Thursday 20 June 2013

1stfone - Review

I was delighted to receive this amazing 1stfone mobile phone for by boys to review... 
I had been thinking for some time that we needed a basic mobile phone for my boys to use which was simple and easy to use.

A few weeks ago after finishing my workout I asked my boys if they knew what to do in an emergency
(one of those moments when your alone at home with the kids"what happens if I collapse, Especially as my heart was racing from working out)
I was quickly informed " dial 999"......So gave my son my smartphone and asked him to show me how to dial 999........Its at this point I noticed how complex my mobile phone was and how he had to search though to locate the keypad and was having some difficulty he did eventually find it but it wasn't easy.

When I first saw 1stfone I knew this would be perfect for my boys, not only for its simplicity,but also I didn't want my children to be exposed to the general technology of an average mobile phone due to the internet accessibility and inappropriate content that can easily be found on various search engines.

1stfone offers all that my children need ......A selection of important texting and no social media.... just simple calls to those that matter, Which is perfect for my boys and us as a family, 

1stfone a great way to keep in touch with those that matter with peace of mind a wonderful first mobile phone for children...Especially for my boys, when they are staying with grandma its a great direct way to contact them if grandmas phone line is busy....
A little piece of mind for me and hubby..whilst we are at work....I also know if anything is wrong they can call me.

We are a couple of weeks into using 1stfone and my boys love it as much as I do...They are sharing the 1stfone and are taking it turns to responsible for the phone.
They have wasted no time in testing it out and have spent lots of time calling our family members on listed call buttons..

There are so many positives of having a 1stfone, not only can you design your 1stfone in a range of colours and designs, Most importantly you can add a selection contacts that your child would use and need. 1stfone is perfect for small hands and lightweight and has a safety release neckstrap and is simple and easy to use.
1stFone is great for young children, and those with additional needs.

We Love our 1stfone.......If you would like to know more about check out 1stFone Online.

We were given the 1stfone to review...all opinions are that of mine and my family's, we have not been instructed in what we write and share our true thoughts on this product.