Monday 10 March 2014

Having Fun With Skylanders SWAPForce - Stink Bomb

We were ever so delighted to see the release of Stink Bomb the newest character to join the world of Skylanders SWAPForce.

To celebrate his arrival. we were given a  pack which included a few pranks and jokes, including some actual stink bomb!!!! My boys were more then excited at this prospect.

The boys could wait to play Skylanders SWAPForce with the amazing new Stink Bomb, adding a whole new element with Stink Bombs amazing skills and of course mixing up the skills with the amazing swap-abilities.....Then later on came the practicial jokes!!!!!
A little information about the awesome new Skylanders SWAPForce Stink Bomb....
Stink Bomb studied martial arts under one of the greatest ninja masters in history who believed that surprise was the key to finding your true self. Thus, his master would constantly jump out and frighten him, hoping that it would scare Stink Bomb into finding his innermost strength. On one such occasion, Stink Bomb was so surprised that he instinctively released a cloud of vapour so pungent that it caused his master to disappear and never return.

With this newly discovered ability, Stink Bomb developed his own form of martial arts known as Kung Fume, and wandered the land teaching it to all those who wished to learn. It was not long before the news (and smell) of this new form reached Master Eon, who sought out the young ninja at once. Stink Bomb is in stores now so please share the Kung Fume love with your followers, so they can meet the latest member of the Skylanders family too.

 Later on came the practical jokes!!!!!
Dirty Face soap.....

Watch out!!! Don't sit there.... Great Stink Bomb Fun with Skylanders SWAPForce

We were given the gift pack...all thoughts are that of our own.