Thursday 27 March 2014

Princes Breakfast

We regularly eat Princes tinned Fruit as a snack, But we never really thought of eating Princes tinned fruit as part as our most important meal of the day Breakfast. Princes has a range of very tasty serving suggestions to help you start the day right.

I was very excited to try these new ideas as the fruit offers a very quick and healthy solution and one of our 5 a day portions

Breakfast option 1 - Smoothie - Princes Peach Slices blended in Princes pure Orange Juice or alternatively try Princes Apple and Raspberry Juice.

Verdict - delicious and very tasty, I whizzed the juice and the peach slices together in the blender for a few seconds, I was left with this tasty juice, a fantastic way to start the day.

Breakfast Option 2  - Mandarin Slice & Yoghurt
Very tasty way to eat your favourite yoghurt, I added the Mandarin slice to my favourite greek yoghurt.

Verdict - very quick and simple the mandarins gave a hint of sweetness to the yoghurt, light and a healthy breakfast alternative.

Breakfast Option 3 - Princes Californian Pitted Prunes with a portion of crunchy granola or serve with hot porridge.

Verdict - I love Granola and I have never thought of having it with tinned fruit, especially Prunes, I loved the soft and crunchy texture...delicious.

Why don't you try an alternative way to start your day...I so glad I tried these new options it has defiantly changed the way we view breakfast in our home.

Princes tinned fruit is available in most supermarkets and local stores RRP from 
Princes Peach Slices £99p for 415g
Mandarin Segments £99p for 175g
Californian Pitted Prunes for £99p for 290g
Princes Pure Orange Juice £1.59 1L

I was given the princes fruit to share my favourite recipe ideas, All thoughts are that of my own.