Friday 1 January 2016

New Year 2016

Whilst most people were enjoying ringing in the new year, I was busy preparing for 2016 with a new blog design. Its been a long time coming, and part of my new year goals was to get on top of my blogging and enjoy the experience. Last year was great and I had some amazing opportunities and worked with some amazing companies and press officers. So I thought I'd start my blogging year as I mean to go on starting with a redesign.

I'm certainly looking forward to this year as I have so much to be thankful for in last year 2015, I'm sure there will be many highs and lows but I'm ready.... I have set myself some goals to keep me to task

Daily To Do List - I tried last year to keep on top of my to do's!!! So this years is no different, I want to remain focused so I can get through my tasks.

Prioritise Commitments - Do my to do's that must be done today and don't pressure myself to fit in more!!!

Time Management - Make sure I have enough time in the day to fit in all of my commitments and needs....from work to helping the boys with their studies, to my exercise routine, I must squeeze this in my day!!!! To make sure this happens I must catch myself!!!! When ever I'm scrolling through social media or flicking though the TV or chatting on the phone!!! I must ask myself does this have to be done NOW!!!! or do I have more pressing tasks I need to complete.....Oh well here goes ..... I hope you all have a fantastic 2016 and can set and reach your goals.