Paper Themes Personalised Cupcake Wrappers

Just Some of Paper Themes amazing cupcake wrapper designs.
As a lover of all things cake... especially cupcakes. I was delighted to review Paper Themes Personalised Cupcake Wrappers They have a vast selection of designs from very chic and elegant designs to bold and colourful designs. I was quite surprised on the quality..they were very easy to put together yet very study.

The cupcake wrappers also made holding the cupcakes so much easier as I wasn't left with loads of buttercream on my fingers, Which meant I could move the cupcakes around with ease without spoiling the buttercream swirl.......Whats is great about Paper Themes is they can personalised your cupcake wrappers, to suit your occasion.Which make them perfect for weddings flavours of even better still wedding cupcakes which will give you that extra special personal touch to your wedding day.

Paper Themes Cupcake Wrappers are an amazing buy at only £12.99 for 24 Paper Themes Personalised Cupcake Wrappers...Visit Paper Themes for more fantastic designs.

I was offered the cupcake wrappers & a small incentive to share my thoughts and genuine opinions  I remain honest in my opinions.

Father's Day Cupcakes

150g Butter
150g Golden caster sugar
125g Self raising flour
3 Eggs
25g Cocoa powder

57g Cream cheese
57 Butter
130g Icing sugar
Ready Roll Icing
Designer Icing pens
Chocolate drops
Cupcake toppers

Heat oven 180°C, 160°C fan, gas 4. Line a cup cake trays with 12 paper cupcake cases. 
Place the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon or electric mixer until light and fluffy...Gradually beat in the eggs a little at a time until smooth, adding a little flour if the mixture curdles. Stir in the flour and cocoa powder until smooth.
Place heaped dessertspoon full in each cupcake case and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown and just firm to the touch. 

We also made some butter cream for ourand decorate as desired.....for this  Fathers day recipe Fathers Day Recipe and more see Fathers Day Cupcakes

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  • I was given some of ingredients for the purpose of this review...however we were not instructed in what we write.



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    Flat Pack Hell

    I am someone who doesn't ever read instructions...I don't know why...but I never do, often I find it easier just to figure it out myself..... UNTIL I cant figure it out anymore and I don't have a blooming clue. then I will reach for the instructions...Doh
    I do think I can be my own worst enemy sometimes.

    My husband kindly went to work and left me with flat pack hell......HELP.... he reminded me, how good and quick I am at putting things together... yeah right.. cheeky hubby....
    Ok I tell myself this has got to get done and hubby's let me get stuck in.... begrudgingly.

    Although I do remember the good old days when fixing flat pack together was fun....really did I say that... yeah I enjoyed it, Me and hubby fixing things over a cuppa....SO why now do I hate it soooooo much.

    Well maybe because I have done so many over the years and plus when you have your kids dangling off your neck whilst trying to figure out which screw you need could be a telltale sign....or maybe I'm fed up of all the mess and crumbs of polystyrene that are left behind...
    speaking of polystyrene .....when my kids get hold of it and it looks like we had an indoor snow storm.....stress....:-(

    So once the flat pack is finished you can step back and proudly look at your handy work OR if like me just count your blessing that it will still be standing in the next six you head of for a well needed cuppa and bloody toe...(which good squashed under the wood).


    Lush - Facial Beauty Review

    I adore lush products as they always smell great and leave me feeling refreshed and ready to face my day.....So I was more then delighted to review these amazing Lush goodies and test them in my daily beauty regime.

    Vanishing Cream - A facial moisturising cream which soaked well into the skin 
    It Say's on packaging for oily t-zone skin.... But was great on my combination skin....left my skin feeling soft and smooth...I really like this lavender smell..not thick or heavy a excellent moisturiser.

    Catastrophe Cosmetic - Fresh face mark this is great for cleansing the skin full of anti oxidants
    I applied very generously as I love the smell and left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing off... Made with blueberries and chamomile with Irish moss left my skin feeling refreshed and it smells awesome.

    Angels On Bare Skin - Fresh facial cleanser great for cleansing the skin......Left my skin feeling refreshed and removed my make up....  I used a small peas size and massaged it into my hand with a little water....before applying in circular motions on my face...rinsed of very well with warm water and left a gentle smell....Great for sensitive skin....and I can see this will last me quite sometime....and I use this everyday.

    For these amazing products and more visit Lush

    I received these products for the purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are that of my own and I have not been instructed in what I write..I remain honest and share my personal experiences on the products I review.


    Sharing my #Wednesday words with Emma @

    Eggy Pasta with a Chilli Twist


    400g Farfalle Pasta (pre-cooked)
    2/3 Green Chillies (Finley chopped) leave out/or reduce for younger children
    1 large onions
    4 Eggs
    1 Tbs of Oil
    Salt to Taste
    Fresh coriander


    Pre cook pasta and drain....In a frying pan or wok add a tablespoon of oil and soften onions
    and chillies....Once softened add eggs gentle scramble but do not fully cook...Then add pasta and cook through with egg ensuring you turn all indredients are incorporated together ... Add salt...Then add fresh coriander full incorporate and serve

    Cheap simple tasty meal.....In minutes

    Approx 4 Servings


    A picture of my boy's on our way home last year.....It was so nice to see my boy's chatting and walking along.... Sharing brotherly bonds...I have no idea what they were talking about but
    I really love this picture it was heartwarming magic moment of them together.

    My Half Term Reflections - Reasons To Be Cheerful

    We have had a wonderful half term ...Although we did not get to spend much time together as I would have liked, due to work commitments...We still managed to squeeze in a few quality days out which always means so much....

    We had mouse visitor who had now been caught humanely and was set free read about it Here and we give back our cat guest tomorrow (who helped us catch the mouse)...The boys have loved having sweetie the cat around.

    We went to Convent Garden on an Easter Egg hunt...visited Hamleys for a skylander event....
    we headed off to watch the Croods which was fantastic we had a great time of my favourite family pastimes are going to the movies. and we have this weekend still to Hopefully if we have some sun and a meal out together...It will round off the halfterm perfectly x

    Fun at the park and lots of hugs and cuddles.....what more could I ask for...I hope you had a Fab Half Term.

    Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

    I Want To Get Away

    Another school holiday has ended and I have been working through most of it AGAIN although I must admit I have had some fantastic days out with the family.....But we have been thinking its time we all headed off on holidays together.....Strangely enough my niece headed off to Egypt for her 1st wedding anniversary and my sister in law is due back from Turkey any day now...So I'm really feeling like a getaway.

    I'm just in the process of filling out all of our passport forms so we can hopefully get away this year somewhere hot and sunny...would be nice...somewhere where we can explore and have fun and relax with the family.
    It will be out first holiday as a family so I can't wait.... We are planning a last minute late deal with
    Late hopefully sometime in the summer holidays....where.....well anywhere will do !!!!

    It would be a fantastic experience for the boys and I can't wait ..... The only thing left is to fill out the passports sit back and start looking and thinking ahead at least eight weeks before we intend to go.

    Roll on the summer hols

    I was offered a cocktail gift for the purpose of sharing my experiences in this post...all thought shared are my own opinion  and of what I intend to do...I remain honest in my thoughts and opinions.

    WIN Two Packs Of NaturePaint

    WIN Two Packs Of NaturePaint (Value £39.90)
    Winner can select their preferred Colour from the Naturepaint Website.

    Naturepaint made only from natural and non-toxic ingredients and is fully biodegradable so any waste can be composted safely. Naturepaint has a vast selection of colours which are fade resistance and coverage is painstakingly tested and trialled to ensure it can match the industry standard. Naturepaint is free from carcinogens, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients and VOCs. and is the only paint to be certified to be totally free of the compounds known to contribute to climate change.
    NaturePaint comes in a unique powder form and weighs 70% less than standard liquid emulsion paint, which consists mainly of water and solvents.
    A 1kg pack of NaturePaint makes 2.5l of paint when mixed with water in the comfort of your own home...Plus you can mix up how much you require each time without wastage. 

    To WIN Follow The Rafflecopter Instructions below 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions">

    Having Fun On Micro Scooters

    My boys love zooming along on their amazing new Micro Scooters........ There's nothing they like better then racing along together...... We have even taken them on several shopping trips and
    trips to the local park and my boy's just cant get enough.

    We have always been scooter fans.....So we were delighted to be testers of the amazing Micro Scooters.
    We tested two scooters from Micro Scooters range the Micro Maxi and MX Trixx Scooter and here are our verdicts on them both

    The Micro Maxi Scooter is prefect for my youngest son who is aged 7.....who is not really into tricks and stunts (yet) he still likes the 3 wheels as he can leave the scooter and it will remain upright and is more sturdy and require less balancing.
    My son loves to cruise along and what is great is.... he can lean and tilt the scooter to steer its direction....which he really likes....
    We love the design especially the colour choice....and what is fab its perfect for him and will grow with him as it has adjustable handlebars which means he can use it until the age of 12...absolutely great.

    The MX Trixx Scooter is a very strong and sturdy scooter suitable for beginners like my son who want to do stunts and tricks....Its lighter yet perfect in design .... it has shorter handlebars to make riding easier and metal core wheels.
    My son adores this scooter he feels so much more grown up and was defiantly ready to move on to two wheels.....He loves the design and colour which looks very cool.
    He has been enjoying his Scooter and can wizz along and balance with ease...he has been using the flexi break at the back and is keen to learn new tricks.......The Micro MX Trixx Scooter is a cool stunt scooter which is more suitable for his age range.
    He has been having lots of fun racing with his cousin and likes to speed along testing his limits
    "as much as I can bare".
    I'm sure we will be heading to our local ramp park to experiment very soon....Safety helmets and knee pads at the ready.

    It was great to test two very different Micro Scooters which had different design purposes .. yet both were amazing in quality and design.
    I love Micro Scooters.....As much as my boy's do...As a parent I want the best quality for my children and I'm so pleased I have found it in Micro Scooters not only in price but in durability and quality and design.

                                  Thank you to Micro Scooters my boys are over the moon.

    Micro Scooters has a varied range of scooters and scooter accessories suitable for children from aged 1 yrs to adult....From sitting down scooters and cruising along to stunt scooters for older children.

    Mini Micro Seat For 1 to 3 yrs old
    Mini Micro Scooters for 3 to 5 yrs
    Micro Maxi for 6 to 12 yrs a
    Stunt Scooters for 8 yrs to adult
    Aluminium range from 5 yrs to adult

    Check out Micro Scooters for more information.

    We were given the Micro Scooters to test and keep....All opinions are that of my own and my children's...I have not been instructed in what I write and remain honest in my personal opinions and thoughts on this product.


    I found this In my timeline.....fab and very true.

    Linking in with Emma @ Crazy With Twins


    My Magic Moment....Family Outings.......We had a few already this year from going to the movies,Theatre and Sealife Centre.....But what I cant wait to do is head to the beach with the family.

    This picture was taken last year at the beach it was a lovely day,We had fish and chips and played in the sand.... and lots and lots of giggles....There is a picture somewhere of me on my butt in the sand.... as my boys and hubby chased me...but I couldn't find it....anywhere.

    We love going out together is always gives us great memories to look back on....Bring on the summer.


    Unwanted Guest - We Are Mouse Free

    As you may have read from my last post....We were having a MOUSE about it here

    But I'm happy to share we are now mouse FREE ....The mouse must have obviously sensed that the cat was around.....As it took to hiding inside the bathroom door again, which its hadn't done for a while.....and didn't come down all day as the cat was around.....
    So when I came in from work me and hubby cornered the mouse in the bathroom by blocking it in.....before kicking the door... which took a big kicking from us both.
    Eventually the mouse fell down and as it was in a small confined space we managed to catch the little sod.... and released him unharmed......Thank goodness... Sweetie the cat is going to stay with us for the next few days and then return home to his family......SUCCESS...Yay

    Unwanted Guest

    It's been over three weeks now and we have a unwanted guest in our home... It came uninvited and is causing mayhem and destruction this MOUSE is driving us mad and it shows no sign of ever leaving.
    At first a saw it as an Innocent little mouse who may have been looking for food.... So I tired to capture it in a humane way after watching a few you tube video and made this contraption which did work for the fella on you tube but obviously this mouse is just way to smart.....

    My husband by this point had enough .... Chewed up packets of food and droppings on the floor.....So he brought several mouse traps .... Which haven't worked at all ....So we called in the big boys The Exterminator.........And a big FAIL nothing nothing nothing..... has worked this mouse is so has managed to take the cheese..Jam you name it off of the traps and remain unharmed....Don't get me wrong I'd rather capture it and set it free....but when you have vermin and you end up cleaning poop before breakfast......YOU will do almost anything to get rid.

    So far I have cleaned hovered and disinfected galore....and don't know how much more I can take...I want rid before he/she decides to set up home have babies or call in their mates.

    After all attempts to catch it.....We have had enough....Nothing is working SO today we loan our cousins cat.....this has got to work..


    How very true is this quote.....For me its always the little things in life...that create the most memories and have the greatest impact ;-)

    Linking in with Wednesday Words..... Crazy with Twins

    Our Skylanders Easter

    Hard at Work
    We have been enjoying the Easter Holidays so far.... having lots of fun.....My Boy's couldn't wait to get started their Skylanders Easter Eggs yesterday....they had great fun painting and designing their eggs. ..adding their favourite Skylander Elements..I was covered in paint..but it was well worth it... as they put so much effort into their designs.

    Here are there finished designs...well done boys

    As my boys are very very very huge Skylanders fans we were also delighted to head down to Hamleys in London to check out the Skylander Giants Event....

    The Skylanders took over the lower ground floor of Hamleys.....

     Game Play

      Picture with Eruptor

     Face painting or in our case Hand painting

      Amazing Designs...and two very happy boy's

     We had a great time.

    And of course my boy's wanted to bring home a memento.....

    So many to choose from...Which one will it be !!!

    A great Skylander Easter so far...Gaming to continue at home ;-)

    Our skylander experiences shared....we were given the eggs as a gift..but share our thoughts on our experiences and days.

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