Our Half Term Week

It's been a hectic but lovely half term week on Monday we headed for Brighton On Sea.... I haven't been for many years so was looking forward to the day trip and some sea air.......it was a glorious sunny day, we headed out on to the pier and went on some of the fair ground rides...explored the beach and had great fun, and no trip to the beach would be complete without fish and chips....yummy.
The shops that were alongside the beach were amazing so much handcrafted art and mini boutiques we spent most of the day exploring and enjoying the pebbled beach and soaking up the sun..... a lovely day with the family...I must say I was totally exhausted after our trip as we reached home late evening after stopping off for a Chinese meal.
I headed off to work on the Tuesday...To be honest I really don't know how i made it through the day.

On the Wednesday and Thursday I was lucky enough to start work early at 8am to 11am so I could head off the our local sports centre to support and watch my eldest son, of whom I'm so proud of as he was chosen by local sports coaches to attend a two day training exercise to look at his sports skills and try and new sports activities,
Whilst my youngest son chilled out with his dad having a couple of boys days... lunch and going to the movies and gym (he really loved it) and cant stop doing dumbbells with the barbell........ ooooh no looks like I'm going to have another gym lover in my house......
A totally exhausting week...I intend to chill out as much as I can this weekend before the school run and rush of Sunday evening.

A great yet very busy half term x

Playfoam - Review

When I first saw Playfoam,  I was drawn to the bright colours and the packaging, 
It looked amazing and we were extremely intrigued how Playfoam worked and felt.

We wasted no time opening the Playfoam. And we're very surprised and impressed......the texture of the Playfoam was amazing....It was soft yet kept its structure it was very easy to manipulate and stuck together really well, yet it wasn't sticky and left no residue on our hands, and best of all it didn't stick to my carpets.

We had a really good play session with the Playfoam and we were all very impressed with the Playfoam a fantastic mess free product to play with and enhance and build on imaginative thinking and creativity.

We loved Playfoam it kept us all occupied as we made a range of shapes and structures...
A Fantastic product.

If you would like to know more about Playfoam visit Learning Resources

We received the playfoam to test and review, All thoughts are honest and of what we thought of the product. we share genuine thoughts and remain honest in our views and opinions.


Waiting for the sun

Bank holiday weekend had arrived and I'm so so happy no work and fun with the family......Although I can't complain I only worked three days this week...but that's only because I was off with a stomach bug which isn't the nicest reason not to be working.

I'm so happy to be chilling out this weekend with the family...But  I really want some nice hot sun not only is it great weather to get out and about in......but I'm fed up with feeling so cold, Also I want to wear these sandals that I brought over three weeks ago yet still remain unworn in the box....booooo......before I know it I will be back in winter boots.

It's been one of the coldest springs in 30 years so no wonder I haven't had the chance to get out my summer outfits...So here's hoping for a hot or at least a warm bank holiday weekend. x
Here's hoping we see some sun this bank holiday. Have a great one.

The Urban Muslim Woman Show

I'm delighted to be attending this years Urban Muslim Women Show
Saverah Events and its official partner Muslim Charity are pleased to announce the return of the annual urban muslim women show on Saturday 15th June 2013 at the award winning London Novotel West.

Now in its third year, the Urban Muslim Woman Show is once again leading the way to promote strong Independent female professionals, entrepreneurs, designers and students within the Muslim community. It is a celebration of their many achievements and successes and aims to inspire future generations with messages of empowerment and support.The UMW show has become an annual highlight of the Muslim calendar, bringing British consumers and community leaders together with talented and creative performers, designers and emerging entrepreneurs.

Motivational speakers will touch upon subjects such as fashion, business, religion, charity community awareness and education along with addressing women with words of encouragement and inspiration.

It will also provide a platform to showcase the creativity of best Islamic designers along with new talent who dare to challenge conventional thinking and demonstrate how modesty can be fabulously stylish.

The Urban Muslim Woman show presents a unique opportunity to network, shop and show case one’s talents as well as products.

Exhibitions, catwalks, talks, entertainment and more will not only provoke and inspire but also motivate Muslim women to play an important role in an ever changing world.

For more information please visit Urban Muslim Woman
The Show will take place at the London Novotel West on Saturday 15th June 2013 from 5:00pm to 10:30pm.

Nye Portraits - Review

This amazing portrait was created by Ashley Nye......Ashley specialises in bespoke baby, children and family portraits.using photographic images of your loved ones to create this amazing art design portrait.

I choose a special picture of my boys when they were babies and emailed Ashley, a very simple process as we didn't have to sit still or be somewhere and we could step back in time and recreate a portrait of one of our all time favourite images... I was very excited at the prospect of receiving the portrait of my children.

Ashley has worked wonders and has enhanced the fine details within the image and has caught the mood perfectly within facial expressions and emotions the details of clothing and the throw on the sofa in which they sit on are amazingly captured within the art....An amazing piece of art and awesome portrait.

Ashley has created some amazing portraits which you can see here 

If you would like to know more about Nye Portraits then visit and take a look...a perfect gift for the home or someone special.

I received an A5 portrait for purpose of this review...All thought are that i my own and i remain honest in my views and opinions.

Family fun - #magicmoments

A magicmoment weekend with my family........We chilled out at my mother in laws and then took a stroll down to St Catherines Dock and Tower Bridge.........I love these places they hold so many memories for me and my hubby...as we used to spend lots of time here before we had children...So it was nice to reminisce and take in the sights....and share these with our boy's....The weather had turned warm which made they day all the more better...Giggles and Laughter and memories in the making.........another magic moment with the family.

Tower of London

I love this shot of my boy's chilling with their Dad...Magic Memories



I love this quote and wanted to share it #Wednesdaywords

Linking in with Emma at crazy with twins

Rug Doctor - Cleaning Spray's Review

I was lucky enough to test the amazing Rug Doctor Red Stain Remover cleaning spray...which is great as I had yogurt and sticky blackcurrant drinks which had been spilled on my carpet....which can be hard to remove, and guaranteed as soon as I have a cuppa the kids will come along and kick it over.

Before And After

So I was looking forward to giving this spray a test run as not only was it suitable for carpets but its also suitable for upholstery and fabrics......I followed the instructions on the bottle which was to spray on and wait two minutes which I did ....... it also advises use of paper towel to blot away stain and repeat until stain is removed...I followed the instructions and was very impressed with the results which can be seen in the above before and after images...I will be holding on to this spray for future stain removal.

The second Rug Doctor Spray I tested was the Rug Doctor Traffic Lane Cleaner...which penetrates the carpet and lifts stains...The instructions were to spray generously over carpet and wait 5-10 minutes before cleaning with the Rug Doctor carpets cleaner...I do not have a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner but used another leading brand cleaner......I was quite impressed with the results my carpet was so much cleaner and look almost new.

I was given the Rug Doctor spays to test and review...All thought are honest and that of my own genuine opinion
I have not been instructed in what I write.

Helping Mum #Magicmoments

It's always nice when the kids offer to help out around the house (without me having to ask them) it does mean a lot to me....As I can do with all the help I can get.

My boys like to help me most of the time.... from washing up...helping me with the cooking...cleaning surfaces with the sprays and cloths always goes down well...and just recently they offered to help me paint.

Errr well I was a bit worried and said "No" as I had thoughts of large blobs of paint all over my carpet....But they persisted and persisted and I gave in .... and I was delighted....they really helped out...it was fantastic I was so impressed.

I want them to be independent men as they grow up and help take responsibility around the home...yet at the same time I don't want to give them a list of chores.....As long as they take a little responsibility I'm happy...but for now all this helping me is all good and I love it....long may it continue.


Walkers Hoops And Crosses - Review

As huge crisp fans we were delighted to receive a fantastic package containing the cute Monty the Monkey along with Walkers New Hoops And Crosses Baked Crisps.
Not only were the Hoops and Crosses extremely tasty...The Roast Beef flavour was very moreish and they were gone within seconds.....I was lucky enough to have a taste and capture some pictures.

The New Walkers Hoops and Crosses a made with 56% wholegrain which makes them a great alternative for a snack to help boost wholegrain as part of a balanced diet, and are great for packed lunches.

Hoops and Crosses come in three tasty flavours....Roast Beef, Salt and Vinegar, and Prawn Cocktail and are suitable for vegetarians and are only 85 calories which is great news for me!
A tasty treat a huge thumbs up from us all.

 I will defiantly be purchasing a few packs this weekend as they are super yummy x 
We were very impressed.

Check out your local supermarket for a pack near you...You wont be disappointed.

I received the amazing package consisting of Monty the monkey and walkers hoops and crosses ...I was also compensated a small fee for my time...But all opinions and thoughts are genuine and that of myself and my family.


"Happiness is not the absence of problems from ones life, But the capability to deal with those problems and enjoy the blessings one has"
SH Y Qadhi

Wednesday words...Share a poem, Quote of saying...Linking in with Emma @ Crazy With Twins

Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday Party

My Son's and Nephew....Excited kid's who couldn't wait to attend Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday Party...
All dressed in their Moshi T-shirts...Ready to have fun.
We were honoured to be invited to the Moshi Monsters 5th birthday party
on Thursday 2nd May 2013 at Mind Candy's Moshi Monster HQ in Central London ......My boys are big Moshi Monsters fans and were very excited and couldn't wait.........We knew Moshi HQ was a awesome place but we were in for a big surprise....

On arrival we were greeted by some amazing Mindy Candy staff who were extremely friendly and helpful and showed us around.....We were in awe of the amazing surroundings and the quantity of activities available including a mass of Yummy Goodies.

There was so much to see and do..it was a fantastic atmosphere and how could anyone resist that amazing slide.....everything a kid could want under once roof...including us big kids...
We enjoyed colouring the Moshi Monnster wall.

Lots of fun in the UV Room

Awesome slide and Ball pool fun..

Yummy Goodies...What a spectacular layout of sweet treats.

The Boy's loved the Bubble Gum machine...And then stopped off for a cool drink.

 Tattootastic and Bean Bag fun in the Tree house.

We were very privileged to meet the illustrators of Moshi Monsters...Amazing.

Having loads of dancing fun with Katsuma.

Exhausted Mummy's...But very happy children.....

I can honestly say the boys had a totally fantastic time and have been buzzing from the party ever since.......All the way home they were asking when the next party would be......
A very memorable party....and a awesome day.

                   Thank you Mind Candy we had an awesome unforgettable time x

                            A great #magicmoment linking in with Oliver's Madhouse

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