Cadbury Highlights

Cadburys Highlights Hot Chocolate

Like most I'm trying my best to make better choices in regards to my health and lifestyle, So it was great to learn the Cadburys have a guilt free Cadbury Highlights Hot Chocolate under 40 calories.

Cadburys Highlights Hot Chocolate

Cadbury Highlights comes in variety of delicious flavours including; Bournville dark chocolate, Fudge, Caramel and Hazelnut. Bounville, Cadbury Highlights are the perfect solution for those like me want a delicious tasty treat at only 39 calories per cup you wont be compromising your diet plans Cadbury Highlights is the perfect solution.

Cadbury Chocolate Highlights

It was great to add a few heaped teaspoons to my favourite mug and stir in hot water to make a delicious cup of Cadbury hot chocolate. At only 38 calories per cup that less than 1% fat, Cadbury Highlights is ideal at any time of the day, especially when you’re craving a sweet fix on these cold and windy days.

Cup of Cadburys Hot Chocolate

You can find Cadbury Highlights in a 220g jar with an RRP of £3.89, or in single serve sachets with an RRP of £0.32.

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PRINCES: 100% Pure Juice

Princes 100% pure Juice

We go though quite a lot of juices in our home, So its important that the juices we drink not only taste good but are good for us, So we were delighted to try Princes 100% Pure Juice, Princes Juice's are made from sun ripened fruit which is picked and packed to ensure it gives its juices maximum flavour. What we love is that the delicious range of pure juice drinks is that one serving counts towards one of your five a day, Princes 100% pure juice contains no artificial colours of flavorings, which makes this an excellent choice.

Princes 100% pure apple Juice
Princes Pure Apple Juice - Deliciously refreshing and full of flavour, This juice tasted so good, And the kids loved it.

Princes 100% pure orange Juice
Princes Pure Orange Juice Smooth - We drink a lot of orange juice, and was very pleased with the taste, deliciously refreshing and full of flavour, We popped ours in the fridge as we like it cold, it was delicious, perfect for our early morning starts.

Princes 100% pure pure apple & raspberry Juice
Princes Pure Apple & Raspberry Juice - We loved this combination ,The Apple and Raspberry flavours work really well together. This was defiantly my sons favourite.

princes pure juice

We love the taste of all  Princes 100% Pure Juice's, We would defiantly purchase again, Its great that theses juices can be stored in the cupboard to save space in the fridge, which is a huge bonus, Princes 100% Pure Juices are available from most major supermarkets in the juice isle.

Fungus AmungUs

Fungus AmungUs

We had seen the adverts on TV, So imagine our excitement when we were given the opportunity to review these awesome Fungus AmungUs collectable characters,

 Fungus AmungUs   Fungus AmungUs

Fungus AmungUs are cool new squishy, Sticky microscopic bacteria inspired collectables, Fungus AmungUs come in over 100 cool funky characters. Our Fungus AmungUs characters came in this cool yellow petri dish which contained two cool FunGuys, Fungus AmungUs also come in Vac Packs and Toxic Chambers.

Fungus AmungUs Fungus AmungUs 

We really loved that we could squash and stretch the FunGuys and watch them pop up and expand, But the best was yet to come, As soon as the boys realised that these collectables were super sticky, They couldn't wait to experiment.

Before I knew it the Fungus AmungUs characters were flying through the air landing and rolling down the walls, The boys were giggling and having so much fun seeing who could get their FunGuy the furthest up the wall.

Fungus AmungUs   

My boys absolutely love these FunGuys and they have already been checking out the character collector file and planning their desired purchases, I'm sure these little micro FunGuys will be taking over our home pretty soon.

Fungus AmungUs  Fungus AmungUs 

Fungus AmungUs can be purchased for a little as £2.50 which makes these great pocket money collectables. For more information on Fungus AmungUs and where you can purchase your very own FunGuy's check out Fungus AmungUs


Disney Life

We adore Disney, I have grown up watching Disney Movies and its prtty much the same with my boys. We love nothing more then watching the cool new Disney Movies as well as the classics. So imagine our delight when we had the opportunity to review DisneyLife.

Disney Life is a cool digital service which allows you to access a collection of Kids TV box sets, Movies and Books as well as music and information about your favourite Disney characters, By simply downloading the Disney Life app you can access an array of Disney Life services.


We couldn't wait to head over to Disney Life where we were able to set up an account in a few simple clicks,The great thing is that if you sign up now you can benefit from DisneyLife's one month free trial, and after the trial you are under no obligation to continue as there are no annual contract, But if your a Disney fan like us no doubt you will continue as its only £9.99 per month. You can downloaded the Disney Life app from the App or Google Play.

 Disney Life profile

After we opened our account we could add up to six family members which was awesome, The boys loved that we could all have our own individual profile, which we could personalise with our favourite Disney Character, Its also really great that parents can set time limits on each individual profile.

 We couldn't wait to explore the Disney Life App, We certainly wasn't disappointed, The boys immediately found their favourite Disney Movies and TV Shows,We love that we can download what we want to watch or listen to when we are online and then we can watch it wherever we may be, which makes it perfect for long journeys and holidays. You can also enjoy your favourite movies, books and kids TV series in up to five languages, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

DisneyLife  Disney Life Songs

Disney Life launched in the UK last November, It gives you and your family the chance to access classic animations from Cinderlla and the Jungle Book to Disney Pixar Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean. The choice is outstanding. The Disney Life App is amazing, we really do love it, We have already watched Cars and listened to the Big Hero 6 soundtrack,We liked that we could select our favourite Disney character and then access their Movies Stories and songs, as well as cool chracter fun facts.

Disney Life highlights


The perfect companion for family movie night, Disney Life is home to more than 300 movies such as The Muppets, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and Enchanted; as well as Disney Pixar favourites including Toy Story and its two sequels, Wall-E, Monsters, Inc. and Cars. Disney Life offers an unparalleled selection of Disney Classics - including The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Aladdin and Peter Pan. New titles will regularly come to Disney Life, including the Academy Award winning hit movie Frozen, launching on the service in Spring 2016.

Turn the school run into the ultimate Disney sing-a-long and choose from over 5,000 tracks on Disney Life. Bestselling soundtracks featured include Frozen, Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and High School Musical; as well as hit albums from Disney stars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, R5 and Hillary Duff.

Kids’ TV Box sets
Catch-up on your favourite Disney Channels TV box sets, with over 2,000 episodes available in one place: from Sofia the First, the story of an adventurous princess in training; to Austin and Ally, the story of two friends who become a musical tour de force; and global hit Jessie.

Enjoy Disney’s magical storytelling with over 100 enchanting stories at launch. Available as audio and ebooks, there is a built-in read-along function for younger children, staged reading for kids of different ages, and reading adventures for more experienced readers. Perfect for bedtime stories with mum and dad, the whole family can follow their favourite characters from Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters, Inc. and Cars on new adventures.

Every month, members get a free app to download from a curated selection of fun Disney apps via the App Store or Google Play. At launch, these include Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race, an interactive story and thrilling race game through the streets of Tokyo, Japan and London with Lightning McQueen.

Visit to start your one month free trial and continue your membership for £9.99 a month when your free trial ends. There’s no annual contract so members may cancel at any time. Disne yLife is available now to UK residents aged 18 or over on iOS and Android via Airplay with Apple TV and Chromecast), with other platforms coming soon.

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We were given a free trail of DisneyLife,We share out honest thoughts and opinions on the product and services we review.

The Lion Guard:Return Of The Roar

We were really excited to be invited to the screening of Disney The Lion Guard :Return Of The Roar, Following on from the 1994 Disney Movie The Lion King, The Lion Guard continues the gripping story-line with this feature length special movie which will be coming to our screens on Monday 8th February at 5.30pm on Disney Junior.

Disney Junior Logo

The Lion Guard:Return Of The Roar is set in Africa, The movie follows Kion the son of Simba and Nala, Its time for Kion to take leadership and build a new lion guard to protect the circle of life, Kion soon sets to build the best lion guard ever by assembling his best and most fiercest and fasted friends, from his best friend Bunga the brave Honey Bager , Fuli the fast cheetah, Beshte a strong hippopotamus and Ono an eyed egret. Kions father Simba is disappointed with Kions Lion Guard choice and feels his not taking his responsibility seriously, Simba explains to Kion that the lion guard should be made up of a group of lions. This leaves Kion sad and doubtful about his new role, but the spirit of Mufasa appears and encourages Kions not to give up.

Disney Junior Return of the roar

Kion is soon faced with his biggest challenge when his sister Kiara is caught up in the middle of a gazelle stampeded as a group of hyeneas set to cause a stir. Kion assembles his lion guard to rescue Kiara and drive away the mean hyeneas, Within no time the new lion guard has achieved its goal and proven its worth. Simba is so impressed and accepts them all as the new Lion Guard.

Return of the Roar

It was great to see some of our all time favorite characters back on screen in this fabulous new movie, The Lion Guard Return of the Roar features stunning scenery and songs that you and your family will adore. The Lion Guard Return Of The Roar is fun and gripping movie that you will love no undoubtedly want to see more of. We loved watching the Lion Guard, we most defiantly cannot wait to watch it again. The Lion Guard Return Of The Roar will be making its television movie debut on Monday 8th February 2016 at 5.30pm only on Disney Junior.

Dunedin Luxury Loose Leaf Tea

I like nothing more then a cup of tea, I tend to only drink black tea, so I was really curious to try
Dunedin tea, The Dunedin Tea prides itself on providing high quality loose leaf tea, but without the designer price tag.

Dunedin Tea stocks a host of loose leaf teas from around the world so choosing from this amazing range was quite difficult, But after a a lot of deliberation i choose, Chocolate Chai,Apple Spice and Scottish Caramel.


Dunedin comes in various packaged sizes from 50g to 1kg with prices starting from £2, When I first opened each Dunedin packet the scent that greeted me was absolutely amazing, which made me even more keen to try these amazing teas. Dunedin loose leaf teas are easy to use, simply add one heaped teaspoon to hot water and let in infuse for 3-7 minutes, preferably using a tea strainer or a infuser like this cool Fred’s ManaTea infuser, I added some sugar for sweetness, But its totally up to you.

Scottish Caramel - This tea is from Yunnan Province in China, but was founded in Glasgow to strengthen ties between two different countries, Scottish Caramel tea has an earthy Caramel taste. 

Chocolate Chai - This tea is from India, Delicious deep chocolate taste with a hint of caramel, I really like the fact that this loose teas had small pieces of white chocolate.

Apple Spice - This tea consits of three blend of tea from three regions in Sri Lanka, A delicious apple tasting tea with a gentle hint of cinnamon.

It was a real pleasure to try Dunedin loose leaf teas, They were unlike any teas i have ever tasted before, they were all delicious, So much so i cant wait for my next cup. If you would like to know more about Dunedin and there delicious range of loose leaf teas and Tea-ware accessories check out Dunedin Tea.

Hippy Paste Natural Deodorant - Review

Working with young children I'm often very active during my day, So i often take my deodorant to work with me to help keep me fresh. So i was ever so delighted to try Hippy Paste a cool new way to wear deodorant, Hippy Paste is unlike any deodorant i have ever used before, As Hippy paste is a natural cream organic paste which uses only natural ingredients,

Hippy Paste comes in a a small tin, and is easy to apply. Simply use your fingers and rub the the paste applying it to your underarm, I found i only needed a small amount each application, The paste is soiled, but as you rub it the paste softens. Applying was quick and easy and defiantly a new experience, I was amazed how well the Hippy Paste soaked into my skin, Leaving it feeling soft and fresh. Hippy Paste contains no parabens or artificially added ingredients, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin,

Hippy Paste come in six fragrances..
Yang Yang

 I choose Yang Yang and Citrus, Both have a very gentle subtle delicate scent.

I really like Hippy Paste and I would defiantly use it again, its perfect for my pre teen boys and. I really loved that Hippy Paste comes in small tin which makes it perfect for carrying in your handbag or luggage. Hippy Paste is £5 for a 60g Tin, which is fairly priced given that all of its ingredients are organic. For more information check out

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