h&a Disney Nemo Bubble Bath

We were delighted to try this awesome Disney Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubble Bath from h&a.
h&a provide a trusted range of child friendly bath products, with a range of exciting products featuring your favourite charters from Disney Princess,Thomas and Friends and Disney Planes are just amongst some of amazing Disney Charters. h&a also offer an extensive collection for teens and adults.

The bubble bath has been formulated to care for your child's delicate skin,which makes it perfect for newborns and can be used everyday as its

Dermatologically Tested
Tear Free
Perfect for Newborns
Paediatrician Approved

The soft and gentle bubble bath contains 300ml and retails for only £2.99

As my son suffers with allergies i found this bubble bath very gentle on his skin, The bubble bath has a very light delicate fruity smell and bubbled up well under the running water.

We loved out Finding Nemo Bubble Bath....Great bath time fun.
For this amazing Bath time product and more Visit handa uk


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We were absolutely delighted to review the amazing KOR GEOMAG Proteon Blatta.
The KOR GEOMAG range allows children to construct endless combinations.
KOR is a patented system of 26 magnetic building blocks that connect onto a hollow metal sphere to create the toy’s core. We loved that we could add the magnetic pieces and watch our design take on a ball shape, which could then twisted, turned and flipped to generate endless shapes.

It was amazing and we had so much fun, the magnets were affixed firmly yet still were easy enough to move and pull off, we wasted no time in crating our very own KOR GEOMEG creation. Endless fun.

Each set contains 103 peices which allowed us to create unlimited creations. Each KOR GEOMAG magnetic construction kit comes with an easy to follow institution booklet. All KOR GEOMAG building sets are compatible, which allows you to be even more creative.

 KOR GEOMAG are available at Harrods, and leading department stores, across the country and online e-retailers such as Amazon, with prices per building set starting from a recommended retail price of £25. 

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Blue Monday - Tatty Teddy

Yesterday was officially Blue Monday the day of the year most of us feel down, this is due to a drop in motivation, weather and failed new years resolutions.

So to cheer up the people of London, Me To You held a one day only out of the blue magical event...to spread some happiness and beat those January blues, with the help of Tatty Teddy the aim was to lift spirits and put a smile on everybody's face.

Of course we love any opportunity for some out of the blue fun...so after school we headed down to central London.... We were greeted by the lovely friendly staff who offered us a tasty hot chocolate, We then had out photograph taken with Tatty Teddy, and received a cool Tatty Teddy goody bag full of Me To You treats.....Short and sweet...but never the less a wonderful cheerful magical moment of fun.

We left smiling and laughing with our goody bags and helium balloons.... which took over the London Underground tube train, leaving little space for the rush hour commuters...the kids thought it was hilarious as the balloons bounced around the carriage....A delightful event which certainly put a smile on our faces 

Thank you......Me To You, You certainly cheered us up.

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January Sales

So we are already two weeks into January and those Christmas holidays which consisted of late mornings and late nights chilling out and lazing around doing not much of nothing.....now seam like an eternity ago...I'm officially back into the groove and running around like a headless chicken in my hectic life.

I have been asked more then several times during the past few weeks from friends and families "Did I get anything nice in the January sales"....well.... like most of you I love a bargain.....But you will not find me queueing in the sales...why!!! 

I find queueing and looking on rails of endless sale items unbearable...as much as I love a bargain.... I just cannot deal with the queues and the hustle and bustle and pushing and shoving just to get that bargain.....Unless its online of course as that's my preferred way to shop...

Don't get me wrong I wish I could handle those queues....but it's just not me......Going back many years ago I attempted my first ever high street sale, with children in tow....I wasn't to far behind the store opening, and I found a few items that were amazing bargains..... after pushing my way through the people and looking through the mish mash of sizes on the rails....I managed to find a few items that I wanted.

Then as I headed for the checkout and to my dismay  the queue was sooooo long literately around the store....There was no way I could wait in such a queue with my young children, I was hot and flustered as the store was so busy and this was the last straw.......so I abandoned my goods and left empty handed and since that time I tend to steer well clear.

I must say one of my best bargains this January was a yummy Lindt Chocolate Bear that I got at my local supermarket, they had gone down to less then half price..... I purchased a few of those...boy I'm so easily pleased.


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Immunpro - Infection Blocker

Working with children can often mean that I can often pick up lots of colds and viruses throughout the year....as I'm very conscious of this which usually means taking vitamins.....I was delighted to hear about Immunpro which is an infection blocker which creates a natural barrier against colds and viruses and starts working as soon as the first symptoms of infection start to show, by warding off the infection before you get sick... which is Ideal for myself working with children and  for when travelling on trains or aeroplanes where germs are prevalent....Sucking one to six tablets per day could prevent both viral and bacterial infections. One tablet should provide cover for up to two hours

ImmunPRO Infection Blocker contains an active ingredient  called Cistus Villosus which is an innovative and unique Medical Device.
Each tablet has a tasty chocolate-mint flavour and is clinically proven to work instantly in offering a natural resistance from the risk of viral and bacterial infection and contains no additives or preservatives and is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Sugar, Lactose, Wheat and Gluten Free and has no known side effects.
ImmunPRO is available in the UK and Ireland from Holland & Barrett and Independent health stores and pharmacies priced £15.95 for 30 tabs.visit www.healthy2u.co.uk for more information.

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream - Review

We were thrilled to attend the O2 to watch Disney On Ice Dare To Dream.....we were very excited and couldn't wait for the performance to start.

The show was hosted by the awesome Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Mini Mouse....we were taken on the journey of some of our favourite Disney stories.... From Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel...each amazing performance highlighted the most magical moments of the story...,.Where dreams came true.
We sat in awe at the amazing performance and skating techniques were dazzled by the costumes and the performance of the amazing songs...it was truly magical 90 minutes of amazing entertainment.

Singing and Dancing...Disney On Ice.

Amazing Costume...Awesome Performance.

 Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream
Classic meets contemporary in Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream! Join your favourite Disney Princesses in a celebration of 75 years of Disney Princess stories, including two-modern day princesses, Rapunzel and Tiana; the always elegant Cinderella; and the princess who started it all, Snow White. Laugh at Disney's hilarious hair-raising escapade, Tangled, as Rapunzel; her unlikely companion, Flynn; and Maximus, the Captain of the Guard's determined horse; embark on an uproarious journey that takes adventure to new lengths! Travel to the enchanted forest with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Snow White escapes from the Evil Queen in her search for her one true love. Watch as fanciful dreams become reality as Cinderella meets her Prince Charming, with a glass slipper fit for an unforgettable fantasy come true. And boogie to the beat of the bayou in a magical, musical journey that celebrates the story of The Princess and the Frog with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. All your favourite princesses take to the ice in a spectacular finale at the ultimate Disney Princess event of a lifetime! Experience the beauty, sparkle, and spirit when Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream comes to your hometown!

We had an absolutely fantastic time.

Awesome Show.

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream will be at London 02 Arena from 26th December 2013 to Sunday 5th January 2014.

We were given complementary tickets...All thoughts are honest and of my own.

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