Supporting Childrens Play

Play is an extremely important part if a child's development children are born eager to learn....  each unique child's development depends on play opportunities and relationships around the child.
Young children need attention from someone who can play with them and in time they will learn to play alone. Play helps children learn about the physical world around them and how to express themselves socially and emotionally, communicate there thoughts and needs...and solve problems. Your child may like to play with you or may sometimes choose to play alone.

Types of play

Unstructured- free play
This is the best kind of play your child will choose a prefers area of activity to explore and investigate and use their imagination.
Play alongside or join in to support play.

Structured play a set activity which is adult-led
Set activity eg story/cooking/painting... on some occasions your child may choose not to participate in a set activity at playgroup of that you have set up - entice and encourage but don't force.

Supporting play
Talk to your child..even if it is about the chores you are doing.
Observe your child's play see what they like to do and how to can extend there learning in that area
Do not tell children how to play, what to do
Listening to your child and respond to there gestures/speech and be involved in their play on their terms- follow their lead
Model child language to extend play to extend speech and utterances.
Praise and encouragement during play.
Comment on your child actions (you're making a tall tower of blocks) rather than a question (why are you building.)
as this may stop the play...

Provide opportunities for thinking
I wonder what will happen if.....
Where is.....

Children do not need the latest toys to have fun and learn
Use everyday boxes household objects eg wooden spoons boxes pots and pans dry pasta,
Old shirts hats and bags for dressing up.
Make your own building blocks using a variety of small boxes wrapped in coloured paper
When buying toys buy ones which have multipurpose use eg
Building Blocks/Lego good for building and also imaginative play if used alongside animals or people.
Variety of paper paints/crayons/pencils

More posts on activities ideas coming soon.........

Outdoor play
Gives you child the chance to explore the outdoor environment..... outside children have more opportunities to run jump roll and have space and freedom to use their physical energy.
Outdoor play should be explored in all weathers as us a great way to explore the changing seasons and talk about the also provides opportunities to look at the world around us..... the trees in the park..listening to the sounds on the street colours they can see...the experiences are endless and will prompt lots of conversation.


Sinuforce Nasel Spray - Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a Sinuforce Nasal Spray  to review, which is great as I suffer from allergies and always have a stuffy nose...
Sinuforce Nasal Spray is a menthol spray which helps provide relief of  - nasal congestion, runny nose and catarrh, made with natural ingredients.

The spray is very pleasant to use, the menthol was not to over powering and you can feel it open the nasal passage upon use, it also contains peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to ease breathing and chamomile oil which has a soothing effect on the nose.... The most important factor is this can be used (as directed) whilst pregnant and breastfeeding if only I knew about this product a few years ago.

The best thing I like about Sinuforce Nasal Spray is its 100% Natural Ingredients and that it can be used continuously for 30 days.... I defiantly will be purchasing one in the near future..
For more information please visit Avogel Herbal Remedies-Sinuforce

Play it Safe Campaign

Osbornes Solicitors LLP  have created this informative info-graphic which provides an great insight on children's play and useful advice on how to keep kids safe during outdoor playtime.

Take a look at the way your children play today and compare it to the hours you may have spent as a child running, climbing and exploring the great outdoors. Do they get plenty of hours playing outside or do you (and they) wish they were able to spend more time engaging in open-air play.

Fears over the safety of our children in the modern world means that many kids are missing out. So what can be done to encourage safe outdoor play.

I'm currently writing a post on learning though play which also features the benefits on outdoor play,
I will add the link soon.

My reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

It's been quite a hectic week....but here are my #R2BC

Baking and making mess
1- I enjoyed baking cupcakes as part of the #anchorrewardsclub me and my boys had lots of fun decorating the cupcakes and making lots of mess.

2- my eldest son had a tummy bug...which was not fun at all....late nights of sickness and watching TV at 4am in the morning .... my youngest son was also off school with an it been hectic and stressful...., but thankfully they are both better and full of energy just the way I like them.

3- my hubby was off work after 7 days of shift we had a nice couple if family evenings which was very was nice to all chill and relax... .....and enjoy each others company... Something that can be so easily taken for granted.
my hubby also surprised me with some flowers and chocolates as he knows how stressful my week has been...Its always lovely to feel

Flowers given to me by hubby

Birth and Beyond - Potty Training

The key thing to potty training is never rush in, All children develop in their own time and there is no particular age but generally children can have dry days from 18 months, but most successful potty training takes place between 2yrs to 2yrs 6 months, But in some cases later...depending on each child.

Here are some Important Tips

1- Never force a child to use the potty this can cause unnecessary distress, If your child shows no interest it may be because they are not ready.

2- Your child will become aware of their toileting and have more bladder/bowel control and will be aware when wet or dirty and may tell you, follow their leads.

3- Start to potty train when you know that you can give your child your full attention,Not when you are preoccupied with other areas of your life.

4-  I always recommend potty training in Summer months if possible which allows less layers of clothes and will enable your child to roam freely without a nappy. its also helpful for washing and drying of extra clothes.

5- Leave a potty out so your child may become familiar with it...don't be afraid of letting your child see you using the toilet....children learn through example.

6- Children often become confident in weeing at first but may take longer to poo on potty/ out for regular bowel movements and encourage your child to sit on the potty...if your child does soil themselves put he poo in the potty/toilet "this is where the poo goes" and we flush it away "bye poo" be animated it helps.....

7- Don't get upset if your child wets or soils themselves, be calm and reassure them.

8- Gentle reminders - every now and again ask your child if they need the potty,always be positive in your approach.

9- Always praise and encourage toileting success make a big fuss if your child wees or poos on potty you may want to give them a sticker or use a sticker chart this will encourage and develop their self confidence and give them a sense of achievement.

10- Remember children feed off your emotions so be calm and relaxed in your approach this will enable your child to be more relaxed too.

Good Luck


Chocolate Cupcakes #anchorrewardsclub

Thanks to BritMums and Anchor I'm excited to share this sponsored post with you and tell you about anchor's new reward club........and share a wonderful recipe with you.

Silicone Cupcake cases and Cake Tin - Kitchenware from The Anchor Rewards Club 

Anchor has just launched a brand new loyalty scheme – The Anchor Rewards Club –  where you can collect points to exchange for must-have kitchenware items (cake tins, silicone cases, butter dishes, tea towels) and dining out discount vouchers.
Simply collect points by entering codes found on special packs of Anchor Butter, Anchor Spreadable and Anchor Lighter Spreadable and enter them here to redeem your kitchen goodies and other great rewards

Now for the Recipe.......ROYAL CUPCAKES

Chocolate Cupcakes made in Anchor Silicone Cupcake Cases 


130g Anchor® butter softened
130g caster sugar
My boy's had fun making the cupcakes
3 eggs
180g plain flour, plus 1 tbsp
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp whole milk
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp cocoa powder

Vanilla buttercream:
100g Anchor® butter softened
200g icing sugar
few drops lemon juice
½ tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp whole milk
1 tsp cocoa powder


1 Preheat the oven to 180C, gas mark 4; line a 12-hole muffin tin with cases. In a large bowl, beat together the butter and sugar with electric beaters for 3-4 minutes until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then beat in 1 tbsp flour. Now tip half the mixture into a separate bowl.

2 For the vanilla cupcakes, beat the vanilla extract and 2 tbsp milk into one half of the batter. Then fold through 90g flour and ½(half) tsp baking powder. Divide the mixture between 6 of the muffin cases.

Time to ice the Cupcakes
3 For the chocolate cupcakes beat the milk into the second bowl of batter. Then fold through the cocoa and the remaining 90g flour and ½(half) tsp baking powder. Divide the mixture between the remaining 6 muffin cases.

4 Bake all the cupcakes for 20 minutes, then cool in the tin for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

5 To make the buttercream, using electric beaters, beat together the butter and icing sugar for 3-4 minutes until light and fluffy. Beat in the lemon juice and vanilla extract. Warm the milk in the microwave and pour into the bowl; beat until you have a smooth, creamy icing. You can also add food colouring to half the icing.

6 Pipe or swirl the buttercream onto the cooled cupcakes, then decorate as desired.

Chocolate cupcakes fit for a queen.
Serves:12 Cooking time:20 minutes Preparing time:30 minutes.

This recipe is from Anchor Dairy Recipes I adjusted the recipe by adding cocoa powder to the buttercream.

Cooked...Cooled...Decorated...Ready to Eat.
Yum Yum Look at these Fabulous Cakes
This is all Mine......Just the way I like my cake with some squirty cream

I'm working with Anchor to promote their brands and new Rewards Club, find out how you can get some of their Kitchenware as well as more prizes.

Saturday is caption day #satcap

I was uploading some of my photos to my pinterset account and remembered this one....
Six Layer Google layer cake made last year for a charity event in London to raise funds for the charity - Steve jobs.
I was so proud of it- probably a one off fluke that I daren't attempt to create again incase I get it wrong.....
For more fab picture check out mammasaurus

Reasons to be cheerful

Reminiscing - 1980s Chewing Gum Bazooka
Another hectic week but full of small blessings.......Here are my Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

Rushing around before and after school, homework,cooking, just grasping those small moments of laughter and hugs in between makes all the stress of the week worthwhile. I'm so grateful to my hubby and kids for those special moments - we also had so much fun taking part in the #kodakavengers linky... fun fun fun.

I'm really enjoying my blogging me time..... I always have to much to say so it's been nice to meet other bloggers along the way and take part in new fabulous opportunities.

Me and my hubby were reminiscing over the 1980s and our childhood years.... Hence the 1980s funny remembering the sweets/toys of our era. Our boys loved looking at our old Skool era pictures...and want a yo yo like this one now....

My Superheroes - #kodakavengers linky

Share your Super Hero portrait with #KodakAvengers Linky

My Boy's had so much fun pretending to be their Favorite Superheroes

Brit Mums and Kodak have Teamed up to bring bloggers #kodakavengers linky to celebrate the Power of Super Heroes as well as the DVD  and Blu-ray release of Marvel's Avengers Assemble
 on the 17th September 2012.....Along with free printables from Kodak so you can create your own Super Hero adventure at home courtesy of Kodak.

Super Heroes always capture children’s imagination…and these days adults aren’t immune either. Join us for the #kodakavengers Linky Challenge – and you could win £500 or one of 3 Kodak Hero 7.1 All-in-One printers plus Marvel’s Avengers Assemble on DVD.
The Linky celebrates the power of Super Heroes as well as the DVD and Blu-ray release of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble on 17th September, along with free printables for creating your own Super Hero adventure at home from Kodak.
Taking part is easy: simply download and print some free Avengers Assemble templates from this link, and post a picture on your blog of your child or someone else in your family using these to strike their best Super Hero pose! (Don’t have a printer and want to enter? Email and we’ll send you out a set of masks!)

Here come the Superheros
Bring on the posing.....
This Linky is sponsored by Kodak, which has created free Marvel’s Avengers Assemble printables you can print at home, including character masks, posters and party packs including invitations to create your own Avengers themed party! Plus with Kodak you can print as much as you like without worrying about the cost of ink. With the lowest total ink replacement costs in the UK you can replace all your inks for under £23*.
Feel the Power...Take That
Iron Man...Ready to take off......
Watch Out....Here comes The Hulk and Iron Man

You wont like me when I'm Angry.....

Silent Sunday - Brotherly Love

Reasons to be cheerful

This is the first time I'm joining in with the fab Linky....reasons to be cheerful #R2BC
So heres mine- thank crunchy it's almost Friday....I'm looking forward to the weekend to spend some relaxing chilling out time with the family . It has been a hectic week a usual but a never the less very interesting, I had a me time day yesterday Wednesday 12th sept
( no work ) and I was lucky enough to attend a allergy briefing by doctor Hilery Jones not only was it informative but I got to meet some fab people it was also nice to head over to the southbank although I live in London I rarely get down there,
I'm also looking forward to taking part in this Linky and reading and meeting other bloggers R2BC posts.

Food Allergies

I was fortunate to attend a very interesting Breakfast Briefing at The Southbank Centre - London
with Doctor Hilary Jones on Food Allergies.

DR Hilary Jones

The EAACI-European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has lunched a campaign to increase awareness of food allergies in school aged children,
The EAACI has found through its research.

•Allergies including life threatening allergies have increased 7-fold in the last ten years.
•A third of all allergic shocks occur for the first time in school.
•Most school Teacher and support staff are unprepared on how to handle food allergies and reactions

Purpose of campaign is to raise awareness of food allergies in general including Triggers and Treatment.
The EAACI is also working closely with EU authorities
to improve food labelling.

Further information
EACCI- managemenent of allergic children at school.pdf

What is an allergy
An adverse reaction to proteins found in Food or Environmental Factors.


Wasp/Bee sting
Grass/Tree Pollen
Dust Mites

Protein are called allergens and are generally harmless, but Adults/Children who suffer with allergies will react to a specific allergen and may suffer from some of the symptom below.

Symptoms can range from
Skin inflammation,Breathlessness,Sneezing,Runny Nose, Wheezing,Eczema
And in severe cases anaphylaxis shock (an extreme reaction).

Anaphylaxis Shock
An extreme allergic reaction to Food or environmental factors some of these symptoms
may be present/but not all

Flushed/blotching skin
Difficult breathing-swelling throat and mouth
Wheeze Gasp for air
Face/Neck may swell
Severe asthma
Abdominal Pain

More symptoms are available via NHS

Anaphylaxis-NHS Symptoms

Get emergency help and resuscitate if necessary.

Allergy Testing
The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence - NICE  guidelines recommend that all children with persistent or recurrent and servere allergies should offer a blood test to identify which foods are causing the allergic reaction.
for more information on allergies and blood testing visit

It's important to seek medical advice from you GP on any allergic reactions you may have a concern for.
The GP will then be able to offer you advice and may to perform skin/patch testing.
Get emergency help in severe cases.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With revenues of $12 billion, we have approximately 39,000 employees and serve customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as in environmental and process control industries. We create value for our key stakeholders through three premier brands, Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific and Unity™ Lab Services, which offer a unique combination of innovative technologies, convenient purchasing options and a single solution for laboratory operations management. Our products and services help our customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity.

Phadia is the global leader in allergy and autoimmunity diagnostics,is now ImmunoDiagnostics business of Thermo Fisher Scientific. For more Information visit

Show Me..Show Me...The slippers

Mummy Alarm has come up with this wonderful linky.... Show me show me
And this week it's Slippers....
Ok mine are not quite slippers, but as the cold hasn't quite set in I have found my self opting for Flip Flops
These ones are Avon's Toning Flip Flops, so not only are they comfy they are suppose to be toning my butt...
I hope so anyway.....
Ok Not Quite Slippers!!!!!But They are My Slippers!!!!! Toning Flip Flops From Avon.

I deserve a treat!!!!!

On receiving  my daily Email from QVC - Informing me of the Timeless Beauty Offers and Easy Pay Options-Not only did I think "fab treat time" but it also inspired me to share my long term shopping experiences and thoughts.....

This has been a long term conversation between myself and my sister, who like myself also is a working mum, often we would feel qulty about spending on ourselves........Why........well I suppose as mothers we are soooo used to being at the bottom of the pile...we just get on...and put ourself last.....
Natural instinct I guess....we work hard and all our time effort and energy goes into the family!!!!
Of which we a truly grateful for and wouldn't change for the world...
So... As long as I don't go mad, small treats are a perk of being a mum/working mum.....Right!!!!!!
My all time favourite place to to shop is QVC..... I love there range of products from diamonique jewellery to beauty products loving Gatineau at the mo, Ooh and a Kipling bag wouldn't be without one of those.
They also have a fab customer service team who I've always found really helpfull, that's why I like my sister are long term customers.....I absolutely love the Easy Pay Options its a fantastic way to treat yourself without breaking the bank.........that's nothing nicer then a little package coming to the door with my name on it.....just as we need ME TIME we also need TREAT TIME ....well that's the saying from myself and my sister anyway!!!!!!!! QVC UK

Loving the Gatineau range from QVC

This is a personal (non profit) opinion of my shopping experiences.

Thank goodness

Thank goodness!!!!!!

That's were my thoughts as I finished work this afternoon, After only three day's of school runs and work
I was so glad it was Friday......crazy or maybe not....
My Boy's Cooking Dinner
So what to have for dinner.....Hot and bothered
I had a bath and put some mince lamb on for Tacos....I asked my son to watch it for a minute whilst I went to the bathroom....on my return both of my boys had taken over the kitchen.....
so I let them carry on and they both took turns and cooked the Taco mince....Yet again I'm proud of my boys....little do they know what they have started....
I may ask again????

Turbofire complete workout

My reasons for change
My first time trying this complete workout was last year..... I used to exercise regularly before my children were born (seven years ago) I would often wake up at 6am and begin my 30-minute workout of Tae Bo. by Billy Blanks before heading off to work.... So  seven years later, I knew I needed to get back to a fitter and healthier lifestyle, I found myself binging on crisp's and chocolate most evenings and could easily eat half a packed of biscuits with my tea.... After having my children I didn't put on much weight and always weighed around 10 stone which is normal for my height of 5ft 7in...but my hips had grown as had my legs and although I just could squeeze into my size 12 trousers "which to most would seem a perfect size", I knew my body was changing for the worse,I felt sluggish and had little energy, and noticed my metabolism was slowing down as the weight was sticking to places I never used to even notice.
On researching new workouts I came across Turbofire I watched several clips on YouTube and it seemed right up my street "kicking"punching" and it had great reviews.

TurboFire is the intense cardio conditioning program from fitness innovator Chalene Johnson. Its a 90-day workout-Schedule Included in Box, but you can shorten if desired, the set contains 12 DVDs ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes long. This is an intense cardio  routine based on HIIT- high-intensity interval training,a good selection of moves from kickboxing to hip-hop.And has excellent music remixes, TurboFire pushes you past your limits. Chalene's "New to Class" option gives you the breakdown on how to do each move with the right form.
Here are the 12 workouts in a little detail.

1. Get Fired Up - Chalene Johnson will explain each of the parts of this fitness regimen to obtain the best results from it and accomplish your fitness goals

2. Fire 30 / Stretch 10 Class – You will be punching, kicking and moving to the great music of “Give Up The Funk”

3. HIIT 15 Class / Stretch 10 Class – Here’s your first high-intensity interval training workout and will make you feel fantastic after burning so many calories in a very short workout

4. Fire 55 EZ Class / Stretch 10 Class – Don’t let yourself be fooled by the title! you will be sweating and burning calories to “Dazzey Dukes”

5. Fire 45 Class / Stretch 10 Class –  you dance, you punch and also you kick on the beat of “Wiggle It”

6. HIIT 20 Class / Stretch 10 Class - You can find 7 “fire drills” for 2o minutes with the beats of “Turn This Mutha Out”

7. Fire 45 EZ Class / Stretch 10 Class – Take a break from "fire drills". But having a break does not mean simple or ineffective!

8. HIIT 25 Class / Stretch 10 Class – 25 minutes of the most intense HIIT drills yet with Chalene!

9. Sculpt 30 Class / Tone 30 Class – This workout is fantastic to firm up your muscles using this type of resistance routine

10. Stretch 40 Class / Stretch 10 Class – This workout is built to allow you to increase your flexibility to offer you a lean, long look

11. Core 20 Class / Stretch 40 Class / Stretch 10 Class – This workout targets your tummy to provide great abs!

My review
The first time I ever attempted this work out I decided to just have a go and see how I got on - NOT so smart really.... I selected fire 30 workouts a pushed play......what a workout I was put through my paces and could barley keep up-but as I'm so competitive I gave it my all I stopped only to catch my breath and have a sip of the end I was shaky and exhausted, my face was as red as a beetroot- but I loved it and from that point I was hooked. Ok, I should have started with the new class option but that's me jump in think later.
I managed to stick to the schedule of workouts almost everyday for 13 weeks squeezing the workouts early morning before the kids got up and some evenings....and boy did I see those changes, I lost two inches off each thigh- which are my problem area
And inch off my back and waist and two inches off my hips- I was more aware of my eating habits which were great. I felt fitter, stronger and had so much more energy, plus I was enjoying the workouts they were fun the music was great and each workout whizzed by....
My the end of the 13 weeks my stomach was flat my abs were getting firmer I was over the moon... I decided to keep up the routine but unfortunately I pulled my back- and had to stop for a while- and as my life is crazy at the best of times, I fell out of the routine.So now I'm back on track, I absolutely love turbofire and now mix it up with a bit of Hip Hop abs-( I will review this one soon). I found sticking to the schedule included in the box-helped I stay on track and achieve good results.
But now I do my own schedule(select workouts I want to do) and fit in with my life,as and when I can three to four times a week.

I paid £55 pound from a seller on E-Bid but it's available to purchase via Beachbody UK or amazon UK for £100.

Equipment required
In the box, you receive a Lower Body Band - But you will need a Resistance Band/Towel/Mat

 Fitness level
If your new to fitness start with the new to class option there is a moderator throughout all the workouts she goes at a slower pace, so I would recommend following them if you are new to fitness if have existing injures-always remember to seek advice on exercising if you have existing injuries.
Overall I love this workout its one of the best I have ever done - moreover because its fun and effective and will always remain one of my fitness favorites.

This is my personal review on a product that I have purchased and achieved results.

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