Marshmallow Flowers - Mothers Day

It's almost Mother's Day, so we wanted to share these fun tasty treats that we made, they are quick and simple and make the perfect Mother's Day treat.

You will need:
Lolly/Cake pop sticks
Marshmallows - (A pack is great although you only need 7 per flower, the rest can be used to decorate at the end or eat)
Hundred & thousands
Tin Foil folded into a thin strip
4 tablespoon Icing sugar made into thickish paste.

1 - Gather 7 marshmallows, Take one from the pile and spread a little icing sugar paste on the top and tip into the Hundred & Thousands.


2 - Once the Marshmallow had dried, Begin to layer up three of the the marshmallow on the stick, Ensuring the Hundred and Thousands one is in the centre, As you stack each one add some of the icing sugar paste in between to ensure it all sticks together.


3 - Next take the remaining 4 marshmallows and arrange around the stick to create and flower shape, When you are happy with the shape, start to stick together using the paste, it can get a little messy.


4 - Using the tin folded strip wrap around the marshmallow flower and twist it to hold in all of the marshmallows in place, Allow to dry.

6 - We put our marshmallow flower into a small glass filled with marshmallows or put straight into a cake pop bag for freshness, We finished with a green ribbon. Have a great Mothers Day.


  1. That is just gorgeous! What a lovely idea...

  2. These look so easy and tasty. Lovely twist on the chocolate flowers, and flowers in general for Mother's Day!

  3. Oh my word this is the cutest idea! My mum and my daughter both LOVE marshmallows too so this would be perfect for Mothers Day! Mim x #brilliantblogposts

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