Monday 16 September 2013

Growing Up Fast

I can't help but notice how fast my boys are growing up, it only feels like yesterday I was holding them in my arms....but saying that, I love it now they are of the ages 7/8 that I can have amazing conversations and chats....We can do unplanned last week after school we headed to the shopping centre to get swimming trunks) it was great fun...We jumped on the tube had a look around in some of the shops, and  had a bite to was just out of the ordinary for a school weekday. It was really nice.

They both help me around the home (yep they have a little moan) but they now realise it helps me.... and when I'm not tied up we can do more as a family...its starting to pay off. This weekend they wanted to ride their bikes ... so I told them "Help me tidy up and we can go out" sooner said and its done x
Its amazing to see them contributing to the family and making an youngest son likes to help with the cooking and likes to make his own toast...whilst the eldest likes to help me with with the shopping and tidying up....its great when we all pull together x

They are both very good kid's (yes they have their moments) but we all have amazing bonds...long may it continue.
I hope and pray these bonds and our close relationship will last throughout years to come...I know they are going to become big boy's one day soon, and wont want to do all of these things with their mum...they'll be wanting to be with their friends and they will have their own life's...but for now
I will cherish every opportunity to enjoy them...