Tuesday 6 August 2013

Time To Shop

Time to shop again...Not that I very need an excuse as I love shopping (mainly online) but this time its for a gift.....
I have been looking for a really special birthday gift for my nephew .....he will soon be nine years old and I want to give him something special and reasonably priced.

As children in my family are getting older finding the perfect gift can be difficult as they no longer really want toys and I would hate to buy a gadget that he may not like or use.

I know some kids are not really pleased to unwrap clothes....But as my nephew loves fashion and is very independent when it comes to clothing and styles. So clothing or sneakers will be a perfect gift.

So this year i'm opting for the clothing/footwear gift, as I really think he would like these amazingly cool kids converse sneakers they look super cool. I think would make the perfect birthday gift ......I know he already has a very cool pair of vans which he loves so my other option is to buy him some Vans Cargo Shorts and a Vans T-Shirt to complete his Vans outfit look...
Its so difficult to choose between them both...I may have to enroll his mother to help on my selection.

I remember when I was a kid, A birthday gift was something simple.... but over the years children have changed and developed in so many different ways and are so much more advanced then we was in our days, So fashion is now more important in their lives .....which is fantastic if it means they can take pride in themselves and how they look, and to be honest clothing is more useful in the long term.

So this year it is going to be the clothing route when it comes to gift giving for all of my nieces and nephews.
What's more is easier for me ....as I'm an online shopper, I cant bare all the hustle and bustle of the shops, when I can just order online and within a few days I can have it sitting in my house.
what do you get for children as birthday gifts as they grow older..... are you on the clothes/footwear gift route yet.

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