Thursday 29 August 2013


Routine...... being back at work reminds me how much I hate routine (OK I know it had got do be done work/school but I think I'm still in holiday mode (I also know it wont last long, as I already have a list of work (at work) to do's as long as my arm).

I miss the ad hoc freedom of  random outings with my family and thoughts of "what shall we do today" I defiantly having withdrawal symptoms.

When the boys go back to school although we will if course have routine (we wouldn't function without it)...but I want to adjust my routine and manage my time a little better......I often feel bogged down with the daily chores and routines..... so after this half term I have a few ideas that I'm hoping to put into practice.

Here they are.....

1- wake up a whole lot earlier (before boy's get up) to enable me to get ready for work ( can get hectic us all getting ready at once)
have a quick tidy up put washing on if need be.....Rather then doing it after school/work.

2- I iron everyday (this will never change there is no way in the world I can stand and iron ten tops and ten pairs of trousers in one go) so instead of ironing early evening when boys are around I will iron when they are in bed, so I can spend more time with the boy's.

3- Be a bit more "ad hoc" go out after school if we want to..... and not feel guilty about the house and chores.

5- ASK for help...not to always take every chore on my own...I might get in done faster...but that's not the point...I feel some delegation of chores is needed.

4- Stick with a to do list....I always start these but generally never follow though...this time I'm going to set my goals and daily TO-Dos so I can stay in control....OR at least feel I am.

Lets hope this works x

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