Wednesday 30 March 2016

Blokpod Storage System: Review

Blokpod storage

Storage can always be a problem in our home, so we were really excited to try out Blokpod. Blokpod is a cool three tier storage container, its was designed to be used with Lego as each tier has a cubes like sifting system, which means that the larger blocks will stay at the top whilst the small and medium sized bricks will fall through to the next tier, this will enable you to access the exact side bricks you want instantly, a sorting and storage system.

Blokpod storage tiers

Blokpod is the future of Lego storage, I may need to purchase an another as I wanted to use Blokpod to store some of our creative products also.

Blokpod storage sorters

I was surprised how sturdy Blokpod was, initially, I had a little difficulty opening each tier but with practice, I managed to get the knack of it.

Blokpod Lego storage  Blokpod storage close up

We first used the Blokpod for our Lego, it was great, I loved that it sorted and arranged the Lego in each section for us, but I also wanted to see what else I could use the Blokpod for, and to my surprise it was perfect storage for our creative stuff, we began to fill each layer with various sponges,paints and crayons, I was really surprised how much I could fit into the Blokpod, it also looks really cool and its so easy to access what you want.

Blokpod storage used for craft items

I'm really impressed with the Blokpod storage and sorting system, it's most defiantly a must have for every Lego user, or like me, you can store just about any item you wish. Blokpod Storage is available from AmazonUk* for more information check out

I was given the Blokpod to share my thoughts, all opinions are that of my own, *Amazon links are affiliated links.