Monday 15 December 2014

Stuck in London Student Halls Over Festive Period? Here’s What To Do

Not everyone will go home to their families this Christmas. If you are staying put over the Christmas period you may feel at a loose end as your course mates go home to their families and leave you in your student accommodation in London. Urbanest student accommodation in Hoxton, Tower Bridge, St Pancras and King’s Cross are ideally located to explore the city now you have some ‘down’ time from your studies. However, no matter where you are in the capital, here are some ideas of what to in the fortnight or so you have out of lectures.

Find People in the Same Situation
Chances are there will be a few people around your uni or halls who are in the same boat as you. Lots of students from all over the world will not be going home over the Christmas break. Put a call out over social media or ask around in your remaining lectures and you will easily form a group who can explore London in December together.

Check Out What’s Happening Around London for Christmas
London comes alive with Christmas fun over the month of December. Even, if you are not at all bothered about the festivities, it is worth going along to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or the Ice Rink at Hampton Court Palace. As well as these Christmas events, there may be a whole host of tourist attractions you haven’t had chance to have a look at until now. Make the most of your spare time to see all this great city has to offer.

Write Some Post Cards
Try catching up with some correspondence while you have the time on your hands. Even if you have kept in touch via Skype and social media, why not send your friends and loved ones something tangible. Get them a post card from a local art gallery or even a Christmas card and write a special message.

Tidy Your Flat
This is perhaps another job which you may have been meaning to do but have been too busy studying and socialising to get around to. Start off the New Year with a fresh and tidy living space so you can take your exams by storm. A clean bedroom will be good for your mind.

Go Out For Christmas Dinner
There are several places in London you can go for Christmas dinner. There’s a great guide here. Why not invite your London-based friends along for the meal?

Make Some New Year’s Resolutions
Spend this quiet time contemplating what you want out of the next year. What promises can you make to yourself which will improve your social and study life?

Check in with the Family
Don’t forget your family at this time. You can get in touch by skype or send an extra-long email just make sure you drop them a line.