Monday 1 December 2014

Propel RC Toys - UK Launch

We were very excited to attend the launch of propel RC toys, We headed to the RAF Museum in London, This was the perfect place to launch these amazing flying Toys. We were super excited when we saw the cool looking selection of Remote Control Helicopters, and we couldn't wait to test out our flying skills. Here is a selection of the cool toys the wonderful people at Propel let us loose to play with.

Hovermaxx UFO

Our first encounter was with the cool Hovermaxx UFO, it looked small and sleek and hovered up and down, The Hovermaxx has cool flashing lights which can be turned on or off, it only took the boys only a few minutes to master the controls and they were soon hovering around the entire room, We had huge amounts of fun with the Hovermaxx. The Hovermaxx is great for beginners as it is suitable for younger children aged  6+ as it is very simple to operate and control.

And at only £19.99 this is the perfect price for a cool present for those on a budget, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Air Combat

This cool looking Helicopter and has to be my boys favourite, due to the fact they can have battles with other Combat Helicopters whilst in flight, this was exciting and a huge bonus, by using cool infrared battling technology you can hit your opponent in battle, and if you do so successfully three times you will send their helicopter into a spiral spin and defeat them, this is super exciting for kids as well as adults.

This cool copter has a very strong joystick with advanced motion technology you can control the Air Combat with super-smooth controls and vibration sensations, which is almost like a real pilot.
The Air Combat also has flashing LED lights and sounds and is amazing to watch and play. The Air Combat is a little more complex to use due to the motion sensor, but once you get the hang of the controls you will be buzzing around the room ready for battle.

The boys really loved this Helicopter and defiantly want one each, and at only £50 it is the perfect for a gift for the kids or adults. The Helicopter is suitable for those aged 14+.

The Nforce

The was fairly easy to control and easy to manover, complete with a built in gyroscopic chip for amazing stability and control, this allows you to fly backwards and forwards as well as hover mid air, The Nforce was easy to land as well as take off, A very cool and nifty helicopter, we really loved the flying backwards motion and found the Nforce very cool indeed.

This is an amazing price at only £39.99 suitable for ages 12+

It was amazing to get our hands on these cool toys, they were super cool and very durable and sturdy yet light to hold, I can't tell you how many time the boys crashed and bumped into the walls yet the helicopters worked fine and remained amazing,

We are really excited about Propel's product range as they have something to suit every pocket, as well as some really cool and exciting gadgets and remote control toys that will be hitting our shelves next year, we were very impressed with the entire range and cannot wait to get our hands on these cool products. 

If you would like to know more about Propel and their cool range visit Propel/facebook and at or to purchase these cool Propel RC Toys Visit

We were invited to the Propel launch and share our honest thoughts and opinions on the products.