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Disney Pixar: Finding Dory

If you loved Nemo then you most certainly will love this amazing new Disney Pixar Finding Dory. We were really excited to head to an exclusive family screening in London, where we got the chance to take part in some fun activities for the movie started.


Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) joins forces with her friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers, some years before Dory a very forgetful fish became separated from her parents, Dory begins to have flashbacks and feels its time that she sets off to finally find her parents.

With the help of her friends Dory sets on a wild adventure in the hope to be reunited with her parent, the only problem is Dory need to get inside the Marine Life Institute, After being separated from her friends, Dory meets Hank an octopus who offers to help Dory in exchange for her placement in a Cleveland aquarium, with the help of Dory's friends old and new we anticipatingly watched as Dory continued her fun adventure to be reunited with her family.

We adored this movie, it was an amazing sequel to Nemo and most defiantly worth the wait, An amazing movie of family and friendship and determination which will warm every heart.

Wyke Cheese

I can't even begin to describe how much I love cheese, I will happily eat it anytime of the day alone in small chunks or as part of a meal, So imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to try all three varieties of cheese from Wykes. I'm no stranger to Wyke's cheese and have had it many times before so its great to share my thoughts with you on how delicious this cheeses really are.

I was given these three varieties Extra Mature, Vintage, and Mature each cheese has a slightly different taste but very moreish.

Extra Mature -  This delicious cheese is full of flavour I had this tasty toasted cheese sandwiches and loved every single bite.

Vintage Cheddar - This cheese is truly scrumptious and is has a wonderful rich taste and is perfect with my cheese crackers.

Mature and Creamy Cheddar - This is my usual go to cheese a deliciously rich cheese full of flavour with a creamy taste, I love this cheese sandwiched between an egg omelette its the perfect snack when I'm hungry.


Wkye cheeese has a lovely texture and all of the cheeses I tried are very moreish, Wyke cheeses are developed and made by Wyke farm, a family farm who have been sharing their award-winning cheddar in the heart of the Somerset for over 150 years. For more information onWyke Cheese's along with Wykes other products and recipe ideas check out Wyke Farms.

Putting Our Football skills to the test with #HarryKaneToys

I doubt most of you have missed that it's EURO 2016, I certainly haven't as the boys have been enjoying watching the EURO's at every opportunity. Both boys are huge football fans, so they were super excited when they got the chance to try out these cool Harry Kane football toys. Harry Kane England's football champion has teamed up with Vivid toys to design this cool range of soccer skills products that every football fan will love.

Harry Kane Volley Blaster - This cool volley blaster is a football boot that blasts a ball which is on a cord to help this help you develop you football control skills, from chest control, and keepy-uppys, this is a really cool toy will help you get greater ball control. The the best thing about this cool volley blaster is that you can master your skills and you are happy with your ball control you can detach the ball  from the cord for freestyle playing, we is really cool and defiantly gives you the options to play in whichever way you want, a cool two in one toy which will keep all footie fans occupied. RRP  £9.99


Harry Kane Skills Ball - The boys are always getting told off for playing ball in the house, so this cool skills ball gives them a different alternative to practice their skills anywhere and anytime The skills ball is great for ball control and lets you improve your co-ordeinations and footie skills through knee ups and  keepy-uppies this niffty little ball will help you devlop your techinque and build on those skills, RRP £4.99


Harry Kane football skill toys are perfect for all footie fans, There is also a Harry Kane Goal Blaster which we haven't yet tried out, and I say YET!! as my boys have defiantly set their sights on it and it's their next must have. Check out vividtoysandgames - Harry Kane for more information on all of the soccer skills products.

Hartley’s Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly

There's nothing quite like a wibbly wobbly jelly for desert, so imagine our delighted we learnt that
Hartley’s has an amazing new jelly full of sparkle. Hartley's Glitter Jelly is a cool new way to add sparkle to your dessert and perfect for celebrations.

We were really excited when we received a cool package of Hartley's Glitter Jelly and couldn't wait to make it, We followed the simple instructions on the pack and let the jelly set for a few hours.

We were left with this stunning looking jelly, it has amazing wobbliness, full of glittery sparkle, we couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Hartley's Glitter Jelly Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly not only looks amazing but it tastes delicious too.

Hartley's Glitter Jelly comes in three tasty flavours Raspberry, Strawberry and the delicious Mixed Berry and is suitable for vegetarians. We can't wait to test out the other flavours. Hartley's Glitter Jelly is available to buy from all good supermarkets for £0.70p, if you would like the Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly then head to Morrisons.

Total Action Football

The boys are huge football fans  to celebrate Euro 2016 we are excited to try Total Action Football game from John Adams. Total Action Football is a cool table top football game where you can reenact your very own favorite football matches. It didn't take too long to put the game together, we simply linked together the barriers and added the cloth pitch and we were surprised how easy it was and how wonderfully big it was on completion.

The boys couldn't wait to put their skills to the test, Its great that each player has a magnetic action which allows you to pass and skill the magnetic ball around the pitch to other players, the diving goalkeepers are easy to maneuver as are the players, the power strikers are really cool as you can twist them and they will release a power strike, the game is fun and easy to play, the cool kick off action is great. The boys loved playing Total Action Football its a fun game with lintless possibilities. 

I loved the fact the game is easy to store you simply just take it apart which is a great space saver. We played the game both on the carpet and the table and defiantly recommend playing on hard service for more power and action moves. We love Toal Action Football and are looking forward to challenging each other to knock out matches, Each game of Toal Action Football comes with!!!

With 10 players included with magnetic action .
2 Diving Keepers
2 Power Strikers
1 Playing Mat Pitch
2 Goals
4 Corner Flags
2 Magnetic Footballs
Game instructions and Stickers

Total Action Football is great for two to four players aged 6 and over and its RRP price is £24,99 from all good toy superstores.