Tuesday 12 January 2016

Hippy Paste Natural Deodorant - Review

Working with young children I'm often very active during my day, So i often take my deodorant to work with me to help keep me fresh. So i was ever so delighted to try Hippy Paste a cool new way to wear deodorant, Hippy Paste is unlike any deodorant i have ever used before, As Hippy paste is a natural cream organic paste which uses only natural ingredients,

Hippy Paste comes in a a small tin, and is easy to apply. Simply use your fingers and rub the the paste applying it to your underarm, I found i only needed a small amount each application, The paste is soiled, but as you rub it the paste softens. Applying was quick and easy and defiantly a new experience, I was amazed how well the Hippy Paste soaked into my skin, Leaving it feeling soft and fresh. Hippy Paste contains no parabens or artificially added ingredients, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin,

Hippy Paste come in six fragrances..
Yang Yang

 I choose Yang Yang and Citrus, Both have a very gentle subtle delicate scent.

I really like Hippy Paste and I would defiantly use it again, its perfect for my pre teen boys and. I really loved that Hippy Paste comes in small tin which makes it perfect for carrying in your handbag or luggage. Hippy Paste is £5 for a 60g Tin, which is fairly priced given that all of its ingredients are organic. For more information check out Hippypaste.com

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I was given the Hippy Paste to test and review,All thoughts are honest and that of my own opinion.