Outside and Inside - Half Term Fun

As the weather turns colder although its still great to get out and about...But this week we found ourselves spending a little more time indoors, especially as the night draw in earlier....Although we headed out for a necessary shop...which the boys love, they have always been keen to help out and love to help at the checkout. 
After our shopping....We also headed for a scoot in the park to burn off some energy.

But as its been half term, and myself and hubby have been at work...So the boy's have been having some great fun indoors fun with grandma.

When Grandma comes around I can always rest assured the boy's will be entertained having lots and lots of fun...to gentle activities and games like drawing and sewing...to more physical and active games.

They all had so much fun playing hide the Teddy Bear - Its grandma's take on her old childhood game "hide the thimble"...Everyone leaves the room..
Then the first player hides the Teddy Bear.....as players enter back into the room...The first player who hid the Bear uses the terms hot and cold to indicate how close they are to Teddy's hidden location ...This is a great game and has to be one of our family favourites...My sons love this game.....its a real giggle.

Of course when Grandma comes to play...my boys love to challenge her to an interactive game...their favourite games are Racing and Wii Sports..this keeps them very active....But maybe a little to active, As grandma was completely knackered by the time I got home from work....never the less the boys still wanted to play some more and roped me into a game.

Grandma is always coming up with new and inventive active games, using the most simple equipment.....They all had great fun with this.... Indoor Basket Ball, Using rolled up paper and a small bucket...the challenge was on to see who could score the most shots...Fun active half term fun and games.

Check out Mark Warner's  Active Indoor Ideas for more fun and game inside.

Sharing my family activities this month and as part of the Active Family Blogger Challenge
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I'm sharing my family activities this month and as part of the Active Family Blogger Challenge to win a Mark Warner Holiday for myself and my family.......all post are a true refection of our family life.and what we do in our spare time.

Rescuing Stressed And Tense Muscles

Sharing this post as part an Ambassador for Deep Heat, I received no payment or incentive for sharing this post.

Movie Moments

Last Tuesday at 5pm we headed for the West End of London to watch the movie screening of....Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2....Read more about the movie Here
The movie didn't start until 6.30pm.....But It was an awesome movie, I love it, just as much as the boy's when we step out of the normal daily routine and do something completely different. 

The movie was fantastic and we had a fabulous time .....we didn't get home until quite late around 9pm as we stopped off for a cheeky evening milkshake.
It was a bit of a rush with the bedtime routine....But a great memorable #magicmoment

Wrappz - Personalised Phone Case Review

I just upgraded to the new iphone 5s....I had purchased a clear case to show off the gold back but I wasn't totally happy with the quality of the case, So when I got the opportunity to test and review a phone case from wrappz I was excited.
Wrappz online store has a vast range of personalised phone cases and custom skins for Phones,laptops,ipads,ipods...what I love about wrappz is that its very easy to order and personalise.....simply select your chosen design eg: Case or Skin, then choose device type eg: i phone 5s, you will be taken through a step by step instructions on how choose your design, background or personalise with a photograph,and add text of your choice...its that simple.

I selected this awesome funky background (just the colours I love) and I added an image of my boys along with My Boys as my text.

I was delighted with the quality... not only did it look fantastic...But it also felt very robust,I love the fact the case covers the edges of the phone..
I really love this case.... in fact it's staying put...regardless of my new gold phone.

Check out Wrappz for personalised phone cases and custom skins for Phones,laptops,ipad,ipods.

The lovely people at Wrappz are offering my readers this fantastic opportunity...If you would like a free Wrappz Skin (worth £7.99) use this code freeskin all you will need to pay for postage.

I was given the case for purpose of review....All thought are that of my own.


Ball Skills

This week we headed to the park with the football and basketball for some ball fun and games.....We had a great time kicking the ball around....trying to tackle each other and attempt and try out our ball skills...it's confirmed I have none "ball skills"....but I must say the kids are pretty good....After exhausting ourselves running up and down...we opted for some basketball fun.......it was great fun...I didn't manage to get a hoop.....my son however did, despite the hoop being quite high.
It was great family fun.....we were totally exhausted and needed a mighty lunch...which was just in time as the gentle breeze suddenly turned into a rain shower...which meant I had to run for shelter....It was great fun we were totally exhausted and ready for lunch and then to head home for some much needed rest.
ooooh and guess who carried the mucky balls home.....yep me.

Getting ready to score a hoop.

Football Crazy...Lots of fun.

My son.....Showing me how its done.

Great Family Fun.

Sharing my family activities this month and as part of the Active Family Blogger Challenge
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I'm sharing my family activities this month and as part of the Active Family Blogger Challenge to win a Mark Warner Holiday for myself and my family.......all post are a true refection of our family life.and what we do in our spare time.

Moshi Monsters Supporting Children In Need 2013

Moshi Monsters raises money for BBC Children in Need through in game Pudseys and limited edition collector’s tin
24 October, 2013: Mind Candy announces that it will be supporting BBC Children in Need this year; through a partnership with its children’s brand Moshi Monsters™ raising £100,000 via the Moshi Foundation and a limited edition collector’s tin.
To help celebrate the partnership, popular characters from Moshi Monsters, Poppet and Katsuma, have visited Pudsey to be presented with the iconic multi-coloured spotty bandana for a photo-shoot at the home of BBC Children in Need – the Media Centre, White City.
The activity was kicked off earlier this month when Pudsey stopped by Moshi HQ for a special broadcast, which aired on CBBC’s Newsround. The BBC Children in Need Mascot was seen exploring Moshi HQ and was made available to be bought in game on MoshiMonsters.com, where players can purchase the famous bear with their in-game currency (Rox). Alongside this as part of the partnership, Mind Candy and Vivid Toy Group have created 30,000 limited edition Spotty Moshlings Collectors Tins, with £3 of each sale going direct to the charity fundraiser.
“BBC Children in Need does a fantastic job. Everyone here at Moshi Monsters is delighted to help them and hopefully we will continue to raise lots of money to support disadvantaged children and young people.” said Michael Acton Smith, Founder and CEO of Mind Candy.
Moshi Foundation is an independent charity set up in 2011 by Mind Candy Ltd. The Foundation is a grant giving organisation supporting the advancement of education, relief of financial hardship, sickness and poor health in children and young people anywhere in the world. It is run by a team of Trustees who review and assess all grant requests. It has previously supported a wide range of charities, including, Kids in Need Foundation, African Promise, Medical Detection Dogs, Mary's Meals and Charity: Water.
The special BBC Children in Need Pudseys are now available on www.MoshiMonsters.com with the limited edition Spotty Moshlings Collector Tins available now
The BBC Children in Need Appeal is a charity registered in England and Wales (802052) and Scotland (SC039557) whose aim is to make a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.
 BBC Children in Need’s vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.  We will realise this vision by supporting, promoting and publicising work that addresses the challenges that children and young people face and work that builds their skills and resilience.
Mind Candy are currently supporting  2,700 projects that are working with children facing a range of disadvantages for example, poverty and deprivation; children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect or disabled young people.

The BBC Children in Need 2013 Appeal show is on BBC One on Friday 15 November
Further information on BBC Children in Need can be found at bbc.co.uk/pudsey as well as our social media channels:

Sharing this post...as an Moshi Monster Ambassador

Oral-B Love Your Gums - Challenge

I must say over the years and especially during pregnancy and after I had my boy's I have become quite teeth aware......I have always wanted my boys to have extra healthy teeth and gums so It's defiantly something as a mother I'm very conscious of.

We regularly use Oral B complete care as our family toothpaste...so 
I was delighted to try the new Oral-B Pro-Expert...

"Oral-B PRO-EXPERT PREMIUM Gum Protection: a fluoride toothpaste that is clinically proven to help prevent & reduce gum problems in 4 weeks.  Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste protects against all these areas dentists check most: cavities, gum, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening, and fresh breath."

Helps prevent and reduce gum problems in 4 weeks
Helps prevent causes of gum problems
Helps to slow bacterial growth to protect against gum problems
Fights tartar
Reduces plaque

I pleasantly surprised my teeth felt clean and the toothpaste has a very subtle minty taste and left my mouth feeling very fresh...This is now part of my dental care routine along with regular flossing.

Here are my top tips and dental advice that was given to me by my dentist:

Use an electric toothbrush if possible as it cleans more effectively, especially those hard to reach areas, after this advice, I purchased my first ever Oral B electronic toothbrush for myself and my boy's....I really felt the difference and will never go back to a manual toothbrush.

Floss regularly

After cleaning teeth don't rinse toothpaste out of your mouth, as you are washing away the protective fluoride which is left on the teeth.

Minimise sugar intake...even if it means dropping a spoon of sugar in tea/coffee.

Visit a dentist regularly.

“This post is an entry for BritMums’ #ORALBLoveYourGums Challenge  sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums – something especially important for pregnant women. Get tips and advice on www.oralb-loveyourgums.com.” 

Mummy Make A Wish And You Could WIN It !!

New Sudocrem Care & Protect have launched their most magical
competition yet......Sudocrem will be granting the wishes of lucky mum’s everywhere! For your chance to win simply send your wish to the Sudocrem Facebook page competition application and Sudocrem could make your wish come true!

We know what a great job mums do and how hard it can be at times, so we are doing what we can to make mums lives’ that little bit easier! If you’re wishing for a relaxing massage, a lovely bunch of flowers delivered straight to your door, or simply hoping to put your feet up with a cup of tea while a professional cleaner tidies your house, Sudocrem Care & Protect want to give mums everywhere the opportunity to make these wishes come to life.

Every entrant will receive a money off voucher for Sudocrems new innovative nappy rash product, Sudocrem Care & Protect. Offering triple action protection against the causes of nappy rash Sudocrem Care & Protect creates a protective barrier that seals in the skin’s natural moisture and protects against external irritants. It also conditions the skin with Vitamin E and pro Vitamin B5 which helps to protect the skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised. The light ointment also guards against infection and acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin against the chemicals found in urine and poo.
For your chance to win your wish, all you have to do is the following:

1. Like the Sudocrem Facebook page www.facebook.com/Sudocrem

2. Enter your wish into the ‘Make a wish and WIN it’ Facebook application

3. Sit back and wait to see if your wish comes true

4. Everyone’s a winner because all entrants will receive a money off voucher for Sudocrem Care & Protect

Competition Ends Friday 29th November 2013

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 picks up where Sony Pictures Animation's hit comedy left off.  Inventor Flint Lockwood's genius is finally being recognised as he's invited by his idol Chester V to join The Live Corp Company, where the best and brightest inventors in the world create technologies for the betterment of mankind.  Chester's right-hand-gal - and one of his greatest inventions - is Barb (a highly evolved orangutan with a human brain, who is also devious, manipulative and likes to wear lipstick.  It's always been Flint's dream to be recognised as a great inventor, but everything changes when he discovers that his most infamous machine (which turns water into food) is still operating and is now creating food-animal hybrids – “foodimals!” With the fate of humanity in his hands, Chester sends Flint and his friends on a dangerously delicious mission, battling hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, apple pie-thons, double bacon cheespiders and other food creatures to save the world again!

We were delighted to be invited to the preview of
 Cloudy With A chance of Meatballs 2......I did wonder how this movie could possibly follow the first movie... Cloudy with meatballs...I needn't have worried in fact it was a truly awesome movie....We loved every minute of it..Throughout the movie we were thoroughly gripped, A fantastic movie with giggles and amazement at the cool Foodimals...I must say I really loved the storyline with great characters old and new..Chester V's character was amazing with his never ending array of hand gestures and funky movements, you will need to watch the movie to know exactly what I mean...An awesomely fantastic movie great for all the family......we defiantly want to watch it again.

Cloudy With Meatballs With A Chance Of Meatballs 2....at a cinema near you this Friday 25th October

The Boy's Had An Awesome Time.
Movie Magic.





Let's face it I'm not a huge fan of house work ,.....well who is, it can be pretty hectic and tiresome holding down a job, as well as a family. I'm constantly playing catch up with the chores.
I often do my house work little and often and then bigger cleaning jobs of the weekend when I have more time.

I tend to have everyday chores like ironing there is no way I can bare to iron a weeks worth of clothes (ten pairs of trousers and tops for the boys in one go)...so this has to be an everyday chore.
I wash our clothes at least twice a week to prevent build up...But hovering has to be an everyday chore in our home as its constantly gets messy with crumbs and general mess from the kids......Although I cant complain really as they do help out (after a few reminders)...But my son likes to help with the hovering...which is a great help.

I myself don't mind hovering as much .....although saying that I currently have an old upright hover which is quite cumbersome and I find I cannot hover under my table or sofa ....which means I have to add the hose attachment every time (which has a tendency to pop off)  ....to be honest I would like a new hover and I have always wanted a Dyson as the look really cool and I have heard some amazing feedback from friend who has one ......so that defiantly on my want list...take note hubby.

Guest Post

Crazy Home

My Kitchen

It's all so crazy and even more hectic then usual as we have the builders in re-fitting our kitchen, bathroom and toilet....my living room is packed with pots and pans including the fridge freezer.....literally my whole kitchen is now in my living room....it feels very stressful and messy and we are only a few days in and.....I already can't wait for it to be over.

It's taking me for ever just to do the most simplest if tasks as I have to hunt and find what I need first and where it could be located....the kids have been really good and are coping well....probably better then me.

We try and get out if the house as much as possible. But after working and school run, all I want to do is come home and chill out with my family and at the moment that's just not going to happen.
I have to be up extra early to bath and get dressed, Just so I'm ready when builders arrive at 8am....as me and hubby both work I have enlisted my mum to be at home whilst the works are carried out....at the moment my home is dusty and messy and upside down......STRESS.

Linking In with #magicmoments......although not a magic moment as yet but hopefully soon it will be.
this has certainly taken over my #magicmoment thoughts  x

My Little Pony - Call Of The Cutie

We snuggled up on the sofa with some popcorn for a cosy movie evening to watch 
My Little Pony - Call of The Cutie....

fillies Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo,are on a mission to discover their unique talents and get their cutie marks...which are special marks that appear on a pony once they've found their purpose in life..

They decide to create a secret society –  called "The Cutie Mark Crusaders" 
 Working together, their quest takes them on a fun-filled journey, learning valuable lessons about friendship.

Call of the Cutie
Fall Weather Friends
Stare Master
The Show Stoppers
The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Special Features
• Audio Commentary: The Show Stoppers
• Pony Profile: Applejack
• Colouring page: Applejack 
• Pin the Cutie Mark: Pinkie Pie
• Activity sheets

Available to but from all good retailers RRP £12.99 Certification U : Suitable for all audiences. 

We had an awesome movie evening.

                                             We were given the DVD to review...all thoughts of DVD are honest and  that of our own opinion.


Adventure Playground Fun

Balancing on the Log Beams.

It was a lovely day last weekend so we decided to head to our local adventure park.....We always try and get out and about as much as possible, and as the weather felt quite mild it was the perfect opportunity before the rainy weather sets in........The adventure park has lots of exciting equipment to play on...as well as lots of natural equipment....logs and ropes.
My boys love to balance and climb on the stepping logs...lots of amazing active fun and its a great way to burn off their never ending energy....They always end up very messy from the dusty gravel and often their clothing and black trainers end up a chalky white dusty colour....But they have such an amazing time...the mess is well worth the fun

 Great Fun On the Large Rope Swing.

Stepping Stone Logs.

A huge Log Swing...Great Fun.

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Sharing my family activities this month and as part of the Active Family Blogger Challenge
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I'm sharing my family activities this month and as part of the Active Family Blogger Challenge to win a Mark Warner Holiday for myself and my family.......all post are a true refection of our family life.

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