Thursday 27 September 2012

My reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

It's been quite a hectic week....but here are my #R2BC

Baking and making mess
1- I enjoyed baking cupcakes as part of the #anchorrewardsclub me and my boys had lots of fun decorating the cupcakes and making lots of mess.

2- my eldest son had a tummy bug...which was not fun at all....late nights of sickness and watching TV at 4am in the morning .... my youngest son was also off school with an it been hectic and stressful...., but thankfully they are both better and full of energy just the way I like them.

3- my hubby was off work after 7 days of shift we had a nice couple if family evenings which was very was nice to all chill and relax... .....and enjoy each others company... Something that can be so easily taken for granted.
my hubby also surprised me with some flowers and chocolates as he knows how stressful my week has been...Its always lovely to feel

Flowers given to me by hubby