Sunday, 1 February 2015

LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu Magazine

My boys are huge fans of LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu fans and love nothing more then watching the TV series, So they were super excited to learn that LEGO Ninjago has is now available in a super new cool magazine.  LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu Magazine is aimed at boys aged 6-11 years old and has everything that fans of the toys and popular TV series will love, from awesome comic strips to character profiles and cool posters and competitions.

We were super excited to receive the first ever issue, My son couldn't wait to read about his favourite characters, best of all he was ever so please to receive the awesome LEGO Ninja Kai as well as 40 cool stickers, he was delighted.

Each issue has a free official LEGO Toy, so my boys cannot wait for the next issue. Issue 1 is on sale now at all good newsagents and supermarkets for only £3.25,

We were given a copy of the magazine, All thoughts and opinions are that of our own

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My First Home - Keepmoat

Keepmoat, are launching a amazing competition exclusively for bloggers and their children, as they want to know what it is they love, or loved, the most about their first home.

My boys were  super excited to take part and we had a great time sharing and remembering our favorite memories as well as my boys  favorite places around the home.

Favorite Memory
It was great to listen to my son recall the day we all had a paper ball fight, started by my husband who decided to roll up a ball of paper and hit my son on the head as a joke, soon turned into a full on fight where we were all scrambling into various rooms around the house looking for paper to screw up and throw at each other, we were all in fits of laughter, a great day and wonderful memory to look back on.

Favourite Spaces at Home

My son loves his bunk bed it were is likes to sit and read and get super cosy on the cold nights.

Our living room has to be one of our most used spaces in our home, the boys love nothing more then sitting on our recliner sofa and chilling out watching a movie or playing on their Ipad's. We all spend most of our time here together having lots of family fun.

My youngest son loves to help in the kitchen, he is always happy to help cook, especially if we are baking, its a great place for us to bond and spend some quality time together and catch up on our day.

We are excited to take part in this cool competition check out keepmoat/my first home for more information.

Yucoco Handmade Chocolate Creations

I'm a huge chocolate lover so I was more then delighted to sample some of Yucoco's handmade Chocolate. The first thing I was so excited about is that I can created my very own 120g customised chocolate bar online in a few simple steps.

Online your have the option to choose from these amazing selection or chocolate bars.
Divine Dark - Dark Belgian chocolate which contains 54% cocoa solids.
Marvelous Milk - A milk blend with 31% cocoa solids for a lovely smooth texture.
Wicked White - Belgian white chocolate which is extremely creamy because it's made with 28% cocoa butter and pure bourbon vanilla. 
Terrific Trio - If you cant decide then why not have them all.

It was a very easy decision for me I wanted to try them all so I opted for the Terrific Trio, 
After choosing you desired chocolate you will then have the option to select from a vast range of toppings from Fruity toppings, Nutty and Spice and  All Things Nice which is a varied range of sweet treats, to top off your creation you can add some tasty drizzled chocolate.
It was great fun selecting my favourite toppings, I choose Vanilla fudge,Cappuccino drops,Chocolate eggs and some delicious Love hearts all finished off with a Milk chocolate drizzle.


Last but not least you can personalise your creation by naming your chocolate bar, we called ours The Ultimate Bar, You can then choose who your tasty creation is for and add an option gift card..
I have eaten quite a few chocolate bars in my time, but I was absolutely amazed at the taste and texture of this chocolate, My sister was present when I opened my bar and she agreed with me that this chocolate bar was outstanding in taste and texture,The quality of the chocolate was very luxurious, and very moreish, smooth light which melted in your mouth

You can create you very own customised chocolate bar from only £4,00 which is amazing the total price of my chocolate creation was only £7.50. I really loved the fact I could select the toppings that I liked and that I was in complete control of my creation. A fantastic letterbox gift which can be delivered to the recipient.  Yucoco is the perfect gift for yourself or if our feeling generous why not treat your loved one with Valentines Day and Mothers Day approaching Yucoco makes the perfect gift, you certainly will not regret it. I defiantly want another Yucoco chocolate bar very soon.

Check out Yucoco and get creating and personalising your very own chocolate bar.

I was lucky enough to sample some delicious Yucoco chocolate, all views are honest and that of my own.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

PG Tips Tea Partner's With Comic Relief For Red Nose Day

With the great British public already anticipating some serious fun ahead of Red Nose Day 2015 on Friday 13th March.
PG tips tea is launching a very special limited edition pack, resplendent in Red Nose glory, to celebrate. As an official partner for Red Nose Day 2015, the nation’s favourite tea is joining in on the fun, with Monkey donning the famous Red Nose for a very special and limited edition pack due to appear on shelves from January.

Celebrating PG tips tea’s sponsorship of the bi-annual fundraiser, the limited run of special boxes will be on shelves until March. They will also give a clue about the top secret mission Monkey will be doing for Red Nose Day– but what could it be?!!!!

By picking up a pack and putting their feet up with a cuppa, tea lovers can help to raise £1million this Red Nose Day. With a donation from each special pack produced going straight to Comic Relief, everyone can join Monkey in helping to make Red Nose Day 2015 the best (and best-tasting) yet. 
The limited edition PG tips packs are available in selected major supermarkets and Unilever UK is proud to donate £1 million to Comic Relief through two of its champion brands: PG tips and Persil.

So why not get your hands on a pack 80 pack – RRP £2.51, 160 pack – RRP £4.84, 240 pack – RRP£6.00.

About Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 2015 is heading your way on Friday 13th March when the great British public will be asked to Make Your Face Funny for Money. 

By raising cash this Red Nose Day, you’re helping to change lives forever. That’s because Comic Relief spends the money raised to help change the lives of poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa.

Red Nose Day comes along every two years and combines two very British things: having a laugh and helping others. Be it at school, work or home, people across the land put on Red Noses and pull out all the stops to raise as much money as possible. Then, once everyone’s run out of fundraising juice, they tune into BBC One for some top entertainment from their favourite comedians and to donate even more cash!  And why do they do it? To help poor and vulnerable people living incredibly tough lives both here in the UK and in Africa

I was given some tasty PG Tips to sample, all thoughts and information shared are that of what I agree with and of my own.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Lunch with Leerdammer Light

A new study carried out by Leerdammer Light found that unsurprisingly the traditional lunch break is on the decline with us Brits working an 19.4 extra days as a result of not taking their full breaks, whilst a further 7% claiming they don’t take lunch breaks at all. which I can really identify with as I tend to grab small snacks rather then indulging in a proper lunch.

The lack of the lunch hour is taking its toll on the nation’s productivity and well being at work, with 22 percent of people surveyed admitting they are less efficient when not taking a lunch break.
With this in mind, Leerdammer Light wants to shake things up by offering tips and advice on how to get the most out of your lunch break that go beyond just making yourself a healthy meal. Leeddameer Light has teamed up with Karen Meager a leading workplace expert and has put together some simple tips that can help us get the best out of lunch breaks which will not only fill your tummy but will stimulate your mind body and spirit to enable a productive day.

Lunch Time Tips

Relax-Eating your lunch at your desk is unhealthily, our bodies are not programmed to digest food well under stress,do its important to have lunch when relaxed, Take a few deep breathes before you start eating and eat slowly and chew your food well.

Walk the walk - Taking a 15 minute walk around lunchtime to avoid the need for the gym workout later, plus its a great way to get your brain buzzing. Get the most out of your lunchtime by asking yourself "How can I.....,question yourself before you set out, asking questions followed by exercise encourages the mind creativity and will hep you come up with new answers.

Tidy desk, tidy mind - use some of your break time to get organise. Having a clear out has an big impact on how we feel in our mind, if there is less clutter in our peripheral vision, we are more focused and energised and less mentally distracted.

So with these amazing Tips some tasty lunchtime recipes from Leerdammer I'm hoping to change some of my lunch time habits this 2015. I recently found out that walking for only 15 minutes per day I can burn more then 40 calories, also what is great about Leerdammer Light is that is contains 50% less fat then cheddar cheese which makes it perfect for lunch as part of a healthy balanced diet. Here is one of my favorite Leerdammer Light recipes.

Leerdammer Light Pesto Rocket Baguette

Serves: 1
1. Slice the baguette in half length ways 
2. Spread the pesto on the bottom half 
3. Add a few rocket leaves and two slices of Leerdammer Light and some sliced tomatoes
4. Serve with tomatoes and grated carrot

This Leerdammer baguette was absolutely delicious and was perfect for lunch, I really enjoyed Leerdammer cheese is is very light in texture and has a delicious nutty taste, I'm really looking forward to a more productive and tasty lunch break.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Breakfast Week with Nestlé

The Shake Up Your Wake Up is a campaign showcasing the most important meal of the day to raise awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of breakfast. 
The aim is to encourage consumers to enjoy a healthy breakfast every day, So why not celebrate breakfast week with our favorite cereals from Nestle.

We have been challenged by the lovley people at Nestle to shake up and wake up and get creative by creating our very own Nestle cereal using a mix and match of our favorite Nestle cereals. We are huge Nestle cereal fans not only because Nestle cereals are extremely tasty, but the green banner across the top is a visual reminder that these tasty cereals are full of whole grain goodness as they are high in fibre and full of important nutrients, such as B vitamins, calcium and iron which are important for our health. also Nestle Cereals are the prefect way to start the day. 


So here's our Nestle creation Chocolate Chip Creddies a delicious mixtures of Cookie Crisp and Shreddies with this combination we have a crunchy chocolate chip texture and the delicious taste of the Shreddies with a generous splash or warm milk our Chocolate Chip Creddies taste amazing.

Breakfast Week starts on Sunday 25th January to Sunday 31st January.