Madd Gear Pro Scooters - Review

We were delight to receive these amazing scooters Madd Gear Pro scooters from Skates.These amazing scooters come in awesome array of colours and are very strong and sturdy.

My boys were absolutely delighted with the style of the Madd Gear Pro scooters as there are so many amazing colours to choose from......My boy's couldn't wait to get out and about on there brand new scooters and give them a test run...The Madd Gear Pro lived up to all our expectations as Madd Gear Pro scooters are amazingly smooth and safe.
My boys have had a few scooters over the years and they say these ones are there best ever.

Lots Of Whizzing Along

Madd Gear are well known for only using high-quality materials when constructing their scooters. The bars have been constructed from chromoly (stronger, lighter alternative to steel). A high-quality Krunk triple clamp has been selected to ensure your bars don't wobble when riding.

Catch me if you can.

The reinforced deck has been built with a concave to allow you to easily grind on the deck.
The Madd Gear Pro scooter has been fitted with long lasting wheels which provide great grip when riding. Inside the wheel are ZXZ-C Pro bearings which have been designed to give a smooth, comfortable ride. It also has a flexi brake system...The scooters weight is approx 4.5g and suitable for ages 8+.

Racing along.

For these amazing Madd Gear Pro Stunt Scooters and more Visit

We received these amazing scooters to review...All thoughts and opinions are that of our own and we have not been instructed in what we write.


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The Fine Bedding Company - Review

I was extremely happy to review The Fine Bedding Company's Children's Anti-Allergy Bed Set which consists of a 4.5 Tog duvet and Pillow and is also available for single beds and cot beds in a 4.5 and 7 Tog...My son has a few allergies especially to pollen and dust...which can make bed time uncomfortable as he will often be sneezing and irritable...Despite my previous attempts at changing his bedding regularly.

I was very excited at the prospect of a comfortable sleep for my son...As The Fine Bedding Company Children's Anti-Allergy set uses an Amicor anti-allergy treatment and is non allergenic and anti dustmite, and what is great is that you can wash at home at 60c to kill dustmites

My son opened the packaging and immediately started to hug to pillow, On touching the duvet I knew why.....It was ever so soft to touch and very cosy as it has a peachskin cover a soft sunggly feel ...My son couldn't wait to make his bed and wasted no time getting cosy...My son has had very restful sleep since using the anti-allergy bed set...Thanks to The Fine Bedding Company.

For this Children's Anti-Allergy Bed Set and more bedding options at amazing prices
visit The Fine Bedding Company 


1stfone - Review

I was delighted to receive this amazing 1stfone mobile phone for by boys to review... 
I had been thinking for some time that we needed a basic mobile phone for my boys to use which was simple and easy to use.

A few weeks ago after finishing my workout I asked my boys if they knew what to do in an emergency
(one of those moments when your alone at home with the kids"what happens if I collapse, Especially as my heart was racing from working out)
I was quickly informed " dial 999"......So gave my son my smartphone and asked him to show me how to dial 999........Its at this point I noticed how complex my mobile phone was and how he had to search though to locate the keypad and was having some difficulty he did eventually find it but it wasn't easy.

When I first saw 1stfone I knew this would be perfect for my boys, not only for its simplicity,but also I didn't want my children to be exposed to the general technology of an average mobile phone due to the internet accessibility and inappropriate content that can easily be found on various search engines.

1stfone offers all that my children need ......A selection of important texting and no social media.... just simple calls to those that matter, Which is perfect for my boys and us as a family, 

1stfone a great way to keep in touch with those that matter with peace of mind a wonderful first mobile phone for children...Especially for my boys, when they are staying with grandma its a great direct way to contact them if grandmas phone line is busy....
A little piece of mind for me and hubby..whilst we are at work....I also know if anything is wrong they can call me.

We are a couple of weeks into using 1stfone and my boys love it as much as I do...They are sharing the 1stfone and are taking it turns to responsible for the phone.
They have wasted no time in testing it out and have spent lots of time calling our family members on listed call buttons..

There are so many positives of having a 1stfone, not only can you design your 1stfone in a range of colours and designs, Most importantly you can add a selection contacts that your child would use and need. 1stfone is perfect for small hands and lightweight and has a safety release neckstrap and is simple and easy to use.
1stFone is great for young children, and those with additional needs.

We Love our 1stfone.......If you would like to know more about check out 1stFone Online.

We were given the 1stfone to review...all opinions are that of mine and my family's, we have not been instructed in what we write and share our true thoughts on this product.

Proof That Boys Exaggerate More Then Girls

Sons are taking their cue from dads when it comes to milking their injuries to get maximum attention, says supporting research for Sudocrem’s new TV ad.

The research is conclusive; boys exaggerate more than girls and take longer to recover from playground tumbles. It also showed that they take their cue from dads. Here’s the lowdown from a study of children aged 8 years:

*Boys report twice as many injuries as girls. Over half said they received 2 injuries per week compared to the same number of girls who said they were hurt in the playground just once a week.
*A quarter describe an injury as ‘serious’ compared with just 10% of girls.
*60% of girls report that boys use their injuries to attract attention from playmates and teachers and *40% said boys keep their plasters on for longer than necessary to create a talking point.
*In contrast, boys report that girls may cry more easily but recover quicker.

What can we take from this

It’s all about boys’ needing to create a story that will earn them respect, says Nick Lang of Sudocrem. "Boys may hold back on the tears but they're much better at the little dramas, the fanfare that goes with a football injury or running into their best mate”.

The stories that go with the injuries vary between boys and girls. For boys, a scar takes on mythical proportions. "Think Harry Potter," says Nick Lang "where would he be without his lightening bolt? It's something to wear with pride whereas Hermione would have hidden it under her hair." A view sustained by the research which showed that 70% of girls worry that they may get a scar compared to 80% of boys who would like one! “A scar gives you an opportunity to tell a story." says Nick.

The psychology

And if you want to know where boys get their tendency to exaggerate, look no further than their fathers. 50% of boys say their dads do ‘dangerous’ jobs around the house and a third reckon their fathers have a lot of scars.

Consultant Psychologist Simon Moore explains, “There are two psychological reasons that might explain these findings: social learning styles and gender conditioning. In terms of social learning styles boys and girls learn and explore their world in different ways. While girls network and build up social reference groups, boys learn predominantly by competing with one another and are still influenced by the evolutionary tendency to be the ‘alpha male’. The second factor that might explain boys tendency to exaggerate lies in gender conditioning, the way we learn to be male and female in our societies. Men exaggerate at work more, during the early stages of dating, about illnesses’ and to their male friends about things that have happened. This technique is then passed down or learned from their fathers/grandfathers.”

I was given a small gift for sharing this information of behalf of sudocrem.

Urban Muslim Women Fashion Event - Highlights

I was privileged to be a blogging partner and attend the wonderful Urban Muslim Women event which was held in London on Sunday 18th June 2013.
I was not disappointed at the array of fantastic independent and Strong Muslim women from around the world brought together in one place to celebrate our achievements in society as professionals, business leaders, mothers, wives and students.
The urban Muslim Women events bridges the gap on all backgrounds and is the only event in the uk.
We were treated to an evening filled with motivational speakers which was truly inspiring to listen to, Along with a delight several amazing fashion shows from designers from the UK and across the globe featuring practical and elegant wear for all occasions absolutely beautiful designs and colours.

We were greeted by any array of stall and drinks before the event, Along with a superb three course meal.

Some of the most amazing fashion accessories and abayas and cosmetics.

A inspiring evening of fashion from around the world

Beautiful colours and designs.

Designers from across the globe to showcase their designs under one roof.

If you would like to know more about the amazing designers featured here are a few with links for you to check out,
Amalina Aman
Bilqis by Tuty Adib
Covered & Proud
Jeny Tjahyawati
Maleka Abayaz
Sri Munawwarah Design
Ummie Tinie Collection

Motivational talks from Lauren Booth and Haslina Mohd Ali were just some of the talks to motivate and inspire.

Entertainment by Sarah Yaseen

An amazing evening with my sister in laws

I must say I had a truly amazing evening .....The whole event was one in which I wont forget defiantly and on my list of to dos again next year. Thank you to Saverah Events and its partners and sponsors for an amazing unforgettable time. x

Our Fathers Day #magicmoment

Another Father's Day has just passed and we spend our day together enjoying each others company......The day began with flowers and chocy's for a dad,
We then headed for a stroll around the park, our fathers day gift was a nice meal at Wok & Grill which is a Chinese restaurant the food was lovely and we had a great time together...I love eating out with my family not only the fact I don't have to cook which is always a bonus...But its a nice bonding time too.

Another magic moment
My extra mini Magic moment is to join in with this linky...yay... which has been very hard to do as I have been tied up with work and work dilemmas so my focus has been else where...which is nothing drastic but I'm trying to make some changes to suit my family life and it's not easy with still lots of decisions to be made, I want to work term time for my children yet this has lots of pros and cons to which I'm weighing up. (I will share when everything is settled) I have really missed not joining in my favourite linky's.


Vanish - Review

We have always used Vanish in our home as its a great for removing stains,
So I was more then delighted to sample Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White and Vanish Oxi Action...We often end up having lots of  stains with two boys, Especally lots of grass stains on the boys trousers, I always use a scope of vanish in my wash...and it always does the well as being great at removing recurrent juice......I must say I always tend to deal with stains as soon as possible.....But vanish can also work on those ground in stains...check out the Vanish Stain Removal Solutions for removal instructions where you can select the stain and get instant help on how to remove it.

Have you seen a stain on your clothes that you can't seem to remove? Don't fear! Vanish Oxi Action Powder contains Oxi Powerlift which removes all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see to the tougher ones that may be hidden. Vanish Oxi Action Powder is safe to use on both coloured and white clothing.

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder works to remove stains and keep your whites as white as possible. The special formula contains Oxi Powerlift agents which penetrate and lift the stain first time, and also whitening ingredients to help retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing. Add a scoop of this powder to your wash load to see great results.

I was given Vanish to review...all thoughts are that of my own and I share some on vanish information on their products..I have not been instructed in what I share as all options are that of my own.

Lily Charmed - Jewellery Review

I was extremely excited to receive this amazing bracelet from the fabulous Lily Charmed.
Lily Charmed has a varied range of jewellery for all tastes and styles and is the perfect unique gift choice for someone special..... Lily Charmed has an extensive range of Charm Bracelets and Necklaces both in sterling silver and gold.
 What I love about Lily Charmed is that you can create you own gift and personalise your jewellery by adding an array of amazing charms to complete your special gift you can also add a personalised message to create a unique gift for yourself or a loved one.

This amazing cupcake bracelet is perfect for me as I'm a huge huge cake lover.... The bracelet arrived beautifully boxed and as I lifted the lid I was greeted by the amazing intricate details on the cupcake charm, I love the personalisation aspect on the packaging as it gave the bracelet a very personal feel.The bracelet is sterling silver and has an extension chain as to fit any sized wrist, Perfectly beautiful in every way. 

I must say I haven't taken my bracelet off since receiving it as just perfect. 
A very elegant piece of jewellery at fantastic prices a great piece to add to your jewellery collection.

Check out this Cupcake Bracelet and more amazing jewellery at Lily Charmed 

I'm not taking this off...Love it..Thank You Lily Charmed x

I was given the Lily Charmed Bracelet for purpose of review...All thoughts are that of my and I share my personal opinions.


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