Our King Julien New Year's Eve Party with Netflix

If your kids are too small to stay up 'till 12, or will be joining in with the traditional midnight countdown, Netflix want to help you see in 2015 with a bang! Netflix are helping kids to party with King Julien's 'New Year's Eve Countdown'. With a little help from King Julien and friends, they have created three minutes of high-energy, music-filled fun that lets kids celebrate the New Year no matter what time of day.
Netflix have some amazing tips to help you and your family celebrate as well as a countdown with King Julien and friends and an awesome line up of New Year movies.

How to prepare for the big night
1. Catch up with the first few episodes of All Hail King Julien here and watch the New Year's Eve Countdown here.

2. Prepare your party music playlists in advance - get inspiration from your kids favourite films and TV shows.

3. Find a disposable camera for the kids to play 'paparazzi', it will keep them occupied and is a great way to capture the night! Just make sure to have your own camera ready to capture the “New Year’s Eve King Julien countdown” so you can play it back to the kids in later years

4. Share your party countdowns with us by capturing moments and tweeting them using the #KingJulien hashtag. 

5. Don't forget to Have lots of fun!

We had a great time Partying with King Julien a few weeks ago when we attended the exclusive party in London to celebrate the launch of All Hail King Julien on Netflix, this evening we celebrated at home with some awesome movie time on Netflix, We chilled out and watched some the cool episodes of King Julien as well as a mini party to celebrate the end of 2014.

Here are a few of our highlights of our evening

Check out Netflix to watch the awesome animation of King Julien 

And after all of the fun and games, I'm going to settle down and put my feet up with a Netflix Movie. Here is a few Movies you may want to watch this January on Netflix.
For the parents - Netflix gives you the perfect selection for a quiet New Year’s Eve or duvet day on New Year’s Day 

And for kids

Have a great 2015

Looking Back 2014 and Looking forward 2015

Its been a very busy year with so much going on, It has been great to reflect on the year and its blessings as well as the constantly changing high's and low's.
From the stress of getting a new job only then not taking it, only to realise the blessing and convenience of my current job,To almost loosing it due to government cutbacks and then for the cutbacks not to go ahead. It certainly has been quite stressful at times.

Thank you's
The year had been full of so many blessings of which I'm most grateful for, I thank god for each and every one x and I thank family for their patience, love,understanding x

A huge thank you to all of you that visit and read my blog, And an amazing Thank You to all of the amazing companies that I have had the pleasure to work with and my blogging partners Netflix, Nintendo as well as Disney and Skylanders who have been a huge part of our year. Thank you to wonderful PR's I have worked with during 2014, I very much look forward to working with you all again soon.

Thank you to Britmums and all of the blogging support groups which are run by bloggers, I'm often few and far between in contact yet I always feel welcome x

Looking Back
We have been part of some amazing opportunities and have visited some amazing places and attended the most stunning of events all which are now amazing memories.
we would like to thank all of our readers and blogging friends.

I have had the opportunity to test my skills and host some amazing Twitter competitions, as well as various competitions via my blog which I love to bring to my readers, I very much look forward to sharing more in the near future

Looking Forward and whats to come
Life has been pretty hectic so I'm hoping to join in with some of my favourite inspiring linkys, and connect with my fellow bloggers and followers as most of you know life can get a bit crazy and I'm often limited in the amount of time I have, due to work and family commitments, but I do look forward to connecting with you all the new year. I hope to continue to share my life, with more family recipes and lots more fun thoughts and reviews

Wishing all my readers a prosperous 2015

Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic

We was extremely excited and privileged to attend Disney On Ice 100 years of magic, The show celebrates 100 years of Disney Magic which has been brought to life on Ice, The show features more than 60 lovable Disney characters from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their Disney friends from Mulan, The Lion King and Pinocchio, as well as Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo to The Incredibles and Toy Story.
We have been lucky enough to attend a couple of the amazing Disney On Ice shows, and we have always enjoyed every magical minute of  the stunning performance. But this time we are super excited with the awesome line up of characters both classic and new.
The show was hosted by the all time one and only Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, We we're instantly drawn into the show which was filled with wonder and amazement, the set looked amazing and changed with each Disney Character segment,it was truly stunning as we watched some of our all time favourite Disney characters perform to memorable Disney songs from "A whole New World" from Beauty and The Beast, to Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear and Woody's "You've got a friend in me" each stunning performance totally took our breath away, from back flips and high lifts As well as group and solo performances, we were on our edge of out seat wanting more, The arena was filled with excitement and joy and the atmosphere was amazing.
The Disney characters costumes were stunning as they twinkled in the lights, and each individual performance was impeccable,Snow fell from above as Mulan took to the stage and sparks flew and lit up the arena, and as the scenery changed to fit with the various performances, we were in awe and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show which was full of truly magical moments.
The entire performance was so outstanding I cannot begin to even choose a favourite segment from the show, But the finally of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, which brought all of the Disney Characters together for the final performance of the evening was absolutely stunning and rounded off the show perfectly.
A truly spectacular evening full of magical moments as we watched Disney come to life on ice. I can honesty, I cannot wait until the next Disney on ice installment.

Disney On Ice is still on at The O2 Arena in London – from the 29th December 2014 and 3rd & 4th of January 2015

The Ultimate Christmas Survival Guide With Netflix

This year Netflix have got you covered with their ultimate Christmas survival guide to help the holiday season run as smoothly as possible.
Netflix will keep you and your family entertained with a great selection this season, so you and your family can watch what you want where you want, So whether you grab a few minutes for an episode of Orange Is the New Black via the iPad in the kitchen or maybe you are lucky enough to marathon a few episodes of Marco Polo, Netflix defiantly has something for everyone this holiday season so here is Netflix's

Coming new to Netflix Boxing Day 
The excitement of Christmas can only last so long, and once you’ve managed to get the relatives out of the door to reclaim your personal space, why not beat the Boxing Day blues with some ‘me’ time.

After the kids have finished ripping open all of their Christmas presents and promptly got bored of their gifts, try some of this great content to keep them happy for a little longer

No matter how many times you ask, you will receive the same blank expression when you request for some help peeling the potatoes. So while they sit glued to their tablets instead of in the kitchen, why don't they watch one of these

Mum and Dad
Christmas Day has come to an end, the kids are asleep but you’ve been caught up in the rush and haven't had a minute to relax. Thankfully Netflix has lots of comedy specials so you can finish the day with a smile 

After the post turkey lull and the tears from the annual family game of Monopoly have dried up, there’s nothing better than settling down to watch a great story together, with some of our favourites below

Sharing as part of Netflix Streamteam

NOWTV Watch-Along #MyOnesieland

We had an absolutely amazing time taking part in My Onesieland watch-along to Disney Muppets Most Wanted with NOWTV on Saturday night. We along with many other families across the Uk donned on our Onesies to come together with NOWTV as part of a nationwide watch-along, We couldn't wait to join in the fun and snuggled down to an entertaining evening of fun.

About the Movie

The Muppets are unwittingly plunged into an international crime spree masterminded by Constantine, 'the World's Most Dangerous Frog'... who's also a dead ringer for Kermit. Mistaken for his evil double, Kermit is sent to a Siberian gulag while Constantine and his sneaky 'Number Two' (Ricky Gervais) lead the rest of the gang on a right song-and-dance across Europe in an audacious bid to steal the Crown Jewels. Upholding the great Muppetational tradition, it's another star-studded showcase of self-referential silliness.

Before the movie began we joined in a few twitter chats with fellow watch-along viewers and NOWTV, before indulging in some tasty treats.
The evening was absolutely amazing, it felt great to know we were part of something big and that other NOWTV viewers were having as much fun as we were, NOWTV also hosted a screening in London, where onesie wearers gathered to share the movie experience with us. It was a super cool experience of which we would love to be part of again.


Setting up the NOWTV box was so simple and took less then 10 minutes, within no time we could access an array of amazing movies. NOWTV works via internet connection and with no contacts or strings you can choose your favourite monthly package to suit your families needs.

The Entertainment pass offers you 13 awesome channels that you won't find on freeview, from Sky1 to Sky Living plus many more and at only £6.99 a month. 
If like me you love movies then Sky Movies is the choice for you, you can access the latest releases and with over 800 movies available you will be spolit for choice, all this for only £9.99.
For all those sports fans you can access Sky Sports from £6.99, for more on NOWTV and their packages visit NOWTV.com

Since installing our NOWTV box we have already watched a few movies and with the Christmas holiday upon us we are certainly looking forward to watching more, especially Disney Frozen which will be shown on Sky movies this Christmas Day 

We are really enjoying the NOWTV experience and look forward to many more.

John Torode's #TassimoPerfectHost Savoury Puddings

I'm delighted to share with you some tasty recipes from John Torode, We had the pleasure to taste some amazing Tassmio Coffees and watch John Torode create his tasty recipes at a recent Tassimo Perfect Host event in London.
John Torode’s Savoury Bread Pudding makes are perfect for lunch or dinner I was really intrigued to see if I could recreate these at home, John also recommends using fresh tomatoes and various flavoured cheeses if opting for a vegetarian option.
These Savoury Pudding really are delightful.
You can use cupcake, Yorkshire pudding moulds or a muffin tin to make these; either way, they are great as snacks or also side dishes.

Makes approximately 12 – 16 puddings.

3 eggs
4 egg yolks
300g of grated mozzarella
Salt and ground black pepper
200g smoked ham shredded (we used Smoked Turkey Rashers)
450 milk
450ml double cream
50g salted butter
1 loaf white sliced bread
parmesan cheese for sprinkling

Step 1- Preheat the oven at 160 C/325 F/gas mark 3.
Step 2 - Mix the eggs, egg yolks, salt and pepper together, then pour in the milk and cream, mixing together well, but do not whisk.
Step 3 - Remove the crusts from the bread, cutting each slice into strips, as if you are making soldiers.
Step 4 - In a large bowl, mix together the cheese and Turkey rashers
Grease the moulds well with salted butter. 
Step 5 - Start to layer the moulds with first a couple of strips of bread, then the turkey rashers and cheese mix. Repeat until each mould is 3/4 full. 
Step 6 - Cover each with the egg custard mixture (as made in step two) and leave to soak for 10 minutes, so the bread absorbs the mixture.
Step 7 - Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
Step 8 - Bake for 40 minutes, then take from the oven and allow them to set at room temperature for about 30 minutes.


John Torode’s Puddings are a perfect occasional treat, enjoyed best with a Tassimo Costa Latte.
For more of John Torode's Recipes and more on Tassimo and The Prefect Host Team visit Tassimo.co.uk or Facebook.com/TassimoUK

All Hail King Julien

We had an amazing day yesterday as we were lucky enough to attend the screening of Dreamworks All Hail King Julien, to help celebrate the release of this cool animation we were invited to Party with King Julien in Mahiki Central London. All Hail King Julien will be airing on Netflix on Friday 19th December.

King Julien is an awesome animation which both the kids and adults will love.Discover the wild world of Madagascar as the king takes on the jungle’s craziest adventures in this comedy series. With his loyal sidekicks Maurice and Mort, join the crew as they meet a whole new cast of colourful animals, including ambitious head of security Clover and the villainous Foosa. Starring: Danny Jacobs, Henry Winkler, Andy Richter.

After all of the fun food and dancing with the King himself, we were super excited to settle down and watch the All Hail King Julien episode, it was awesome and funny and we loved it, We had a great time watching our favourite Madagascar character in action again, we are really excited and cant wait to watch it at home on Netflix this December.

Thank you Netflix for the awesome party.

King Julien will be available to watch this Friday 19th December on Netflix if you cant wait until then watch the trailer Here

Stuck in London Student Halls Over Festive Period? Here’s What To Do

Not everyone will go home to their families this Christmas. If you are staying put over the Christmas period you may feel at a loose end as your course mates go home to their families and leave you in your student accommodation in London. Urbanest student accommodation in Hoxton, Tower Bridge, St Pancras and King’s Cross are ideally located to explore the city now you have some ‘down’ time from your studies. However, no matter where you are in the capital, here are some ideas of what to in the fortnight or so you have out of lectures.

Find People in the Same Situation
Chances are there will be a few people around your uni or halls who are in the same boat as you. Lots of students from all over the world will not be going home over the Christmas break. Put a call out over social media or ask around in your remaining lectures and you will easily form a group who can explore London in December together.

Check Out What’s Happening Around London for Christmas
London comes alive with Christmas fun over the month of December. Even, if you are not at all bothered about the festivities, it is worth going along to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or the Ice Rink at Hampton Court Palace. As well as these Christmas events, there may be a whole host of tourist attractions you haven’t had chance to have a look at until now. Make the most of your spare time to see all this great city has to offer.

Write Some Post Cards
Try catching up with some correspondence while you have the time on your hands. Even if you have kept in touch via Skype and social media, why not send your friends and loved ones something tangible. Get them a post card from a local art gallery or even a Christmas card and write a special message.

Tidy Your Flat
This is perhaps another job which you may have been meaning to do but have been too busy studying and socialising to get around to. Start off the New Year with a fresh and tidy living space so you can take your exams by storm. A clean bedroom will be good for your mind.

Go Out For Christmas Dinner
There are several places in London you can go for Christmas dinner. There’s a great guide here. Why not invite your London-based friends along for the meal?

Make Some New Year’s Resolutions
Spend this quiet time contemplating what you want out of the next year. What promises can you make to yourself which will improve your social and study life?

Check in with the Family
Don’t forget your family at this time. You can get in touch by skype or send an extra-long email just make sure you drop them a line.

Buy Catering - Kings Cutlery Review

Cutlery in our home has a tendency to just disappear, so I was extremely delighted to receive this stunning Cutlery from Buy Catering.

Buy catering is an online catering suppliers, which provides high quality catering equipment at amazing competitive prices from kitchen appliances to everyday catering equipment.
I immediately loved this amazing 60 piece Kings Cutlery set, not only does it look stunning but its got a nice strong and sturdy feel and is lovely to use, This cutlery is suitable for everyday usage.Crafted in stainless steel and polished to improve resistance and staining Each set consist of
  • 12 Dessert Spoons
  • 12 Tea Spoons
  • 12 Dinner Forks
  • 12 Dinner Knives
  • 12 Soup Spoons
  • High quality stainless steel 
  • And is dishwasher safe.   
This set is amazing for everyday family use and for those special occasions A luxurious and highly popular design, King Cutlery features a highly decorative design and looks great as part of a formal table arrangement,and for only £28 for such an amazing quality product.

This is a review of the Kings Cutlery, all thoughts and views are honest and that of our own.

John Torode's Chocolate Brownies #TassimoPefectHost

We were delighted to attend the Tassimo Christmas event in London, Where we we treated to some tasty treats and some delicious coffee as well as some amazing tips from the Tassmio Perfect Host Team.

With most families choosing to host their own dinner parties at home Tassimo have teamed up with Chef John Torode, Fashion designer and actress Millie Mackintosh and Coffee expert Hazel Middleton who are all Tassimo perfect Host panel who have some amazing tips and recipe ideas to make this festive season.

John's top kitchen must haves
My go to food when hosting for friends and family is anything pastry, simple and easy and always satisfies everyone, Little pies,tarts and puffs aways work well as both kids and adults.

Millie's Top Tips
The smell of food is always very inviting along with candles and lamps these can be used to soften a room along with mellow ambient music during dinner.

Hazel's Coffee Tips
There is nothing better then a coffee or a cappuccino in the morning, and nothing compliments coffee more then a slice of cake or a biscuit.


Not only did we get to sample some amazing Tassimo Coffee but we also got the opportunity to make some Chocolate Brownies with chef John Torode.

John Torode's Chocolate Brownies

4 medium eggs
500g caster sugar
325g unsalted butter
125 cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
150g roasted hazelnuts
50g white chocolate buttons
250g sifted flour
2 tsp whisky
icing sugar to dust

Step 1 - Preheat oven to 160c
Step 2 - Beat the eggs and sugar in a mixer until light and fluffy
Step 3 - Melt the butter of a gentle heat and stir in cocoa and egg mix, add the vanilla, nuts, flour as well as the chocolate buttons.
Step 4 - In a pre-lined baking tray add mixture and cook for 20-25 minutes
Step 5 - Leave to cool and cut into desired size, Dust with icing sugar and tuck in.

After our evening with the prefect host team we were so inspired by John Torode's Brownies we decided to make some at home, we left out the nuts and whisky and they tasted amazing.

For more of John Torode's Recipes and more on Tassimo  and The Prefect Host Team visit Tassimo.co.uk or Facebook.com/TassimoUK

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