Sunday 6 March 2016

Bleeps Bleeps - Sammy Screamer

Sammy screamer from bleep bleeps

When I first heard about Sammy Screamer from Bleep Bleeps I could immediately see its appeal. I work with toddlers and having two kids of my own I know how quickly kids can get up to mischief.

Sammy screamer use with ios device

Sammy Screamer is a cool motion alarm from Bleep Bleeps it connects via Bluetooth to your ios or android device though the free downloadable App.

Sammy screamer guarding ipads

My two boys often like to break a few of those house rules, we currently have an ongoing rule when it comes to screen time and Its important to me to limit their usage, but when my backs turned I know they are having a few extra turns, That's where Sammy Screamer has come to the rescue. When the Sammy Screamer device is moved it sends an alert straight to your mobile phone which lets you know that it's been moved.

Sammy screamer downloadable app

I tend to put the boys Ipads in a little box so I placed Sammy Screamer on the top of the box sat back and waited, It wasn't too long; my son sneaked over to access his Ipad, but Sammy Screamer alerted me and his plans were foiled.

Sammy screamer alert

What I really like about  Sammy Screamer is that can be an alert for almost anything you could possibly want to protect, the options are endless; and when you don't want to use Sammy Screamer you simply turn him to sleep mode, its that simple.

Sammy screamer sleeping app

I love this cool parenting gadget, it certainly has many uses for us parents, even the kids appreciate Sammy Screamer its bright colourful and they understand its being used for a good purpose. Sammy Screamer is the perfect alert for us parents who want a little more control when our backs are turned. Sammy Screamer is £29 and can be purchased from Bleep Bleeps.