Tuesday 14 January 2014

January Sales

So we are already two weeks into January and those Christmas holidays which consisted of late mornings and late nights chilling out and lazing around doing not much of nothing.....now seam like an eternity ago...I'm officially back into the groove and running around like a headless chicken in my hectic life.

I have been asked more then several times during the past few weeks from friends and families "Did I get anything nice in the January sales"....well.... like most of you I love a bargain.....But you will not find me queueing in the sales...why!!! 

I find queueing and looking on rails of endless sale items unbearable...as much as I love a bargain.... I just cannot deal with the queues and the hustle and bustle and pushing and shoving just to get that bargain.....Unless its online of course as that's my preferred way to shop...

Don't get me wrong I wish I could handle those queues....but it's just not me......Going back many years ago I attempted my first ever high street sale, with children in tow....I wasn't to far behind the store opening, and I found a few items that were amazing bargains..... after pushing my way through the people and looking through the mish mash of sizes on the rails....I managed to find a few items that I wanted.

Then as I headed for the checkout and to my dismay  the queue was sooooo long literately around the store....There was no way I could wait in such a queue with my young children, I was hot and flustered as the store was so busy and this was the last straw.......so I abandoned my goods and left empty handed and since that time I tend to steer well clear.

I must say one of my best bargains this January was a yummy Lindt Chocolate Bear that I got at my local supermarket, they had gone down to less then half price..... I purchased a few of those...boy I'm so easily pleased.