Tuesday 28 May 2013

Playfoam - Review

When I first saw Playfoam,  I was drawn to the bright colours and the packaging, 
It looked amazing and we were extremely intrigued how Playfoam worked and felt.

We wasted no time opening the Playfoam. And we're very surprised and impressed......the texture of the Playfoam was amazing....It was soft yet kept its structure it was very easy to manipulate and stuck together really well, yet it wasn't sticky and left no residue on our hands, and best of all it didn't stick to my carpets.

We had a really good play session with the Playfoam and we were all very impressed with the Playfoam a fantastic mess free product to play with and enhance and build on imaginative thinking and creativity.

We loved Playfoam it kept us all occupied as we made a range of shapes and structures...
A Fantastic product.

If you would like to know more about Playfoam visit Learning Resources

We received the playfoam to test and review, All thoughts are honest and of what we thought of the product. we share genuine thoughts and remain honest in our views and opinions.