Proud Mummy

I'm a very proud mother...well I'm always proud of my boy's although they can drive me around the bend...they are generally very good kids.
Recently they both got chosen to be cast in an online advert, needless to say it was a very proud moment for me. Part of the process to get selected was to send along a video clip of them talking
about something they love, and on this basis they got picked.

Although once chosen by the production company it wasn't all plain sailing, as the school were very reluctant to draft a letter authorising absence to attend casting (during school hours) and without this letter the boys couldn't attend the casting...So after a week of trips to the school office to see the headteacher and phone calls to the attendance welfare, I finally got the letter signed (it was very stressful trying to explain the licencing process to the school...especially as it was all new to me) and as the boy's were excited about going.... I really didn't want to let them down.

It was a bit touch and go, as all of the paper work was so delayed and just made the it was just a case if the licence's went through on time and the production company could wait.

But thank goodness after all of the stress...all was ok....... It was really nice to give my boys a new opportunity, and they both loved every minute of it....It would be great if they make the final cut and are in the finished ad, but if not its ok, As its a new life experience that they have had.....I love it when they are confident and willing to try new things...I'm a very proud mummy.
Another magic moment.

Lush FUN Gift Tin - Review

I absolutely love this amazing FUN gift tin from lush...not only does it contains 5 different types of Fun at 100g per FUN bar... it also comes in this amazing colourful gift tin with a set of plastic cutters made from 100% recycled bottle tops...An awesome gift for someone special or a nice bath time treat for yourself and the family.
We adore FUN as it smells amazing and is great to play with and mold ..not only can you bath with FUN, but its also great for playing with...FUN is great for all of your play,washing/bathtime needs as its a four in one multi purpose product.

Fun is a four in one Multi Purpose Product
For Body - Mix well with water to a clay like consistency..Use directly on your body or on a sponge to foam and then rinse FUN off along with the stress of the day.
For Hair - Mix FUN well with water to clay like consistency. Lather into hair and then rinse thoroughly.
For Bath - Put small pieces of FUN under running hot water...then once your bath is ready..Relax and enjoy your bubbly FUN.
For Fun - Squeeze and mould onto all sorts of shapes...Great FUN to play with...soft malleable and tactile playdough like much FUN.
When you are finish having fun with your FUN....just wrap it back up into...its biodegradable cellophane.
FUN come in Five bright colour's and amazing scents.....

RED - Mandarin & Orange 

Yellow - Creamy Vanilla 

BLUE -  Moroccan Chamomile & Lavender

GREEN - Citrus Burst of Zesty Lemon & Lime

PINK - Sweet Fruity Candy

The FUN smells amazing and when used its leaves your body feeling soft and smelling amazing...My boys love using FUN as much as I do, for endless bath time and playtime fun....inside and outside the bath tub. If you would like some FUN at bath-times the

FUN Gift Tin can be purchased for £22.00 at


HealGel Intensive

Healgel intensive is an advanced skincare rescue formula....its multi-active formula helps with a vast range of skin problems and a whole host of common skin complaints which can worsen as the months get colder, including dry, sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. This multi-tasking skincare staple is a great emergency repair for stressed dehydrated and itchy skin which can become exasperated by constantly changing temperatures indoors and out and the drying effects of central heating.

Healgel has become an overnight hit with health experts. The light gel is designed to deliver the active elements to areas where they are needed most. Skin is soothed..repaired and refined.

“HealGel was created by a team of leading British plastic and cosmetic surgeons with the help of a renowned dermatological biochemist. They wanted to create products that helped them with their work, and to be able to provide the reassurance of genuinely effective skincare”

I have really loved using Healgel its very light and left my skin feeling smooth and is a perfect makeup base...I only needed a very small amount and the gel is was easily absorbed into the skin and didn't leave a oily residue. I have been only using Healgel for a week now and my skin feels amazing, so I'm really looking forward to the long term results.

HealGel Intensive can be purchased for £37.50 from the HealGel website.

Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids

Crosse & Blackwell 4kids have teamed up with Disney to launch a tasty range jelly pots with fruit pieces.
We were lucky enough to sample the amazing pots which come in six delicious flavours, These tasty pots make the perfect lunch time treat as each pot has a spoon which is great for on the go, and not only are they super tasty, they also contain contain one of your child's five a day, each pot contains real fruit juice instead of added sugar or sweetener, and have no added preservatives.

Each of the yummy pot features a cool character from Disney/Pixar Toy Story & Monsters University films...The tasty new pots are available in the following flavours

Rex - Peach pieces in Peach Jelly

Bullseye - Pineapple Pieces in Peach Jelly

Buzz Lightyear - Mixed Fruit in Strawberry Jelly

Jessie - Peach Pieces in Strawberry Jelly

Little Green Man - Mandarin Segments in Mandarin Jelly

Woody - Apple Pieces in Raspberry Jelly

Monster - Blackcurrant Jelly

Monster - Apple Jelly

Crosse & Blackwell 4kids are available from ASDA (in the canned fruit aisle)
and are suitable for vegetarians
Toy Story Fruit pots £0.65p
Monster University Jelly Pots £0.59

We loved these yummy Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids range they were absolutely delicious...the boys couldn't wait to get stuck in.

We were given the Crosse & Blackwell Jelly Pots to sample...All thoughts are that of our own and we have not been instructed in what we write.

Top Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

It’s hard to believe, but that time of the year is nearly upon us again.

I know you don’t want to think about it yet, but with the tins of Roses piling up in supermarket foyers I’m afraid there’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas is less than 100 days away.

In fact, the secret to a successful, stress-free Christmas is to not bury your head in the sand, but instead to be prepared. Nothing is guaranteed to send your stress level through the roof like a Christmas Eve shopping trip to Toys R Us.

Here are four ideas for things that you can do now to help take the pressure off as the big day approaches.

Sweet treats
If you like to make your own Christmas cake and haven’t already – do it now! It’s never too soon. What you might not have considered though is baking and freezing other Christmas goodies in advance. Things like mince pies can be made in advance and kept until you’re ready to impress everyone with a freshly baked festive treat. Freeze in the tray before you cook them, pop out of the tray and into a freezer bag once they are hard, and then simply bake for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees when you need them.

The turkey
There is nothing quite like a fresh, juicy turkey from your local butcher, but they can be pricey, and they are ordered well in advance. It might be worth popping in to see your butcher now to find out how early you can request your turkey and any other extras you might need like sausage meat. They might consider too letting you spread the payments in the run up to Christmas so that it doesn’t feel like such a large amount of cash to part with.

Look after the pennies
If you’re worried about the cost of Christmas do start shopping or saving as early as you can. Things can become more expensive during the festive season, so keep an eye out all year round for bargains, and gradually add to your present stash as the year progresses. If you want to create extra special gifts like personalised calendars, make sure you allow plenty of time to plan and print these. Collecting loose change through the year can be an easy way to save a few extra pounds without really realising it and could help a lot towards the cost of stocking fillers.

Family ties
Nowadays it can feel a little complicated to get everyone together at Christmas. Not everyone always gets along and families are spread more widely, so think in advance about who you actually want to spend the day with, and be honest and clear with everyone as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Do think about what you want as well as just trying to please other people.

Guest Post.

Our Epic Adventure

We had an absolutely marvelous time at the Epic open air screening on Sunday to celebrate the release of Epic from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on digital HD, Blu-Ray 2D & 3D and DVD which will be available to buy on Monday 7th of October 2013.

It was an amazing venue at Waterlow Park which gave a forest themed environment ....we made ourselves comfortable is the cosy been bag chairs and settled down to watch Epic via was a totally unique experience watching a screening outside and one which myself and my boys will never forget.
Cosying up on our bean bags with a cinnamon swirl and coffee we were entertained and drawn into the wonderful world of teenager M.K (Amanda Seyfried) is recruited by natural spirit queen Tara (Beyonce Knowles), to help the "Leafmen" save their forest from evil warriors.

The amazing animation adventure and the cool characters kept us entertained throughout.We really enjoyed the movie so much so we cant wait to buy a copy on the release date.

The entire family will love this movie with its astonishing animation and an all-star voice cast that includes Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz and Steven Tyler alongside UK talent in the form of Colin Farrell and Chris O’Dowd.

We had the most awesome time.

The EPIC Blu-ray and DVD takes viewers deeper into the forest with exclusive special feature content that will engage kids while they learn about the environment.  Exciting featurettes further explore the hidden and wondrous EPIC world -- what life would be like for a person two inches tall; more about the birds, bugs & slugs of the magical forest; and how rot can actually benefit our eco system.  

Epic : Cert U
Available on on Digital HD £9.99
DVD £13.50
Blu-ray 2D £16.00
Blu-Ray 3D £22.00
Release date 7th October 2013

Also Available on iTunes

We attended the Epic Screening all thoughts and views are that of our own.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue - Review & Giveaway

I have used Deep Heat quite a lot over the years for my aches and pains....Deep Heat has become a product I know and trust.......So I was delighted to see that Deep Heat has an amazing everyday Bath Soak and Neck & Shoulder Cream for muscle strain and everyday tension...which in my life is a welcomed and much needed product.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath 
Eases everyday muscle tension it contains a unique concentration of electrolyte minerals from magnesium, potassium with sodium and calcium which have been used for centuries in aquatherapy as they help revive and rebalance tired aching muscles. The bath soak contains trace elements of rosemary, orange and patchouli essential oils....which smell absolutely amazing.
After a hard day at work I long for a relaxing bath I felt and revitalised and relaxed, I really adored the the gentle scents of the essentials oils.

Neck & Shoulder Cream
A very gentle yet warming cream that ease everyday tensions and stresses.... I love the foam applicator which makes the cream easy and simple to apply to tense areas, it has a gentle herbal aroma of rosemary and vanilla which is leaves you feeling relaxed....The warming sensation feels amazing....gentle warming but not to intense but ever so gentle.

 Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Products can be purchased from all good pharmacy's and Online.
Now its your chance to 
WIN a 
Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Set 
(Neck & Shoulder Cream and Bath Soak)

 With its unique, herbal aroma that allows you to enjoy a spa-like experience in the privacy of your own home, Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream has been formulated with a combination of vanilla and rosemary to offer an everyday solution to tired, tense muscles. The convenient 50g portable pack has a soft sponge applicator providing to provide a gentle massage when applying. Or immerse yourself into the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak. It contains electrolyte minerals and a unique combination of essential oils providing the relaxing aroma of rosemary, orange and patchouli to rescue stressed, tense muscles.
 To celebrate Deep Heat Muscle Rescue, Mentholatum, the Deep Heat muscle experts, are offering three product sets.

Just enter Below

a Rafflecopter giveaway Win competitions at

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Vertbaudet - Review

As autumn approaches its time to get out the winter wardrobe....and what better way to start off the winter season then with some fabulous clothing from Vertbaudet autumn and winter range.
We were absolutely delighted to review some of Vertbaudet's amazing items.....As a mother its is important that my children have comfortable yet purposeful clothing that will stand the test of time, especially clothes that keep my children warm and cosy in the forth coming winter months.
We were delighted with this amazing 3 In 1 Parka - Grey/Lavender  the most amazing thing about this coat is that you can adapt it though the changing seasons, as it has a detachable fleece cardigan which means the parka or cardigan can be worn separately in milder or rainy seasons.... The coat has a reinforced showerproof treatment so its great for those rainy days.......But you can easily join both the cardigan and parka together with the special zip fastenings for a warm parka coat for the coldest of winters.....The coat fastens with a zip and press studs and has phosphorescent piping so your child can be seen during the early evening and dark winter nights. My first thoughts were that the coat was soft and felt extremely cosy and warm inside. I loved the fact we could adapt the coat and also detach the faux fur trim on the hood, My son loved the badge detail on the arm. We adore this coat and its amazing quality.

Getting cosy...all wrapped up ready for the cold day's.

This 3 In 1 Parka - Grey/Lavender can be purchased from £45 from Vertbaudet.
Also available in Grey Printed/Grey Dark/Red Dark/Brown Medium Only £45

The next amazing product we reviewed were these amazing sturdy Boy's Ankle Boots in Chocolate/Taupe...The boots are padded around the ankle for comfort and are made with strong durable leather...I love the thick rubber soles, and the contrasting coloured panels and stitching as its a really nice touch and makes the boots stand out...The boots have a reinforced toe which is great for my son as normally this is the first area to show signs of wear...I always tend to opt for Velcro touch fastenings on school shoes for quickness so these boot are superb and are available from sizes 7 right up to size 5 which is amazing.

My son has told me that the boots are very comfortable, so much so he has lined them up by the door for school tomorrow....Great Boots for the autumn/winter seasons.

Boy's Ankle Boots in Bright Brown Solid....also available in Grey/Beige/Blue/Black Only £45 from Vertbaudet.

Visit Vertbaudet for these items and more fantastic children's/babies and maternity clothing.

We were given the parka coat and boots to review...All thoughts and are honest and of our own opinion. 

Growing Up Fast

I can't help but notice how fast my boys are growing up, it only feels like yesterday I was holding them in my arms....but saying that, I love it now they are of the ages 7/8 that I can have amazing conversations and chats....We can do unplanned last week after school we headed to the shopping centre to get swimming trunks) it was great fun...We jumped on the tube had a look around in some of the shops, and  had a bite to was just out of the ordinary for a school weekday. It was really nice.

They both help me around the home (yep they have a little moan) but they now realise it helps me.... and when I'm not tied up we can do more as a family...its starting to pay off. This weekend they wanted to ride their bikes ... so I told them "Help me tidy up and we can go out" sooner said and its done x
Its amazing to see them contributing to the family and making an youngest son likes to help with the cooking and likes to make his own toast...whilst the eldest likes to help me with with the shopping and tidying up....its great when we all pull together x

They are both very good kid's (yes they have their moments) but we all have amazing bonds...long may it continue.
I hope and pray these bonds and our close relationship will last throughout years to come...I know they are going to become big boy's one day soon, and wont want to do all of these things with their mum...they'll be wanting to be with their friends and they will have their own life's...but for now
I will cherish every opportunity to enjoy them...


Elemis Skincare Essentials

Elemis skincare

I really adore Elemis skincare collection as it is a total skincare regime that my ageing skin really needed.
My normal skin regime before using Elemis was usually day cream/makeup followed by makeup removal wipes at the end of the day and that was pretty much it...After using Elemis for the last few weeks I can honestly say my skincare regime has changed dramatically and I can see the feel the difference.

I have really been impressed with Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser it has a very subtle scent and left my skin feeling amazingly soft......I was surprised at how much grime it lifted off.....I followed with Balancing Lavender Toner with its gentle uplifting lavender smell the toner left my skin feeling clean and was very gentle on my skin, unlike other toners I had previously used.

I wear makeup daily as well as mascara so I was intrigued to try Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Makeup Remover...I was really impressed with the results as it took off my mascara clean off after a few gentle wipes.... my eye area felt very moisturised and soft it was very gentle to use and a must in my makeup removal regime from now on.
Since using the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream ...I have noticed that my skin looks healthier and feels softer and much brighter...the night cream has an amazing subtle scent and is very light in texture it absorbed easily into my skin....leaving my neck and face feeling silky and so much softer... I only needed a small amount which was sufficient for my face and's great on my dry patches and moisturised really well...I really love this cream.
The Papaya Enzyme Peel was very easy to use apply after 10-15 minutes I rinsed off the mask my skin felt very clean and fresh and moisturised I have been using this peel twice a week and my skin feels amazing and looks much brighter. 
I'm really pleased with the Elemis 6 piece Skin Care Essential Set it contains all that I need to keep my skin looking healthy and brighter I can never go back to my old regime now....I'm now an Elemis fan.
Elemis Skincare Collection comes in
Products can be found Via Elemis Website and QVC UK for £58.00

This is a personal review on the products I purchased.

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We went to visit my Sister and Brother in law the Kids to welcome their new addition...Baby Sara....with work and school we hadn't got the chance to go...So we were looking forward to a cuddle.

She was so cute and sound asleep when we got there...but not for long...... I couldn't resist picking her up.....My boys loved holding their new baby cousin and took several turns to have lots of cuddles they were very was so sweet watching them..My youngest has already been asking me when are we going to visit again as he wants so see her (heart melting)....The scariest thing is I remember not so long ago when they were both that babies and I remember holding and cuddling them......Then the sudden realisation that when Sara reaches their age 7/8 yrs my boys will be 16 eeeek how scary....But they'll always be my babies x

Children Today Still Want The Same Toys Their Parents Had 30 Years Ago



FORGET Xboxes, Playstations, iPads gadgets and gizmos, when it comes to toys today's children like exactly the same traditional ones their parents did.

New research shows that the most popular kids toys are exactly the same today as they were 30 years ago.

Back in 1983 the top four most popular toys in Britain among children aged three to eight were; bikes, dolls houses, Barbie and My Little Pony.

And astonishingly, despite fierce competition from high tech games consoles and the rise of the internet, Parents say the most popular children's toy for children under eight is a bike, second is a doll's house, followed by Barbie and then in fourth is My Little Pony.

A survey of 1,000 parents by Clearvision – to mark the launch of the new My Little Pony on DVD for the first time in the UK – found the overwhelming majority of young children prefer traditional toys to tech gadgets.

When asked what they thought their children would be most happy with as a gift, My Little Pony topped the list at number two with over a third of 3-6 year olds wanting a My Little Pony product as a present, beating both Barbie and a bike.

Simon Allan, Clearvision spokesman said: "With electronic toys today making up a multibillion pound industry globally, it's amazing to see that even after 30 years children are still asking for the same toys their parents played with.

"My Little Pony in its 30th year is as popular as ever, still holding its own in fourth in the top four of the most asked for presents among young children.

"The My Little Pony DVD is in it's first week of release, sales are very strong and I think this has a lot to do with the solid foundation the brand has made into the hearts of todays parents when they were children themselves."

Other contenders for the top spot included Lego, Cindy, Furby, Syvanian Families and most elaborate of all, a pony. A quarter of all mothers polled admitted to asking for a real life pony at least once in their lifetime.

Sharing some amazing research.....Its really nice to hear the Toy's still play a great role in children lives.

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