Monday 12 August 2013

Time To Celebrate

After a month of fasting...On Thursday 10th august we celebrated Eid ....  it was a beautiful day which began with a visit to our local Mosque ...... My mother, sister and her son came around to my house and we exchanged gifts.....And hubby gave me my first ever Pandora Bracelet.....yay
I was over the moon.

I had a very small issue of the day ... "Two outfits" and one day.....What does a girl wear!!! .... My hubby had brought me this beautiful Moroccan dress from Jameelah which was amazing and had intricate fine beading work ... But I didn't want to spoil it at the fairground.... so I opted for some casual trousers and a top... And knew later that day I would have a quick change of clothing.

  My Moroccan Dress

Later that afternoon we headed for the fairground and had loads of fun on the rides and then a nice juicy burger for lunch.
During the evening we headed to my mother in laws house for amazing foods and family fun ...catching up with the family was really nice along and more present exchanging. We all had such an amazing day.

                                                           Fun at the fairground.

        Present Time.....Hubby and the Boys.

                                                              Tasty Cake.
                                                                 Happy Day's.

Kids...Cousins having fun Together.

A wonderful celebration of Eid with the family.