Sunday 30 September 2012

Supporting Childrens Play

Play is an extremely important part if a child's development children are born eager to learn....  each unique child's development depends on play opportunities and relationships around the child.
Young children need attention from someone who can play with them and in time they will learn to play alone. Play helps children learn about the physical world around them and how to express themselves socially and emotionally, communicate there thoughts and needs...and solve problems. Your child may like to play with you or may sometimes choose to play alone.

Types of play

Unstructured- free play
This is the best kind of play your child will choose a prefers area of activity to explore and investigate and use their imagination.
Play alongside or join in to support play.

Structured play a set activity which is adult-led
Set activity eg story/cooking/painting... on some occasions your child may choose not to participate in a set activity at playgroup of that you have set up - entice and encourage but don't force.

Supporting play
Talk to your child..even if it is about the chores you are doing.
Observe your child's play see what they like to do and how to can extend there learning in that area
Do not tell children how to play, what to do
Listening to your child and respond to there gestures/speech and be involved in their play on their terms- follow their lead
Model child language to extend play to extend speech and utterances.
Praise and encouragement during play.
Comment on your child actions (you're making a tall tower of blocks) rather than a question (why are you building.)
as this may stop the play...

Provide opportunities for thinking
I wonder what will happen if.....
Where is.....

Children do not need the latest toys to have fun and learn
Use everyday boxes household objects eg wooden spoons boxes pots and pans dry pasta,
Old shirts hats and bags for dressing up.
Make your own building blocks using a variety of small boxes wrapped in coloured paper
When buying toys buy ones which have multipurpose use eg
Building Blocks/Lego good for building and also imaginative play if used alongside animals or people.
Variety of paper paints/crayons/pencils

More posts on activities ideas coming soon.........

Outdoor play
Gives you child the chance to explore the outdoor environment..... outside children have more opportunities to run jump roll and have space and freedom to use their physical energy.
Outdoor play should be explored in all weathers as us a great way to explore the changing seasons and talk about the also provides opportunities to look at the world around us..... the trees in the park..listening to the sounds on the street colours they can see...the experiences are endless and will prompt lots of conversation.