BT And UNICEF: Internet Safety Workshop

We had the opportunity to attend the 300th internet safety workshop in the Bt Tower in London. BT and Unicef are reaching out to parents and teachers nationwide to educated and share valuable information on how children and their families can use the internet safely.

The program is designed to empower children to become more confident and internet savvy whilst still enjoying the continued benefits. The workshop shared an array of information on how we as parents can encourage children to use the internet safely as well as open discussions on what's is and what's not acceptable. It was great to know that so far over 7,378 parents/teachers and children have taken part in the sessions and as a result 90 percent of parents say they will talk to their child more about online safety.

The workshops are a valuable tool and great for children and parents it was defiantly food for thought. Thank you BT & UNICEF for the amazing workshop.

Blokpod Storage System: Review

Blokpod storage

Storage can always be a problem in our home, so we were really excited to try out Blokpod. Blokpod is a cool three tier storage container, its was designed to be used with Lego as each tier has a cubes like sifting system, which means that the larger blocks will stay at the top whilst the small and medium sized bricks will fall through to the next tier, this will enable you to access the exact side bricks you want instantly, a sorting and storage system.

Blokpod storage tiers

Blokpod is the future of Lego storage, I may need to purchase an another as I wanted to use Blokpod to store some of our creative products also.

Blokpod storage sorters

I was surprised how sturdy Blokpod was, initially, I had a little difficulty opening each tier but with practice, I managed to get the knack of it.

Blokpod Lego storage  Blokpod storage close up

We first used the Blokpod for our Lego, it was great, I loved that it sorted and arranged the Lego in each section for us, but I also wanted to see what else I could use the Blokpod for, and to my surprise it was perfect storage for our creative stuff, we began to fill each layer with various sponges,paints and crayons, I was really surprised how much I could fit into the Blokpod, it also looks really cool and its so easy to access what you want.

Blokpod storage used for craft items

I'm really impressed with the Blokpod storage and sorting system, it's most defiantly a must have for every Lego user, or like me, you can store just about any item you wish. Blokpod Storage is available from AmazonUk* for more information check out

I was given the Blokpod to share my thoughts, all opinions are that of my own, *Amazon links are affiliated links.

Making Pizza's With Napolina

Napolina products

We were delighted to take part in the Napolina challenge to make some cool pizzas. Napolina has a great range of pizza bases large and small as well as everything you could possibly need to get started from pizza topping to olives.

Ingredients to make a Napolina pizza

The boys couldn't wait to get started, we gathered all of our ingredients on the table and we were ready to get started.

Making pizza's making pizza's

4 mini Napolina pizza bases
Napolina pizza topping
Green pepper
Jalapeno pepper
Chedder cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Napolia green olives

We open our Napolina pizza bases, they were the perfect size for us to all to have an individual pizza, we then used the Napolina pizza topping and spread it over the pizza base, next we  added a mixture of cheese's, It was great because we could then add any topping we wanted. That's the great thing about making your own pizza, you can personalise it to suit your taste. I like to add a little bit of everything, especially hot chillis which I couldn't have done if we were sharing.

uncooked pizza's and pizza face

My son created this cool happy face using slices of green pepper for the mouth, onion rings and olives for the eyes and a tomato nose. We baked the pizza in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the cheese was melted and golden.

Happy pizza face

We had an amazing time creating our pizza's, Not only was it great fun but we it gave us much more control of what we eat, I defiantly will be making our own pizzas from now on.

Napolina pizza bases

Naoplina products can be purchased from all major supermarkets.

Tulips #MySundayPhoto

Pink and Yellow Tulips

 I can't get enough of these pretty Pink and Yellow Tulips, I think I will be getting some in every couple of weeks as it really brightens up our home and I adore the scent.


Easter: Netflix

The great Thing about Easter is not only there an abundance of Chocolate, but it also means that we have a long bank holiday weekend and on top of that the kids are on two weeks half term school holidays, and as its the weekend we are looking forward to checking out Netflix's top pick movie sequels for kids.
Shrek sequels on Netflix
 Madagascar sequels on Netflix
 Kung Fu Panda sequels on Netflix
We certainly will be looking forward to putting out feet up and catching up with some cool movies, We love Madagascar especially Europes Most Wanted, defiantly one of our favorites. The boys have selected Hotel Transylvania to watch this easter weekend. Check out Netflix and enjoy your Easter break.

Hotel Transylvania

Sharing as part as Netflix StreamTeam.

Netflix StreamTeam Logo

The Florasaurus is Coming to London & Manchester

Florasaurus at London Piccadilly circus

As the Easter half term looms, I have been thinking of thing I can do with the kids, On the agenda is a shopping trip to our local shopping centre, we have just found out that the Florasaurus will be visiting Westfield Stratford City and intu Trafford Centre, Manchester over the Easter Holidays to help teenage kids understand with where their food comes from, I cannot wait to take the kids and take a few pictures and join in with the fun activities.

The stunt from Flora demonstrates how many of the world’s biggest and most magnificent creatures were powered by plants.

Florasaurus passing big ben and the houses of parliament in London

The free interactive experience will include photos opportunities with the Florasaurus as well as competitions and activities made with the help from the Eden Project activity boards, at the following times:

Westfield Stratford, London:
Friday 25th March 2016 – Monday 4th April 2016 (excluding Easter Sunday 27th March)
Open in alignment with centre hours

Trafford Centre, Manchester:
Thursday 7th April 2016 – Sunday 10th April 2016
Open in alignment with centre hours

Florasaurus passing though oxford street London

Easter Crafts and Chocolate Treats: Asda

Easter with Asda

Easter is a great time not only is it the half term school holidays but it's the time when the easter eggs are out and there is something very tasty about chocolate in the form of an easter egg.
Asda has an amazing range od delicious eggs and cool easter crafts, to help you and your family celebrate easter in style.

Egg stencil set

We have been having great fun with Asda cool Easter colouring book and this egg stencil set, we made some pretty cool looking egg designs using the stencils and paint,

painted eggs foe easter painting eggs
Asda has an array of art and craft products to help you prepare for Easter.

Asda colouring book

Asda Easter goodies
 Asda Crafts
And of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without some delicious Chocolate.

chocolate monkey

 I love this delicious looking Monkey, it's the perfect easter chocolate treat, or if you like white chocolate then why not opt for this cute chick.

White chocolate chick

Check out Asda Easter range with prices starting at low at £0.70p, there is defiantly an easter treat for everyone. Pop into your local Asda store or check them out online

When Things Go Wrong Whilst On The Road

BMW car

I love to be driven around although it's a shame I actually never learnt to drive. My husband tends to drive me everywhere I need to go so I have never really bothered.

A while back myself and my husband were driving back from a shopping trip, we suddenly noticed that the car began to drive differently, my husband could feel the car pulling over to one side, he knew something felt wrong, we managed to find a quite spot on the road where we were able to pull over, On checking the tyres we realised that we had s slow tyre puncture, the tyre was slightly softer than the others.

Car tyre

As the tyre was deflating slowly we managed to pull into a nearby petrol station and refill with air, we then headed straight to the local garage, once at the garage we were given the option to repair the tyre, but as was quite worn, they advised us to change it all together which we did. It is amazing what an impact something so simple can have on your day.

This post has been possible thanks to Point S Tyres the leading independent tyre dealer. However, all thoughts and content are my own.

Inside Our Home: Spring Garden Project

Tulips and Gypsophila plants

It's amazing what a difference a few plants can make to help transform you home, we live in a flat so we don't have a garden or outdoor space, So we were delighted to take part in the Spring Garden Project to see if we ould bring the outdoor inside by adding a touch of spring inside our home.

table space  window sill

Although I love flowers I only tend to buy them occasionally so this was a really good opportunity for me to add some spring blooms and see the difference they would make, It was amazing to see the difference in the before and after shots, the plants instantly brightened the room.

Tulips and Gypsophila table placements  Gypsophila plants

By simply adding these pretty plants it instantly brightens our window space, I also added some fresh tulips to our dining table area which added sweet scents and stunning flowers.

Orange Gypsophila plant  Pink Gypsophila plant

Having these plants and flowers in our living room has defiantly made me want to expand and add more plants throughout our home, Its amazing how beautiful and relaxing it is to have these around.
Pink and Orange Gypsophila flowers

These beautiful plants have made such a difference, the boys have even commented on how nice out living room looks now.

This post has been possible thanks to Ocean Loans Spring Garden Project which helps families celebrate spring inside and out.

Zoingo Boingo - Review

Zoingo Boingo pogo

We were really excited to get the opportunity to test out the cool Zoingo Boingo from Flair, The Zoingo Boingo is a cool bouncy pogo which lets you bounce and jump  wherever you like, you can ever jump and freestyle
Zoingo Boingo unboxed

The Zoingo Boingo comes deflated, but it's really simple to inflate using an air pump, inside the box is an instruction to guide on how big you should inflate the Zoingo Boingo. Once inflated you are ready to get bouncing, simply by balancing your feet on either side of the sure grip footpad whilst gripping your feet close to the ball, you then have to get your balance and gently bounce. the elastic Zoingo cord and grip handles help you keep control and balance whilst you hop along.

Zoingo Boingo in action

It's really easy to get the Zoingo Boingo to hop along in any direction simply by leaning in the direction you wish to go.Zoingo Boingo is strong and sturdy which means you can bounce on both the pavement and grass. It takes a little practice to get a good balance, but once you are confident you can bounce anywhere.

Zoingo Boingo jumping

The Zoingo Boingo comes in three different colours, Orange, Yellow, Green. We love the flexibility of the Zoingo Boingo, it has given us loads of fun as we have been having to challenge each other to who can stay on the Zoingo Boingo the longest.

Zoingo Boingo is suitable for children from 7 years and over and retails at £24.99. from all good Toy Stores and  Amazon Uk Zoingo Boingo Freestyle Pogo Toy*

We received the Zoingo Boingo to share our thoughts on this product, all thoughts are honest and of our own opinion. We have also added an affiliated
 *(Amazon Link)

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