Thursday 4 December 2014

Stocking Fillers

I love toys as do my children, So it was a real privilege to ask Leanne Jennings Senior Buyer at Stocking Fillers her thoughts on toys of now and the past.

What is your best-selling toy this Christmas ?
The runaway favourite for 2014 is definitely DigiBirds.They’re cute, come in a huge variety of colours and patterns, move their heads realistically, tweet when whistled at and even sing as a choir when more than one are brought together. They tick all the boxes really!

What do you feel children look for in toys nowadays compared to years ago?
Children are discovering digital and electronic forms of entertainment at a much earlier age than before. They’re getting their hands on smart devices like tablets and enjoying new ways to interact with toys that simply weren’t possible three or four years ago. This gives them a sense of feedback that has a much wider scope than anything that was around last decade.

On the other hand, you just need to look at the Loom Band craze of the last year to see that there’s still plenty of room for low-tech fun and games. A lot of the time it comes down to what their friends are enjoying and sharing in the playground!

Do you think that toys and games of the 70s and 80s will make a comeback (as I'm sure my kids would love them)
Definitely! You just have to see the likes of Barbie and other action figures to see that toys can always make a comeback year-on-year. Strong brands and a reputation of quality usually long outlast the toys themselves!

One of our best-sellers last year was a brand new version of the classic Simon game from the ‘70s. The core game was still the same as it always was, but the design was modernised and extra game modes were added to it, including a game for more than one player. Of course some things don’t always need an upgrade to make a comeback. We still have a range of classic wooden toys that remain popular year after year.

It seems most toys seem to have an electronic element or some sort what do you find children prefer?
Children are so good at changing their minds; we imagine the coveted spot of their favourite toy is a constant battle! Whilst they love the latest toys with electronic features, we find that they’re always happy to return to classics, such as wooden toys, cuddly animals and other timeless favourites. As such, we always ensure the Stocking Fillers collection contains a balanced mix of traditional and modern toys every year. Which do they prefer? Whatever takes their fancy at the time!

What toys/games can you recommend for older children over 9?
It sounds silly to say it, but every child is different so that’s quite a hard one to answer! Construction toys and craft kits are usually a winner for older children, as are remote control cars and other toys with a heightened sense of input and feedback. Inquisitive minds of this age can also get a lot of benefit from educational toys and science kits that help give them a better understanding of how things work

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