Thursday 8 August 2013

Planning A New Room

A new bedroom for the boys has been on my mind quite a lot lately..... I have vowed to re-decorate the boys room.... As its long over due, over the years they have stuck up endless posters and stickers, in places I would rather they didn't (on sides of their beds and on wardrobes) ... The boy's room is currently a pastel blue which they would like to keep although they have mentioned black in the past and I immediately dismissed this as not option, although I'm totally happy to go for darker furnishing.

The bedroom really needs to be painted or maybe wall papered (still open to ideas on this one) and the boys could really do with some new furnishings to complete a totally new look, As over the years they have out grown some of the old furnishings.. we could defiantly do with more storage space and maybe new beds and some shelving to put their huge collection of books.

I have been looking online at various styles and designs to try and give me some inspiration of how I could get the bedroom to look and also get the best out of the small space that we have....

So I would love to opt for some bunk beds as it will free up the floor space and give the option of a small desk which will be great for the boys when they do their homework and give them a quite space study area.

I have so many ideas of what I would like....I think I need to get the boys involved after all it is their bedroom and I could really do with a helping hand.

The main thing is finding some time...I have quite a lot planned with the boys during the holiday and it would be a shame to spend the holidays re-decorating as this may be the only time this year I get a couple of full weeks with the boys.

It looks like endless weekends of decorating for me.

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