Saturday 29 September 2012

Sinuforce Nasel Spray - Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a Sinuforce Nasal Spray  to review, which is great as I suffer from allergies and always have a stuffy nose...
Sinuforce Nasal Spray is a menthol spray which helps provide relief of  - nasal congestion, runny nose and catarrh, made with natural ingredients.

The spray is very pleasant to use, the menthol was not to over powering and you can feel it open the nasal passage upon use, it also contains peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to ease breathing and chamomile oil which has a soothing effect on the nose.... The most important factor is this can be used (as directed) whilst pregnant and breastfeeding if only I knew about this product a few years ago.

The best thing I like about Sinuforce Nasal Spray is its 100% Natural Ingredients and that it can be used continuously for 30 days.... I defiantly will be purchasing one in the near future..
For more information please visit Avogel Herbal Remedies-Sinuforce