Thursday Thoughts

Legoland and London Zoo

Where has the time gone......I'm grasping on my last few days annual leave with the I return to work next week.

It's my birthday on Friday and I'm another year older but still feeling young at heart...(I share my birthday with my nephew) ....I will be attending a family get together on I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody....and eating cake!
I will be chilling out with the family and enjoying my last few days off.
I have had a wonderful time so far and here are some pictures of my holiday highlights...(so far).

Lollibop and Legoland

Linking in and sharing my Thursday Thoughts with Sonia @ Mummy Constant

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up - I love the Legoland photos.

    I am thinking about taking my little ones. They are both under 3 - will there still be fun things for them to do? x


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