The Ultimate Building Set - K'NEX

My boys love building and being creative, So we were ever so excited to put our creative skills to the test with this cool box of K'NEX construction. 

K'NEX is a small construction toy company that's been around in the UK for 20 years, K'NEX has a unique system of rods and connectors and offers children of all ages the chance to be imaginative and unique in their building creations.
K'NEX is every child's modelling dream with so many design options, This cool set comes with 480 pieces and 35 building ideas, this will no doubt help get you and your little ones on the road to creativity, and once you start you will be hooked.

The boys had an amazing time building and constructing with so many cool pieces the options and design ideas are endless, The boys have hours of fun......Here a just two of their cool designs.

When my eldest son first set his eyes on the wheels, there was no doubt as to what he wanted to build......This is his super-fast car, which can reach amazing speeds.

Then my youngest son had so much fun making this super fast jet plane.

K'NEX x is a fantastic building set for children 7+ due to the nature of the small parts, No doubt K'NEX will bring endless hours of fun and spark the imagination.

For more amazing K'NEX construction sets visit

We were given the K'NEX set to review, All thoughts are honest and that of our own.

Sky Ripperz

As a family we love nothing more then spending time outside together, especially as the weather has been very warm lately. So are always on the look out for new and exciting activities to keep us entertained.

We were ever so delighted to try the cool Sky Ripperz. Sky Ripperz are cool  bright and colourful bungee whistling action rockets which can be launched into the sky using the Rip Zip Launcher, Simply  hook the Sky Ripperz Rocket up to the Rip Zip Launcher and pull downwards and watch as the rocket sours up high and whistles as it reaches amazing heights.

We headed for our local park which had lots of open aired space, The boys were excited and couldn't wait to put the Sky Ripperz to the test and we certainly wasn't disappointed, We had the most amazing time with the Sky Ripperz once lunched they can reach up to 75 metres high.I was so surprised actually how high the Sky Ripperz go, I even tried to video the Sky Ripperz as they whizzed through the sky, but they are so much faster then me, I couldn't keep up.

The Sky Ripperz  are truly amazing to use and watch in action., We really did have hours of fun playing with them, It was great watching as they boys attempted to compete with each other to see whos rocket could soar the highest. Sky Ripperz are fantastic fun designed for children 8+, The boys really loved every minute playing with the Sky Ripperz, they are the perfect outdoor toy and can keep the kids entertained as well as the adults.

Sky Ripperz RRP £9.99 and are available form Smyths, Argos, Amazon and Toys R Us
Each pack includes 3 Whistling Sky Ripperz and Rip Zip Launcher.

We were given the Sky Ripperz to test and review, all thoughts are honest and of our own opinion.

Asda Boombox

We were delighted to test out Asda's very own CD Boombox, Not only is it compact and very cool looking but it also comes in my favourite colour Pink.
I love listening to my favourite tunes whilst I tidy the house, and my boys love setting down at the end of an evening listening to there CD story books, So we couldn't wait to put the Asda Boombox to the test, and we wasn't disappointed.

On first impressions the Asda Boombox is very sturdy and compact it comes with CD player as well as FM Radio, the Boombox comes in Hot Pink but it also is available in Black, The Boombox has very clear sound quality from the two speakers and  the music played crisp and clear, The Boombox played fairly loud, so much so I cannot tell you how many times I have told the boys to turn in down. We love the compact size and carry handle which means we can transport this cool looking boombox around the home.

Best of all he Asda Boombox is only £20 which is an amazing bargain. Asda offers a range of audio players from Clock radios to Compact Disc Players there is defiantly something for everyone.....Why not check out Asda online for their complete Sound & Vision range.

We were given the Asda Boombox to test and review, All thoughts and opinions are that of our own.

Disney - Planes 2 Fire and Rescue - Review

We are very excited to attend the first UK Gala Screening of Planes 2 Fire and Rescue in London's
Odeon Leicester Square. We really loved the first movie Planes so we were really intrigued to see what Planes 2 Fire and Rescue could offer.

Planes 2  Director  Bobs Gannaway and Producter  Ferrell Brown
We are super excited to see Dusty (voice of Dane Cook) back in this cool new adventure, We couldn't  wait to watch the movie, We were awe to learn form the movie director  Bobs Gannaway (Secret of the Wings) that it took two and a half years to get the fire effects of the movie as realistic as possible and the movie was researched with real life fighters to ensue this movie was at its very best, This made us even more excited to watch the movie.

The movie begins when Dusty learns he may never race again due to engine damage, Just when we thought it was all over for poor Dusty, Things take an about turn and Dusty is launched into ariel firefighting as he joins forces with veteran fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his cool team consisting of air tanker Dipper (voice of Julie Bowen), heavy-lift helicopter Wind lifter, ex-military transport Cabbie and a lively bunch of brave all-terrain vehicles known as The Smoke jumpers as they all battle a huge wildfire,

Dusty soon learns what it takes to be a true hero. We really loved every moment of this movie, the cool fire effects gave an awesome realistic feel to the movie whcih left us on the edge of our seats, My boys were totally gripped and  fascinated with the cool characters, and the ever changing scenery and 3D effects.

The storyline was gripping, great for children and adults alike. Another truly amazing movie form Disney. Planes 2 Fire and Rescue left us wanting to watch the movie all over again.

 Disney Planes 2 Fire and Rescue hits cinemas in 3D on 
Friday 8th August.

But if you cannot wait until 8th August check out this awesome teaser trailer, for more information about Planes 2 and some cool activities and downloads check out

Planes 2: Fire & Rescue blazes ahead with innovative virtual reality experience touring the UK this summer!
Check out the cool game!!!

To celebrate the release, Disney is giving fans the incredible opportunity to ‘Save The Day’ and experience the thrill of being a member of the Piston Peak Air Attack Team.

The ‘Save The Day’ virtual reality game uses Microsoft’s ground breaking Kinect for Windows v2 technology to put fans right in the middle of the airborne action by becoming firefighting characters Dusty and Dipper, as they race to protect the Piston Peak National Park. Players can take off and enter the heroic world of aerial firefighting as they scout the Park for signs of fire. Fans will get an exclusive insider look at all the action of the upcoming film by performing the vital manoeuvers necessary to extinguish blazes, including daring water collection and exciting drops!

Developed by Disney, in partnership with augmented reality specialist Apache, the ‘Save The Day’ virtual reality experience uses the Microsoft soon to be released Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and Software Development Kit (SDK 2.0) to take user interaction to the next level, allowing for greater overall precision, responsiveness and intuitive capabilities.

The ‘Save The Day’ virtual reality game will be placed in foyers of selected ODEON Cinemas and Disney Stores across the country. It will also be touring the UK this summer in a special Planes 2: Fire & Rescue fully interactive fire engine which will be visiting airshows and festivals, educating children on the importance of fire safety and featuring a host of fun games and activities for fans to take part in.

The ‘Save The Day’ Virtual Reality Game will appear in the following locations:

ODEON CINEMAS (from 21st July):  Kingston, Southampton, Metro Centre (Newcastle), Braehead, Trafford (Manchester), Liverpool One
AIRSHOWS & FESTIVALS:: Sunderland international Airshow (26th- 27th July),  Camp Bestival (1st – 3rd Aug) Bristol Balloon Fiesta (9th Aug) Blackpool Airshow (10th Aug)

We were delighted to attend the Gala Screening of Planes 2 Fire and Rescue, all opinions are that of our own,

My 5 Day Challenge with Kellogg's # RealMumsAllBranChallenge

I love Kellogg's cereals, So I was excited to take the Kellogg's All Bran 5 day Challenge. As a busy working mother of two boys, I'm always on the go and I will often eat what I can get my hands on, often bread based products which can leave me quite bloated and heavy.

I immediately signed up to Kellogg's 5 Day Challenge, I was really curious to see how the 5 a day challenge could help improve my health and diet. Each day I received an email  from the All Bran Challenge, I could quickly and simply track how my tummy felt and I was given some amazing tailored hints,tips and recipe ideas to kick start me in the right direction. 

Eating Kellogg's All Bran for 5 days was very easy, The Kellogg's All Bran Cereals available are extremely tasty, I must say that taking the 5 Day Challenge defiantly made me so much more aware of my eating habits, and I realised prior to this Challenge I was defiantly not taking in enough fibre. 
As the days progressed I could feel that my tummy began to feel less bloated, I also implemented some other recommended high fibre foods into my diet. 

After taking the challenge I did feel much better within myself. By increasing my fibre intake it has defiantly had a positive affect on my general well being. I feel less sluggish and bloated, almost a lighter me, which makes general activities easier to carry out giving me much more energy.
Kellogg's All Bran is a fantastic way to get my fibre into my diet and the 5 Day Challenge has defiantly made more more conscious of my digestive health.

Why not take the 5 day Challenge  - Here are just a few of the tasty Kellogg's All Bran Cereals that will help you feel Bran new

Kellogg's All Bran Golden Crunch - A yummy crunchy cereal  consisting a tasty multi grain clusters, I really enjoyed these crunchy clusters every bite was delicious, with a slight sweetish taste which was amazing with ice cold milk.

Kellogg's All Bran Chocolate Wheats - A super tasty chocolaty cereal made with natural shredded whole wheat bran. This has to be one of my favourite All Bran cereals. each little square desolved into my hot milk and very moreish chocolaty taste.

Kellogg's All Bran Red Berry Crunch - crunchy multi grain clusters with a dried berries, a delicious way to start the day. I really loved the dried red berry mixed in the crunchy clusters.

“This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kellogg's”  

Planes 2 Fire and Rescue

We are very excited and cannot wait to see the new installment of the Disney Movies Planes 2 Fire and Rescue directed by Bobs Gannaway (Secret of the Wings). We thoroughly enjoyed the last Planes Movie, So we are super excited to see Dusty (voice of Dane Cook) back in this cool new adventure.

Dusty learns he may never race again due to engine damage, but he is soon launched into ariel firefighting as he joins forces with veteran fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his cool team consisting of air tanker Dipper (voice of Julie Bowen), heavy-lift helicopter Windlifter, ex-military transport Cabbie and a lively bunch of brave all-terrain vehicles known as The
Smokejumpers as they all battle a huge wildfire, Dusty soon learns what it takes to be a true hero.

  We cannot wait to watch this amazing movie which hits cinemas in 3D on the 8th August.

But if you cannot wait until August the 8th and are as excited as we are check out this awesome teaser trailer and for some amazing Planes 2 Activities and downloads.

Sharing as we are excited to be attending the forth coming gala screening

Netflix - Half Term Fun

School is nearly out for the summer, but there are still plenty of ways kids can learn away from the classroom whilst the homework’s on hold!
After the final school trip has taken place and the children take to enjoying their days outside, as a parent you know how important it is that kids continue to learn new things and explore new experiences. 
That is why this theme of this month is ‘School’s out for summer!’
We have compiled some great content that will help the little ones to learn whilst having fun during the holidays, so you can remain a cool Mum

How to let your kids play and learn:
1. Check out our list of titles to stream on Netflix which will keep the children inspired throughout the holiday. Titles for younger kids include Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus whilst Planet Earth, The Life of Mammals and The Secret Life of Birds are great options for the older children and even adults.
For the little ones:

For the older ones:

Or why not try these cool activites

Story Starter Craft
School’s out for the summer, but learning doesn’t have to be. I teamed up with Netflix to help you engage your kids by keeping their creativity sharp with these colorful, easy-to-make story starters.

Materials needed:
Mod Podge
1 pack of 1 ¼” wooden craft blocks
1 ¼” square hole puncher (or scissors)
Computer printer
White cardstock
How to:
1. Go online to either of these free clip art web sites, or,  and copy and paste at least 48 of your child’s favorite clip art images into a Word document. (I’m using eight blocks. Each block has six sides.) Size each of the images so they are no larger than 1” high and 1” wide. Print pages of art images on white card so they are no larger than 1” high and 1” wide. Print pages of art images on white card stock.
2. Using your square hole puncher, punch out each of the clip art images.
Roll your blocks like you would dice. Whatever images appear face up, create and tell your story using all of the elements. Be creative as you can and have fun! This is also a great road trip game.

Or why not try these 

Strawberry-Yogurt Swirl Popsicles

Two cups of any type of berries can be used, whether that’s blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries.
Yield: 6 to 8 Popsicles, depending on mold size
1 cup chopped watermelon
2 cups sliced strawberries 
3 tablespoons pomegranate juice
3 tablespoons honey, divided
1 cup no-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt

1. In the bowl of a food processor, add watermelon, strawberries, pomegranate juice, and 1 tablespoon honey. Process about 1 minute until mixture turns into a puree. Taste; add just a bit more honey, if needed; a lot of this depends on the sweetness of the watermelon and strawberries.
2. In a small bowl, combine together yogurt and remaining 2 tablespoons honey.
3. Fill the popsicle molds: First, pour the strawberry mixture in the bottom of each popsicle mold. Spoon yogurt into it; again, top with strawberry mixture and then yogurt. Use a wooden popsicle stick or a skewer to swirl the strawberry mixture and yogurt together. Place in the freezer overnight.
4. To remove from popsicle molds, hold under warm water until popsicle can be easily pulled free of mold. Serve.

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Inner Me - Health, Beauty & Vitality Supplements

When I first saw Inner Me The Hectic Years Vitamin & Mineral Food Supplement, its as if they were made for me, as my life can get pretty chaotic with work and the kids, I'm always looking at ways to boost my energy levels and replace lost nutrients and in general make me feel better.

Inner Me has developed a range of daily 4 Me packs each pack contains a four week daily supplement of four tablets which will help replace and balance your needs as each one is tailored for the three stages of a woman's life; Teens & Twenties, Thirties & Forties and Fifties & Sixties, providing an advanced, convenient and all-in-one solution to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Inner Me Launches First Vitamin Subscription Service

It’s no secret women’s lives are becoming increasingly busy, whether it’s juggling work, family time, travel or socializing with the girls. However, to keep skin glowing, hair thick and strong and energy levels high, it’s vital to get a daily fix of vitamins and minerals, however busy you are. With this in mind, the luxury health, beauty and vitality supplement brand Inner Me has launched the country’s first vitamin subscription service, ensuring the ladies of this country need never go without their daily fix again.

Bursting to the brim with tablets and capsules from Inner Me’s new Daily 4 Me range, the subscription process couldn't be easier – all you need to do is choose your favourite Little Box of Wellbeing, and a four week supply will be delivered direct to your door, beautifully gift wrapped with a special luxury beauty gift as part of the package. Whether it’s a present to that special lady in your life, or yourself, these fabulously feminine products will bring a touch of chicness to your dressing table.

Not only does the subscription service ensure you need never run out of products again, but the launch of the Daily 4 Me also solves the problem of what vitamins to take according to your age range. Although we all know vitamins and supplements are perfect for giving us an extra health boost, different bodies have different needs, with the three products in the range tailored for distinct stages of a woman’s life. The Younger Years covers your teens and twenties, the Hectic Years looks after the thirties and fourties while the Fabulous Years takes care of the fifties and sixties.

Daily 4 Me, The Younger Years: Designed for those in their twenties juggling work and a busy social life, the Younger Years offers four daily supplements made with high potency ingredients that work in perfect harmony to support cell growth and immune functionPacked with goodness, the capsules help to strengthen your bones and provide an energy boost for those super busy days. Vitamin A and Collagen keeps your skin looking fabulous
after all the early mornings and late nights  ensuring you look  your best whatever the time of day!

Daily 4 Me, The Hectic Years: Offers specially tailored ingredients to support women at one of the busiest times in their lives. Juggling kids and a career certainly leaves little time for yourself, which is why Inner Me has created four simple steps to provide you with all vitamin essentials to keep you in tip top health. The Hectic Years provide a range of essential micro nutrients including energy releasing B Vitamins and the very important Vitamin D, which keeps bones healthy. To ensure you keep your youthful appearance, the powerful antioxidant CoQ10 is included to fight nasty free radicals, which contributes to the ageing process, so your skin looks glowing and youthful.

Daily 4 Me The Fabulous YearsOffers a comprehensive selection of essential nutrients to support a woman at an age when she has more time to feel fabulous – the fifties and sixties and beyond! Evening Primrose Oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredient, which also reduces high cholesterol and menopause symptoms. Vitamin E maintains cell structure and keeps your body working in tip top shape!

From £14 for a 4 week supply (28 daily strips) of Daily 4 Me The Younger Years
From £21 for a 4 week supply (28 daily strips) of Daily 4 Me The Hectic Years
From £21 for a 4 week supply (28 daily strips) of Daily 4 Me The Fabulous Years

Daily4Me is available on

Inner Me is currently stocked at and nationwide at Holland & Barrett, Selfridges, Boots, Whole Foods Market, Love, Feel Unique and John Bell and Croyden.

Loving Loom Bands

They are many trends that I have seen in my lifetime, Back in my childhood in the 80s we has Yo-yos, Neon friendship bracelets and Scoopy doos and not forgetting Garbage Pal kids stickers. All which I have very fond memories of collecting sharing and swapping with my friends. 

My children however are growing up in an era where technology rules, gadgets and the latest gizmo's take precedent, from an ever endless choice of consoles and virtual play, So for me as a mother it has been really nice to see something as simple as colourful elastic bands, or should I say Loom Bands taking off.

I don't think any child lately hasn't heard or them or at least own a Loom Band bracelet. 
Its been really nice to see not just because they are cheap and look nice, but because they require concentration and dexterity and a creative thinking of style and colour.
In the beginning the boys used to ask me to make them Loom Band bracelets, but now they can make their own, and best of all it doesn't require them to have their head in a screen and not a battery in sight.
As a mother of two very active boys, it has been nice to watch them enjoy something so simple and take part in this latest trend, I'm sure they will have fond memories of this in years to come.

I couldn't even help getting in on the act, I first noticed the loom band trend when my son came home with one, instantly the kid in me wanted one, and to my delighted the local shop had a packs for £1. We sat together that evening and made a ton of bracelets, we had great fun we are defiantly Loom Band hooked.

Me Time With Netflix

Me time’ is not something most Mummies hear often, but an occasion every Mum enjoys. Indulgence, relaxation, and taking a break from parenting – this month is all about you!
When you’re able to carve out that precious time, let Netflix make it even that much more delightful. Whether it’s a comedy to make you smile or a drama to set you on the edge of the sofa, me time is simply a moment where you get to choose your favourite Netflix picks.

Here are some amazing Netflix picks - Which one will you be watching




Or why not try the sweetest treat: A Netflix Stream Team favourite – Orange is the New Black season two.

Its all about Me Time so why not sit back and relax and whilst you watch your favourite Netflix pick, why not treat yourself to this tasty Orange chill drink.

1 cup water
1 cup sugar                                                             
3 fresh mint leaves                                                                                                                                                                                 leaves
1 x 12 oz (355ml) frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
½ x 12 oz (355 ml) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 oz (29 ml) rum or sparkling water or soda

In a small pot, place the water, sugar and mint leaves over heat.
Give everything a stir and allow it to simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved
Remove from heat and allow to cool. Pluck the mint leaves out and discard.
You’ve just made a simple syrup, the beginning of many great cocktails.
In a freezer proof con­tainer (can be a cake tin or a Tup­per­ware con­tainer) mix together
the two juice con­cen­trates and the sim­ple syrup.
Either place a lid on top or cover with plas­tic wrap. Put it in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
Take out your orange mix­ture, which will be start­ing to set. Use a fork to rake the sur­face
and cre­ate some snow-y slush. Spoon 1/3 of a cup of your orange slush into a cock­tail glass.
Top with your shot of rum and then top up with sparkling water or soda.
 Kick back, sip and relax – we know you’ve earned it.

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