Monday 30 September 2013

Proud Mummy

I'm a very proud mother...well I'm always proud of my boy's although they can drive me around the bend...they are generally very good kids.
Recently they both got chosen to be cast in an online advert, needless to say it was a very proud moment for me. Part of the process to get selected was to send along a video clip of them talking
about something they love, and on this basis they got picked.

Although once chosen by the production company it wasn't all plain sailing, as the school were very reluctant to draft a letter authorising absence to attend casting (during school hours) and without this letter the boys couldn't attend the casting...So after a week of trips to the school office to see the headteacher and phone calls to the attendance welfare, I finally got the letter signed (it was very stressful trying to explain the licencing process to the school...especially as it was all new to me) and as the boy's were excited about going.... I really didn't want to let them down.

It was a bit touch and go, as all of the paper work was so delayed and just made the it was just a case if the licence's went through on time and the production company could wait.

But thank goodness after all of the stress...all was ok....... It was really nice to give my boys a new opportunity, and they both loved every minute of it....It would be great if they make the final cut and are in the finished ad, but if not its ok, As its a new life experience that they have had.....I love it when they are confident and willing to try new things...I'm a very proud mummy.
Another magic moment.