Reasons to be cheerful

Reminiscing - 1980s Chewing Gum Bazooka
Another hectic week but full of small blessings.......Here are my Reasons to be cheerful #R2BC

Rushing around before and after school, homework,cooking, just grasping those small moments of laughter and hugs in between makes all the stress of the week worthwhile. I'm so grateful to my hubby and kids for those special moments - we also had so much fun taking part in the #kodakavengers linky... fun fun fun.

I'm really enjoying my blogging me time..... I always have to much to say so it's been nice to meet other bloggers along the way and take part in new fabulous opportunities.

Me and my hubby were reminiscing over the 1980s and our childhood years.... Hence the 1980s funny remembering the sweets/toys of our era. Our boys loved looking at our old Skool era pictures...and want a yo yo like this one now....


  1. ohh Bazooka bubble gum! I used to love that stuff - would pop into the shop on the way home from school and get some :)

  2. We joined in with the linky too :) and Im loving blogging too. Can't say I tried Bazooka before but sounds yum! :)

  3. It was tasty.... Don't think it's available anymore....shame xxx

  4. Wonderful reasons to be cheerful! I love my blogging time, too. :) x
    (found you thru the linky btw)

    1. Really enjoy blogging....following your blog...Loving the colour...
      Love the linky's because I get to meet new bloggers...

  5. I used to love the bazooka bubble gum, I am new to blogging and enjoying it , hope to meet new ppl xx

  6. Just popping over from R2BC! Blogging is such a great outlet isn't it? I remember Bazooka very, very well!

  7. Great reasons to be cheerful! All the best things came out of the 1980s ;) x

  8. So true.... I'm dedicating one of my pintrest boards to the 1980s..... Memory's xxx


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