Friday 4 March 2016


Giant Cadbury purple eggs spotted on Camber Sands beach

Cadbury continued to surprise and delight the British public this week, this time delivering joy to Camber Sands in the form of an egg-stra special surprise...... four giant Cadbury purple eggs scattered across the sand.

Each measuring eight foot in height and four foot in width, the larger than life eggs weighed a colossal one hundred kilograms in total. The eggs were wrapped in Cadbury signature purple foil and were found by locals strewn across the iconic beach on the South Coast.
The stunt formed part of Cadbury’s ‘Bunny’s been busy’ campaign that celebrates bunny hiding iconic Cadbury purple eggs in unexpected places across the country. The mischievous bunny has already paid a visit to Scotland’s most famous creature – ‘Nessie’ the Loch Ness Monster earlier this week.

Giant Cadbury Loch Ness Monster purple eggs

Claudia Miceli, Senior Brand Manager for Cadbury Easter said: “For many years Cadbury has been part of Easter in family homes and this year we wanted to mark the start of Easter season in a joyful and fun way. The Cadbury Easter Bunny will be hiding #EggsEverywhere this Easter season, so look out for more giant eggs popping up across the country.”

To find out more about the Cadbury Bunny and where more giant eggs will be popping up, as well as more information on the egg-citing Cadbury Easter range visit, or tweet us at @CadburyUK using #EggsEverywhere.

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