Disney - Sofia’s World

Disney launches brand new virtual destination Sofia’s World
Little princesses in training can wave their magic wands over to disneyjunior.co.uk/sofiasworld
Season one of Sofia the First currently airs on Disney Junior
Sofia the first: The Amulet and the Anthem premieres 4.55pm, Monday 7th October, on Disney Junior

London, August 2013: Disney UK announced today the launch of Sofia’s World, disneyjunior.co.uk/sofiasworld,a brand new online destination for kids inspired by Disney Junior’s #1 rating series, Sofia’s The First. Following the recent success of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates inspired Jake’s WorldSofia’s World is the latest addition to Disney’s successful raft of digital environments, which includes BAFTA-nominated Club Penguin. The new virtual world will offer kids a fun and immersive experience to complement the hit series, which launched in March this year to record ratings.

Aimed at 2 to 7 year olds, Sofia’s World allows kids to interact with Sofia, as well as discover a whole range of magical features. Children can create their own princess in training avatar, customize their rooms (bedroom, playroom and pets corner), explore the castle grounds whilst earning rewards to enhance their new princess world.

All of the games in Sofia’s World will challenge young minds across three gaming levels and are designed to support early learning skills in a fun and engaging way. Games include Cupcake Party, where kids help Sofia make a cupcake for her friends and family, using “mouse, click and stick” functions, which help them improve their motor skills and creative development. Sofia’s Spells supports children’s hand-eye coordination and reflexes as they help Sofia create a birthday present for James and Amber.

Like Jake’s World, Sofia’s World is designed to help parents and children to have fun and learn together.  Mums and dads will be encouraged to log on to Facebook and tune in to Disney Junior for various events to unlock bonus content for their kids.

Sofia the First has been a massive success with average ratings of 150,000 individuals per episode ranking it as the number 1 performing series on Disney Junior. The premiere of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess was the single highest rated broadcast on Disney Junior reaching 318, 400 individuals 4+.

Boel Ferguson, Vice President and General Manager, Disney Channels and Disney Interactive, UK & Ireland, comments, “Sofia The First is extremely popular with little girls and boys worldwide due to the wonderful storytelling and timeless characters and now Sofia’s World creates another way to engage with them.  The virtual world is designed to allow children to make new discoveries and learn new skills with familiar friends from the series, and as always, Disney virtual worlds provide safe ground for children while giving parents the confidence that they are enjoying the internet securely.”

Sofia the First is set in the storybook world of young Sofia who starts out life as a regular girl. But when her mother marries the king, she is whisked off to a glamorous, but sometimes confusing, castle world of royalty, pomp and new step-siblings. Sofia the First includes appearances by Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (fairies seen in Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty) as the headmistresses of Royal Prep, the academy that Sofia, along with other princes and princesses in training, attends. Special event appearances are made by classic characters including Disney Princesses Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine.

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Routine...... being back at work reminds me how much I hate routine (OK I know it had got do be done work/school but I think I'm still in holiday mode (I also know it wont last long, as I already have a list of work (at work) to do's as long as my arm).

I miss the ad hoc freedom of  random outings with my family and thoughts of "what shall we do today" I defiantly having withdrawal symptoms.

When the boys go back to school although we will if course have routine (we wouldn't function without it)...but I want to adjust my routine and manage my time a little better......I often feel bogged down with the daily chores and routines..... so after this half term I have a few ideas that I'm hoping to put into practice.

Here they are.....

1- wake up a whole lot earlier (before boy's get up) to enable me to get ready for work (alone....it can get hectic us all getting ready at once)
have a quick tidy up put washing on if need be.....Rather then doing it after school/work.

2- I iron everyday (this will never change there is no way in the world I can stand and iron ten tops and ten pairs of trousers in one go) so instead of ironing early evening when boys are around I will iron when they are in bed, so I can spend more time with the boy's.

3- Be a bit more "ad hoc" go out after school if we want to..... and not feel guilty about the house and chores.

5- ASK for help...not to always take every chore on my own...I might get in done faster...but that's not the point...I feel some delegation of chores is needed.

4- Stick with a to do list....I always start these but generally never follow though...this time I'm going to set my goals and daily TO-Dos so I can stay in control....OR at least feel I am.

Lets hope this works x

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Sunuva - Kids UV Swimwear & Beachwear

Sunuva UV Swimwear & Beachwear

Sunuva offer a fantastic range of beachwear and swimwear, from an exclusive range of fantastic beachwear designs from shorts,trousers and dresses to nappy pants and accessories.

Sunuva swimwear offers UV protection which is absolute fantastic for holidays and hot sunny weather we have been having of late...I loved the range of chic and cool and stylish beachwear and accessories.
Sunuva offers a complete range of holiday essentials for boys and girls...from stylish prints and coordinating UV rash vests which provide 50+ UV protection factor, blocking out 97.5%-98% of the suns rays.

My Boy's Love Their Awesome Sunuva T-Shirts.

I really loved these cool T-shirts my eldest son is wearing the awesome Blue Alien T-Shirt, whilst my youngest son loves this cool Boys star Cotton T-Shirt, All of Sunuva T-shirts are 100% cotton which makes them amazing lightweight and cool...with exclusive Sunuva print that you won't find anywhere else....The T-Shirts are available in sizes from 1 to 12 years old.
Check out www.sunuva.com for all of your summer and holiday essentials.

I was given the T-Shirts to review...all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

Quote of the week

Our Day Trip To London Zoo

It's been quite a few years since we last visited London Zoo..... So We were very excited. As the last time we visited the boy's were very young......so we were looking forward to sharing the experience now they could really appreciate all of the animals.

Mjukuu the Gorilla

We immediately headed straight to the Gorilla Kingdom and watched in awe as the amazing gorillas played together whilst others lounged around....I could have watched them all day totally fascinating animals......Then the boy's wanted to see the Tiger Territory...we watched as the tiger lay sleeping,totally oblivious that we were there.... and then to the tropical climate of the Butterfly Paradise which housed some beautiful butterfly's from as far as South East Asia and Africa...so beautiful and colourful truly spectacular as the butterfly flew passed our heads and handed on tree beside us.

We explored the whole of the zoo and really had a perfect day out together....my legs were aching but it didn't stop me.
After a stop for some lunch and a yummy ice cream we were ready to head off to Penguin Beach, But we really loved the Rainforest Life.....An amazing environment with some awesome nocturnal animals as well as armadillo's and monkeys.....It was amazing to watch the Armadillos scurrying around.
There was so much to do and so much to see as London Zoo has over 720 different species of animals...The fun and exploring never ended....London Zoo is totally an awesome day trip in London for all of the family.....We can't wait to go again.

Exploring all of the Animals at the Zoo.

Great Fun.

Awesome Animal's.

The fun never ended...A totally awesome day out with the family.

We were given tickets to visit London Zoo..all opinions are of our own and we share our honest thoughts of our day.



Warbutons - Liven Up Your Lunch

Warbutons have created the entertaining Krazy Kitchen Game show to liven up lunch time...The hilarious 30 second videos.....pits two families...The McDermotts and the Griffiths against each other to create delicious and inspiring lunches in Warbutons Krazy Kitchen...whilst being distracted by unexpected Kraziness.

Here is Episode 1 ...... to watch the other krazy kitchen episodes visit  www.facebook.com/warburtons and there you can see all of the krazy Kitchen episodes as well as the final installment.

I totally love all this krazyness it such a giggle and a awesome idea.......So here is my attempt to liven up my lunch time.
Warbutons sent me this amazing hamper of goodies to help inject some krazy fun.....so I made ....Tex Mex Mayhem...which is a tasty recipe which can be found in Episode 1 of Krazy Kitchen...it was very quick and very simple to make....and tasted absolutely delicious......We had great fun making our wraps and got a bit krazy using our Props.

Boy's having a great time.

We Had a Krazy Time.

Tasty Tex Mex Mayhem Wraps.

Here is a quick recap of the recipe

2 Warbutons square(ish) wraps
Tin of refreid beans
Handful of salad leaves
Quarter if avocado peeled & chopped
2 tablespoons of yoghurt
Drizzle of olive oil
Squeeze of lime
Jalapenos (jar)

Start my mixing the chopped avocado,fresh lime,olive oil in a bowl...slightly mash
lay out the wrap
fill with salad leave and refried beans
serve with jalapenos
Enjoy your spicy Tex Mex Mayhem Wrap

Warburtons is the UK's leading independent baker and was established in a grocery shop in Bolton.
Warburton is the number one brand in the UK bakery sector with over 145 years of baking experience. Warbutons has thirteen bakeries and thirteen depots around the UK and serve customers across the UK for more information visit www.warburtons.co.uk Facebook.com & on Twitter.com/warburtons

This is a sponsored post.....I was given the hamper courtesy of Warbutons .....I choose recipe choice (from selection of recipes) and opinions are that of my own.

Thursday Thoughts

Legoland and London Zoo

Where has the time gone......I'm grasping on my last few days annual leave with the boys...as I return to work next week.

It's my birthday on Friday and I'm another year older but still feeling young at heart...(I share my birthday with my nephew) ....I will be attending a family get together on Sunday....so I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody....and eating cake!
I will be chilling out with the family and enjoying my last few days off.
I have had a wonderful time so far and here are some pictures of my holiday highlights...(so far).

Lollibop and Legoland

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Quote Of The Week


I choose this quote as i have had a wonderful three weeks at home with the family and I'm so thankful for the special moments and memories and days out that we had....I'm back at work next week so I will miss the boy's & hubby.......yet I'm so thankful for the time off (although i wish it would never end x)

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Has Social Media Brought Back The Holiday Photo

Do you remember the time before social media, when your best friend would go on holiday, and upon her return you would go and look through her holiday snaps?
That, according to my children, was the ‘olden days’.  My seven year old physically snorted recently when I told him that I would spend hours with my Auntie Margo looking at her most recent trips to Skegness. He questioned why she didn’t upload them to Facebook so I could look at them at my leisure and skip though the boring ones.
Our children will never have to endure the fear of when their parents book a late holiday deal to the South of France, knowing that upon their return they will be invited to watch their holiday shots projected onto the living room wall.    Instead they will be able to choose to look or ignore them when they pop up in their G+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.
The irony is, I used to spend ages inventing reasons to not go and look at peoples holiday photos. But, I spend forever nosing through Facebook, checking out where people I have not spoken to in years have just been on vacation.
I subscribe to an Instagram feed, and can happily lose hours of the day, cooing over pictures of ‘social’ friends actually on holiday.  I live their trip with them and in many cases, have never met them.
So what has changed?  
How I have changed from someone who would feel physical dread at the thought of looking through someone’s holiday pictures to someone who eagerly clicks through the images on Facebook and Twitter.
The pressure has gone.
Without the photographer stood by my side, eagerly awaiting my comments, I can ogle their family photos at leisure.  Commenting where I feel appropriate, ignoring pictures that don’t grab my attention.  No one thinks I am a rude if I don’t ‘like’ a shot of little Johnny going for a dip in the pool, but everyone loves it when I leave a little comment saying ‘holiday looks ace!’.
I reckon social media has saved holiday photos, what do you think?

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Lollibop Festival 2013

Absolutely amazing day at the Lollibop festival on Friday...It was our first time...and I'm sure it will not be our last....We had loads of fun....we explored most of the activities and watched various performances around the park .....We had lots of giggles as we watched Dick and Dom on the main stage....which had to be our highlight of the day,,,to shout BOGGIES at the top of your voice "gave my boy's a great deal of pleasure". My boys loved the new skylanders swap force area and were very reluctant to leave as they got to play the amazing new Skylanders swap force game...they are now more excited at the release of the new Skylanders Swap Force and cant wait to get their hands on the starter pack this autumn
The boy's had a very memorable day...great fun.

Great fun at the Lollibop Festival.

Skylanders swap force.....we cant wait to get hold of new skylanders swap force starter pack.

A fun filled day.

The boy's loved designing there very own T-shirts at River Island tent.

Cool Transformer ...Boy's posed for a picture inside and...This picture arrived today via sms...Thanks Transformers totally cool

Download photo.JPG (124.5 KB)


Merci Maman - Bracelet Review & Competition


Amazingly beautiful and unique to the wearer ...... I absolutely adore my special Personalised Family Bracelet by Merci Maman.....My bracelet arrived beautifully boxed in a gorgeous orange box complete with a bow.....when I opened the box ....My bracelet was everything and more then what I imagined it would be.

Each charm is sterling silver and on the middle heart I had engraved "I love my boys"..with each of my boys name on the small boy charms, and on the back of each boy charm is engraved my boys dates of birth.
All of the beautiful charms are threaded on the waxed cotton braid in my favourite plum colour . The bracelet adjusts very easily with sliding knots and fits perfectly.
This bracelet is very special and is very close to my heart and it represents my love for my children..I couldn't ask for more...My own unique bracelet just for me...A unique personalised bracelet that I will treasure forever x

Merci Maman offer a unique personalisation to each of their amazing gift items.
So each piece is unique with a special engraved message of your choice, engraved in french cursive handwriting it completely touches the wearers heart...whats more is you can choose from a vast range of unique personalised gift items for Mothers,Fathers,Him & Her, kids and Grandparents...Defiantly a gift choice for everyone and every occasion.

I love the fact that you can choose if you want your charms sterling silver or gold plated...and how many charms you would like on your bracelet......You can select if you want it engraved and what you want your unique charm to say or represent...and then choose your preferred waxed cotton braid colour from 20 vibrant colours....Absolutely amazing.....what's more if its a special occasion you can opt for a personalised greeting card and a beautiful gift box. The most perfect gift ever.

Now its your chance to WIN your very own 
Merci Mamans - Mothers Heart Charm Bracelet

TO WIN your own unique exquisite Mothers Personalised Heart Charm Bracelet Mothers Heart Bracelet (pictured above).
But that's not all...the winner will have the opportunity to choose their preferred waxed cotton braid colour and personalisation engraving.
To WIN all you need to do is follow the Rafflecopter instructions below..... One winner will be chosen at random after the closing date.

              Please visit Merci Maman for amazing jewellery and personalised gifts.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com

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