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As most people who know me know, I'm absolutely a huge Pandora fan and my ever growing collection continues to expand, and my wish list growing as each new collection emerges.

So I was ever so delighted to be invite to the Company loves Pandora event last Thursday, we headed into central London the Pandora flagship store in Marble Arch. Once inside the store we were treated to an array of cocktails and Cute cake pops.

We wondered around in awe at the amazing charms...I already have a fair few so it was nice to see the charms on my wish list. Of course with Pandora offering us a chance to choose a gift from the tower with any purchases over £75 pound their was no way I could resist.

I choose this beautiful Pink morning Butterfly Charm and this Pink Sparkle Pave Charm, I was more than delighted with my purchase, I then was able to select a surprise gift from the jewellery tower, I was l delighted to receive this cool grey strand bracelet.

I adore the new mother day collection, I had previously put in my requests and a couple of weeks ago and hubby treated to this amazing Limited Edition Mothers Day Bracelet and as I adore Pandora there was just no way I could wait until mothers day, I needed to wear it straight away. And now I had some more pink charms to add to my bangle, I was very happy indeed.

We were then in for a treat as we headed up stairs to listen to a trend talk by Alexxia Elizabeth Company Magazines Fashion Editor. We were shown the latest trends in fashion and the Pandora jewellery which can accompany each piece.Drinks and nibbles were available as were manicurists who were on hand to offer the guest a manicure, there was a real buzz in the air.

It was really nice to see some of the amazing trends and see how pieces fitted with the perfect Pandora accessory it can enhance the look even more.

we had the most delightful time, a totally wonderful evening to remember, On our way out we were treated to an awesome goody bag, with yet another cute Pandora charm just perfect with my Grey Strand Pandora Bracelet x


I'm always delighted to see the next new trends, and I cannot wait to see what amazing jewellery Pandora will be releasing over the coming months ahead. 


Yoshi's New Island - Game Review

We are huge Mario fans, we love nothing more then a really good platform game, So we were delighted to try Yoshi's New Island Game suitable for Ninetndo 3DS AND 2DS. Yoshi New Island is the first installment in this series since Yoshi’s Island DS which was released in 2006.

The story behind the game is the stork in making baby delivers, But when it comes to Mario and Luigi the stork makes a mistake and took the brothers to the wrong parents, before the stork can rectify this mistake Kamek makes off with baby Luigi and heads back to Baby Browsers Castle, whilst Baby Mario has a crash landing, that's when Yoshi steps in and takes you on a magical journey to reunite the Mario'll explore Egg Island whilst protecting baby Mario.But Yoshi will need to face the bad guys along the way and solve the puzzles and mystery's that lie ahead.

We couldn't wait to get started, we loved the amazing graphics and colours, as we played the game we loved Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, which made jumping up and over fun. As we whizzed along facing the various bad guys, to our delight we could pick up the eggs and aim them at the bad guys.You can also use the massive eggs called Mega Eggs to destroy blocks and pipes which reveals secrets coins and hidden keys. 
As you go through the game the  more things you destroy, the higher the Mega Egg gauge goes, giving you extra lives along the way. so much endless fun and very addictive, As we challenged ourselves so complete each level, giving us a
great satisfaction.
My son has so far passed my level in his profile, he is super good.We love Yoshi's New Island. Its a game which you enjoy playing each time and never get bored, as you never know what adventure awaits, with awesome graphics and sounds its a game we are hooked on in our home.

Yoshi's New Island is a fun game and costs around £35.00 and is available from Nintendo Online and all good stores

Sharing our thoughts on the Yoshi's New Island as part of the Nintendo Family Blogger Network.
All thoughts are honest and that of our own.

Princes Breakfast

We regularly eat Princes tinned Fruit as a snack, But we never really thought of eating Princes tinned fruit as part as our most important meal of the day Breakfast. Princes has a range of very tasty serving suggestions to help you start the day right.

I was very excited to try these new ideas as the fruit offers a very quick and healthy solution and one of our 5 a day portions

Breakfast option 1 - Smoothie - Princes Peach Slices blended in Princes pure Orange Juice or alternatively try Princes Apple and Raspberry Juice.

Verdict - delicious and very tasty, I whizzed the juice and the peach slices together in the blender for a few seconds, I was left with this tasty juice, a fantastic way to start the day.

Breakfast Option 2  - Mandarin Slice & Yoghurt
Very tasty way to eat your favourite yoghurt, I added the Mandarin slice to my favourite greek yoghurt.

Verdict - very quick and simple the mandarins gave a hint of sweetness to the yoghurt, light and a healthy breakfast alternative.

Breakfast Option 3 - Princes Californian Pitted Prunes with a portion of crunchy granola or serve with hot porridge.

Verdict - I love Granola and I have never thought of having it with tinned fruit, especially Prunes, I loved the soft and crunchy texture...delicious.

Why don't you try an alternative way to start your day...I so glad I tried these new options it has defiantly changed the way we view breakfast in our home.

Princes tinned fruit is available in most supermarkets and local stores RRP from 
Princes Peach Slices £99p for 415g
Mandarin Segments £99p for 175g
Californian Pitted Prunes for £99p for 290g
Princes Pure Orange Juice £1.59 1L

I was given the princes fruit to share my favourite recipe ideas, All thoughts are that of my own.

Shopping Trip

Last week we took a rare trip to the west end of London for a little retail therapy, it was unplanned, as we had just attended the CU exposed event, where we saw some amazing technology and gadgets ....we only stayed at the event for a short time as they boys were very hungry.

After a stop off for a bite to eat we headed to our favourite place...The Disney Store, we wondered around and the boys brought a Disney Car and Colouring Set with their pocket money. 

I too purchased a treat as I had some gift money that my mum had given me.
I headed into Pandora to pick up this cute heart charm which I'm now wearing on my mothers day bracelet,
Ok, I know its not mothers day, But I was with hubby and the boys last week when hubby purchased this much wanted Mothers Day Limited Edition Bangle for me and there is no way I can just let it sit lonely in the box.

We headed into John Lewis and picked up this awesome Gatineau face cleanser...For all in all an excellent after the school trip.

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GreenVale Potatoes - Review

As a family potatoes feature quite a lot in our mealtimes from a simple jacket potato to a spicy potato bhaji.
I was delighted to sample this amazing potatoes from Greenvale. Greenvale potatoes are great for roasting/smashing boiling a great all rounder for whatever you feel like cooking.

Greenvale potatoes are home grown here in Britain and are freshly picked and packed,which I prefer, it means they haven't been flown in half way across country before they land on my plate.

Greenvale ensures all of it potatoes  are among the best you have ever tasted and work hard to make sure it customers receive tasty fresh potatoes.

To loved the packaging not only the bright and bold, But I love the mini old style potato sack , I much prefer this kind of packaging which is only ever used for large sacks of potatoes, which of course I don't purchase. I always have disliked the plastic packaging as I find it makes the potatoes sweat and go bad.

The potatoes were clean and of a medium/large size perfect for us as a family, plus they only cost around £2.50 for a 2kg bag and are available from Booths in the north east,Ocado and Tesco stores across the UK

I will defiantly be purchasing these for our family meals in the future.
I made some tasty Potato Bhaji with the Greenvale Potatoes and it tasted delicious.

I received the potatoes for purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

Potato Bhaji

Cooked using Greenvale Potatoes

1 medium onion
4 medium/large Potatoes
1/4 spoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon Chili powder 
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon of coriander 
1/2 tablespoons of oil
salt to taste
Fresh coriander 

Peel and wash the potatoes cut into chips the slice into long strips (see image)

Then slice onion and gently soften in a oil
Next I like to gently blanch the potatoes into hot watch for a few minutes this isn't necessary but it speeds up cooking and having to steam cook.

Once Potatoes are par cooked then drain and add into pan along with spices, Toss gently and cook for a further 5/10 minutes on a low heat with the frying pan lid on until fully cooked....Garnish with fresh coriander and serve with rice or roti/flat bread.

Mothers Day Treat Time

As Mother's Day approaches, I have started to drop hints on gifts that i would like.
We are only a few months into this year and already I'm feeling tired and worn out so I was ever so delighted and over the moon when pebble Grey gave me this wonderful Mother's Day pamper pack, Which will allow me to treat myself to some well earned rest and relaxation with some amazing bath & beauty products...Just what I truly needed.

I was excited at the prospect of Having some well deserved time....just for myself , As I delved into my pamper pack, I was delighted to find this amazing LED compact mirror,
I have a few compact mirrors but I really love this one, Its light yet very sturdy and strong and when I opened the compact an amazing row on LED lights lit up the mirror it was so bright I could see every single detail on my face.....truly amazing this will now live in my handbag for good.

I certainly felt amazing...not only to receive such a wonderful gift with an awesome selection of goodies...I could now chill out and look froward to some me time.

Check out Pebble Grey to see this awesome Compact Mirror and more....

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