Waiting for the sun

Bank holiday weekend had arrived and I'm so so happy no work and fun with the family......Although I can't complain I only worked three days this week...but that's only because I was off with a stomach bug which isn't the nicest reason not to be working.

I'm so happy to be chilling out this weekend with the family...But  I really want some nice hot sun not only is it great weather to get out and about in......but I'm fed up with feeling so cold, Also I want to wear these sandals that I brought over three weeks ago yet still remain unworn in the box....booooo......before I know it I will be back in winter boots.

It's been one of the coldest springs in 30 years so no wonder I haven't had the chance to get out my summer outfits...So here's hoping for a hot or at least a warm bank holiday weekend. x
Here's hoping we see some sun this bank holiday. Have a great one.


  1. I'm waiting patiently to wear my sandals too!

    Love yours by the way!

  2. Thank you....clarks sandals so very comfy x

  3. I've had my sandals out this week, but I've also had my clothes and got winter clothes back out after I put them away.

  4. I know it's been very crazy weather lately. I don't want to see what my next gas bill is going to be :-(

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