is inspire parent like me to encourage our children to become "YogArtists" and to create a work of art using Fage Total Yoghurt or Fruyo.

Fage has set up a dedicated "Family Time with Fage" page on Tumblr fageyogartist.tumblr.com which will host all of the creative entries, All of the creative entries will be put forward to a panel of judges and a winner will be chosen, the prize is a Family Day Out and a spa day for mum.See uk.fage.eu/news/family time for terms and conditions.

We have have been having great family fun getting creative with Fage Total Yoghurt
It was very exciting as we came up with our own recipe creations and become #YogArtist's.

My eldest son created this creations using a biscuit base topped with total yogurt chocolate chips, almonds, raisins and granola.

My youngest son created his design using a biscuit base topped with Total Yogurt, and then he created this scary looking face with chocolate chips and raisins and almonds.

My creation was made using Total Yoghurt layered with toffee sauce topped with fudge pieces absolutely delicious.

We had the most amazing time becoming Yogartists.

Mattress Online - Monster Drawing Competition

We do love the challenge  and a good competition, so we were delighted to take part in Matteess Online, Monster Drawing Competition.

Mattress Online has created a wonderful competition for kids under 10yrs of age, and its really easy to enter, simply draw/create or design your very own monster to take part, and best of all you could win some amazing prizes. For more information check out www.mattressonline.co.uk/monster drawing competition 
Here are my boys monster designs
This is Cheeky Monster- He is a cheeky chap who likes to play fun tricks on his monster friends.

This is Hairy monster - He may look a little scary,but he is a helpful monster who likes to help with the chores.

We have decided to enter Cheecky Monster into the Mattress Online Competition x

 We really look forward in seeing everybody else's entries.

Museum Selection - Jewellery Box

I was delighted to receive this amazing Inlaid Jewellery Box from Museum Selection. Museum Selection works with various Museums and Galleries and offers an amazing range of fine home ware items and accessories, as well as stunning jewellery and clothing, there really is something unique and special to suit everyone's tastes, which make Museum Selection fantastic for gift ideas.

Museum selection items reflect various eras in art deco and style, all items are unique and unlike any items I have seen on the high street. I must say I have never seen Museum Selection website before, but I had the most amazing time admiring the designs and styles.I have seen some amazing items which I truly love and want.

This beautiful Inlaid Jewellery Box is made with brass and covered in mother of pearl which is absolutely amazing as you can see the indecent rainbow of colours, this cute jewellery box has been recreated from the 1920s, and looks elegant and stunning. as a huge jewellery wearer and a lover of mother of pearl this was a must have for me,

When you life the lid you are greeted by the golden brass which give this jewellery box a elegant and unique feel, The inlaid jewellery box feel soiled and has a nice weighty feel. Its the perfect gift which I'm sure I will treasure for years to come. 

There is something special about having an item which has been recreated from the 1920s, I love history and visiting Museums and looking at the stunning styles and designs of all those years ago, So the thought of having an item like this that I can admire and use in my own home is amazing.

For this amazing jewellery box and more amazing gift idea visit www.museumselection.co.uk

I was given this stunning jewellery box, However all views and opinions are honest and that of my own.