Monday 9 September 2013


We went to visit my Sister and Brother in law the Kids to welcome their new addition...Baby Sara....with work and school we hadn't got the chance to go...So we were looking forward to a cuddle.

She was so cute and sound asleep when we got there...but not for long...... I couldn't resist picking her up.....My boys loved holding their new baby cousin and took several turns to have lots of cuddles they were very was so sweet watching them..My youngest has already been asking me when are we going to visit again as he wants so see her (heart melting)....The scariest thing is I remember not so long ago when they were both that babies and I remember holding and cuddling them......Then the sudden realisation that when Sara reaches their age 7/8 yrs my boys will be 16 eeeek how scary....But they'll always be my babies x