I love drinking Gatorade and have been drinking it for many years. Gatorade is a delicious sports drink that is designed to help replenish the body after physical activity which is great for me after I exercise each day, it contains sugar and electrolytes like sodium and potassium which can help replace what we lose during longer durations of exercise, it is designed to maintain and enhance your performance. Gatorade is the perfect way to help with sports endurance especially in the heat.

The drink was developed in 1965 by University of Florida researchers and is now owned by PepsiCo and is now the number one global leader sports drink in the world, and is used by all athletes across the globe. Gatorade and now boasts an innovative range of ready-to-drink sports drinks and sports drink powders, along with cool Gatorade equipment, so there is something available to suit everyone's endurance ability and taste. Gatorade not only is a useful sports drink  that will replenish and replace and fuel you through your workouts but it also tastes extremely good and comes in different flavours from

Gatorade Sports Drink Lemon
Gatorade Sport Drik orange
Gatorade Sport Drink Blue
Gatorade Sports Drink Red Orange

Each drink comes in a squeezable plastic lidded bottle for ease of use during exercise to maximise use. Gatorade can be purchased across the UK online and in store, Amazon also stocks Gatorade which is great if you want it delivered to your door check oit out here, they stock a range of variety packs which is great if you are looking for a mix of flavours and accessories.

Carters Steam Fair

There’s something quite special about going to the fair, over the weekend we had the opportunity to visit a one of a kind unique fair, Carters Steam Fair.

Carters Steam Fair is a traditional English travelling funfair with rides dating from the 1890s to the 1960s, the vintage fairground rides and attractions have been restored to the former glory and they taking touring all around London and the South East for everyone to enjoy.  

We were very privileged to get the opportunity to experience Carters Steam Fair as it travelled through London, We were in awe when we arrived it was like stepping back in time, the hand-painted rides looked amazing the attention to detail was beautiful, the atmosphere was filled with the fun sounds of a traditional fair, the rides played old much-loved tunes of the past, it was a nostalgic experience that I have only ever seen in the movies.


The rides were fantastic, the boys particularly loved the Dodgems, whilst my favourite had to be the Whirl A Round ride, I laughed and screamed it was such an amazing experience, the rides were reasonably priced as was the food. There was something really special about Carters Steam Fair, unlike other fairs that I have visited which are loud and in your face, Carters Steam Fair has a much more relaxed, fun and nostalgic, the atmosphere was is perfect for a family day out and for those that want to experience an authentic traditional fairground.

One of the features which makes Carters Steam Fair so unique is the decoration of its engines, rides and transport with its superb signwriting and traditional fairground decoration created by Joby Carter and his team. Joby is a leading expert on the traditional craft of signwriting and fairground art and hosts training courses at the Carters Yard throughout the year, as well as Fairground Art Heritage Tours. Online they also have some fun printable activities for younger children

Carters Steam Fair is a must visit and is on tour around London and the South East, entrance is free and at most locations, they host a free firework event in the evening. It's best to book in advance to make the most of the ride deals available for more information check out Thank you Carters Steam Fair I will be visiting you again when you are in Town.

Lucky Fortune Bracelets

I was really excited to get my hands on these cute Lucky Fortune collectable bracelets. Inside each pack, you get a colourful fortune cookie which also doubles up as a key chain for those little keepsakes along with a collector’s guide.


Once you open up your lucky fortune not only will you see what your fortune holds and wear your luck on your wrist, but you also get a cool collectable bracelet. The lucky fortune bracelets are beautiful and easy to wear, I loved that they are adjustable using a cool gold fortune cookie clasp.

Lucky Fortunes can be collected or traded with your friends or even given as beautiful gifts. There are 100 different bracelets to collect, with four levels of rarity, as well as a coveted Lucky real gold-dipped four-leaf clover. Lucky Fortune will retail at £4.99rrp each for more information check out

Celebrating World Tetris Day

It's World Tetris Day on Thursday the 6th June marking the 35th birthday of Tetris, so what better way to celebrate than by playing a fun family game of Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed from John Adams.

Tetris Dual is a fast-paced head-to-head, tabletop strategy game based upon the original Tetris game and is one of the most popular electronic games of all time. The object of the game is to create the Tetrimino shapes displayed on the LCD screen, by dropping them into the play grid, Score points by placing your shape next to one of your own colour and score more points by completing a full row blocking your opponents along the way. But be sure not to leave any holes or you will lose points.

We had the most amazing time competing against each other, this fast-paced fun game is super fun and entertaining perfect for the whole family to enjoy. It was Tetris Dual (RRP £22.99).

Why not test your speed and reaction with Tetris Speed (RRP £5.99), Tetris Speed is a fast-paced game of Tetris Speed. Each card shows the next Tetrimino shape to be played. Race to play a matching card from your hand, play all your Tetriminos to win the game. For more information on Tetris check out

Ion8 Leakproof Bottle

Having a bottle of water with me at all times is a must, but like most I have suffered a few mishaps over the years with leaky bottles and soggy wet belongs in my bag, so its long been a quest of mine to find a reusable bottle that doesn't actually leak and I'm happy to say I have finally found one.

This beautiful reusable Ion8 Leakproof Bottle BPA free reusable refillable its made from stainless steel with a double-walled thermal vacuum & insulated shield which keeps drinks hot for 12 hours, or cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours, but the best thing of all is that these bottles are really leakproof so it no more spillages in your bag.

This designer flask is painted with a trendy range of fashionable colours with powder paint, I have the Navy gloss which holds 280ml, but I'm defiantly going to invest in a pink one in the near future. The Ion8 Leakproof Bottle has a grippy textured finish and the elegant ridged cap opens with just one twist, and the wide mouth provides a smooth, rapid flow on liquid. The bottle width will fit in standard-sized cup holders, backpacks and school lunch boxes.

The Ion8 Leakproof Bottle stays sweat and condensation free which means no more wet patches and soggy belongings in my bag, the bottle is extremely durable and is guaranteed not to corrode or degrade, even with years of refilling. I'm really impressed with this Leakproof Bottle and will certainly be purchasing a couple more for the kids.

For more information on the Ion8 Leakproof Bottle and the Leakproof range check out

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