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Spinach & Chili Omelette
Potato Bhaji
Caramel Tart
Rice krispie Nests
Cake Pops
Coconut Macaroons
Chicken and Spinach Curry
Chicken Rogan Josh
Chilli Pasta
Low Fat Brownies
Mince Cinnamon Roles
Rudolph Ginger Cookies

Food and Product Reviews:
Halloween-Bears claws
Moroccan Chicken with Knorr Naturally Tasty
Bear Fruit yo-yos
Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste
Magnum Doubles
whitworths - Fruit Shots
Special K Nourish
Wyke Cheese
Hartleys mixed berry glitter jelly
Walkers Bugles
Kelloggs All Bran High Fibre Muesli
Cadbury Dairy Milk-Marvellous Smashables
Chippa sauce
Oyko Yogurt
Ritz Crisp & Thin
Caribbean food week with Graces Foods
Low Sugar Oat Cheerios
Rachels Inspirations-Organic Yogurt
Angel Delight-bubblegum flavour
Soreen-Toffee Apple Lunchbox
Belvita Breakfast-Crunchy
Princes-great british bake off deserts
Nestle-creative challenge
Birds Eye -Spicy couscous
Fage-yogartist challenge
Actimel for kids
Chocolate Pizza
Seabrook Crisp-sandwich challenge
Yollies-Yogurt Lolly
Oasis-mighty drops
Upbeat-High Protein Dairy Drink
Cadbury Dairy Milk Lu & Ritz
Nakd Bars
Coco Caramel Shreddies
Belvita Breakfast

Princes - Canned Food Week
Cadbury-egg-n-spoon-Art- & Craft
Princes Breakfast Ideas
Greenvale Potatoes
Total Yoghurt - Strawberry Raspberry smoothie
Hotel Chocolat - Mothers Day
Sugar & Crumbs
Special k Granola
Schwartz - my-chili-obsession
Barney Cake Bears
The Gobstopper Retro Sweets
Waitrose - Christmas Cooking Guide
Hotel Chocolat-mingles & jingles
Try Total - jumbo italian spiced chickpea burger
Barney Cake Bears - our little adventure
Crosse & Blackwell-4kids
Actimel-blackcurrant & banana smoothie
Warbutons-liven up your lunch
Fruit Burst
Tea India
Walkers Hoops and Crosses
Paper Themes-pesonalised cupcake wrappers
Baker Days - cake-review
Um Bongo - Juice
Tea India
Total Greek Yogurt
Cravendale Epic Straws
Chocolate Cupcakes - Anchor Rewards Club

Food Services & Restaurants
Pizza Express
Firezza Pizza
Cafe Rouge

Food Campaigns:
Monster rolls
Angry Birds-frubes moves
Chocolate Week-Mcvities Digestives Rocky Road
Lunchtime with Hartleys Jelly
Tesco - Celebrate The Nations
Tesco-flame academy
Floridatix-bake off
Nestle-creepy-crawly campaign
ASDA- celebrate-with pablo the pug
Easter with ASDA
Teddy bears picnic with- Waitrose
My 5-day challenge with-Kelloggs
Whitworths: share the love campaign
Cadbury Cadvent
National curry week-sainsburys
Bears Adventure

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