Furby Boom - Review

We were very excited to receive this cool Furby Boom....a cool interactive cute character...When our Furby arrived we were delighted...we opened the box to find this cool looking Furby in bright colours and with very soft fur...we hastily added the batteries and was delighted when Furby came to life and started talking in furbish to us.

Furby gives you great interaction both physically and virtually as Furby has a downloadable app suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod, It is an optional extra but does add a new dimension into the interaction and gameplay... As it then gave us the option to name our Furby who is now called Dee-Doh, we then could use our iPhone to play virtual games.....Plus the boys loved feeding and washing Dee-Doh using the app and are able to look after their new pet Furby.

Furby, in turn, interacts and talk to us and rewards us with a virtual eggs....which then hatches into a new virtual Furby Furbling...using the app we can keep a check on our Furby look after him and keep him in good health and have a happy Furby.

We have been having so much fun and love our Furby...The more we talk and interact the more English he will speak... he already say's "me likey "when we tickle his tummy...So cute....lots of endless fun... We absolutely adore watching him dance and sing....amazing.

We love our new pet Furby....and cant wait to see what he will do next.

Furby Boom can be purchased from all good high street stores and online around £54.99 to £59.99...and comes in an array of amazing colours.

We were given the furby for purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are honest and that of our own.

The Gobstopper - Retro Sweets - Review

I must admit I have a sweet tooth, and many fond childhood memories of going to my local shop to buy a quarter of my favourite sweets......So to my delight I was thrilled to try the amazingly awesome range of retro sweets from Gobstopper.

Gobstopper are a retro online sweet store and stock the most awesome selection of retro sweets from chocolates,boiled sweets and chewy treats..They defiantly have a sweet treat for everyone and some absolutely fabulous gift ideas too.

I absolutely loved Gobstoppers extensive range of retro sweet which took me back to the good ole days.

I really liked the cool idea of the retro Click and Mix jar...which offers a very stylish Kilner jar full of retro sweets...how awesome.... you can choose to fill your jar with your favourite sweets ...But the difficult part for us was choosing and agreeing on our sweet selection.
After a very very long time on the Gobstopper website we finally came up with our favourite sweets...We choose...milk chocolate mice...sherbet pips and fudge...yummy.

We were absolutely delighted when the sweets arrived...an awesome jar filled with retro sweets...I must admit, I headed into kitchen to indulge in the first taste test....As I knew as soon as the kids saw them it would be hard to get a look in.....They tasted amazing just like I remembered....The kilner jar gave the sweets a special gift like feel and kept our sweets fresh and tasty in the airtight jar....We totally loved the Click N Mix jar and really look forward to purchasing another jar soon.
For more information visit The Gobstopper

We were given the Click and Mix Retro sweest to taste and review...All thoughts are honest and of our own opinion.

Happy Holidays

It's been a very busy final few weeks of the year what with with work and school, but I'm finally glad to have finished work and I can settle into some very much needed family time,.....We have a few excited outings, events and family crafts and gaming ideas planned.

Its been a hectic year with many highs and lows...I have had some amazing opportunities and some totally awesome times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my awesome family and all of my amazing  loyal supporters and followers..who regularly read and comment....Thank you Loads xxxx

Thank you to all of the amazing PR's companies and Business I have worked with during this last year and for your amazing collaboration, I really look forward to working with you all again in the new year.

I'm officially on holiday....yay...But will be taking some time to share some posts...But most of my time will be dedicated to my beautiful family xxx

So It only leave one thing to say.... Here's wishing you all a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful 
New Year 2014

LeapPad Ultra

We were delighted to test the amazing LeapPad Ultra......my boys are very familiar with the latest technology in regards to smart phones and tablets, So I was really interested to see how they would take to LeapPad Ultra which is designed for their age range (4 to 9 years).

My youngest son who is eight was very excited when the LeapPad Ultra arrived and wasted no time at all opening it...The LeapPad Ultra was very easy and quick to set up, allowing me to set parental passwords.

My boy's could open their own personal profile to enable individual access and save desired contents to the profile.
The LeapPad Ultra is very sturdy and strong and has a 7 inch high-resolution screen and comes with 11 custom apps..... from photo fun and art studio, utility suite...with a front and back camera/video recorder to capture their moments of fun, it also has an MP3 player.

The LeapPad Ultra is also rechargeable and features Wi-Fi technology which enables the kids to use LeapSearch and browse only the safest videos and images from the web in a safe.......This  is absolutely fantastic as internet searches are my biggest fear as a parent, so to know they can search safely is a huge bonus.

My son was instantly impressed as he now has his very own tablet to use....he immediately took to the LeapPad Ultra and really loved the art studio and set about creating some cool designs and personalising his profile...he has also expressed an interested to purchasing some additional games (which are sold separately).

The LeapPad Ultra works with LeapFrog's award-winning library of over 800 educator-approved apps, games, ebooks, videos, music, and more. The library draws on 2,600 skills in auto-levelling games that adapt to your child's pace in subjects like reading and writing, mathematics, creativity and life skills, and science and social studies.
I must say the LeapPad Ultra has been a real hit and my son has had endless fun...So its a huge thumbs up in our house.
For more information visit Leapfrog

These are our honest views and opinions on the Leappad Ultra. 

Christmas Cooking Guide - Turkey Timings

As Christmas is just a few days away most of you will have already purchased or will be preparing to purchase your grocery's in preparation Christmas dinner.

 Waitrose have the perfect Christmas cooking guide to help you achieve  prefect Turkey timings. 

Timings have been based around cooking a 6kg turkey which feeds approx 12 guests

Check out Waitrose - Turkey Guide for more Turkey timings and information.

I received some Waitrose goodies for sharing this infographic.

Christmas Crafting

As Christmas fast approaches my boys have been helping their cousin get into the festive mood. Although we personally don't celebrate Christmas my boys love nothing more than helping their cousin decorate his home and get into the festive spirit.

On Saturday they really enjoyed getting creative with these cool Marks and Spencer Christmas craft decorations, they all had so much fun working together getting very creative, painting, sticking what is great about these cool craft decorations is that the children can get involved and create their very own decorations which give them a sense of achievement and involvement.

The boys had lots of fun getting creative.

The boys sat very attentively and wasted no time getting creative, it was great watching them all work together and share ideas, my nephew was very excited and couldn't wait to decorate his home with the cool crafts they had all made, My nephew has been sharing his Christmas gift wish list with us which has varied and changed over the past few weeks, My sister had informed me that he will be most pleased with his Christmas gifts this year, after all of the creative fun my nephew is most defiantly is getting more excited as Christmas draws closer.

We loved looking at their finished decorations and cards, the room looked amazing and very festive.

Sharing creative idea and making cool decorations together.

The boys all had an amazing time, a great way to have fun together.

I was given the craft decorations for purpose of review all thoughts that are honest and of my own.

Quote Of The Week

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Hotel Chocolat - Mingles and Jingles Bag - Review

I was most defiantly excited to try Hotel Chocolat Mingles and Jingles a cute attractive glittery designed cloth drawstring bag full of little chocolate treats.

I'm a huge chocolate lover and love nothing more then putting my feet and indulging in a tasty chocolate treat, and i was not disappointed, the Mingles and Jingles are Christmas shapes in solid milk, white and caramel milk chocolate. 

Angel  - Caramel Chocolate
Bell - White Chocolate
Penguin - Milk Chocolate

They tasted absolutely amazing I really enjoyed the smooth milk chocolate taste, my favourite has to be the creamy white chocolate bell which has a delicious hint of vanilla.
 Both of my boys really loved them too and i had to be quick to get a look in and the bag was fast disappearing.

The chocolates come individually wrapped with the name of the contents on each pack....which was great so i could head straight for my favourite chocy...each bag contains 35 tasty chocolates. The chocolates are suitable for vegetarians and contain no alcohol.

The chocolates make a fantastic Christmas gift for yourself or for a loved one as Hotel Chocolat offers a gift wrap options to ensure you get the perfect present.
Hotel Chocolat Mingle and Jingles bag is only £21.00 a unique and special treat.

Visit Hotel Chocolat for these and more tasty chocolate treats.

I was given the tasty Hotel Chocolat Mingles and Jingles to review...All thoughts are honest and of our own.

Disney On Ice Dare To Dream

I'm getting excited as the Christmas Holidays fast approach...I cant wait to have some time chill out with the family especially the boys. I most defiantly counting down the days.....Mainly because I want to rest.....But also as we are all very excited as we will be heading to the London 02 arena to watch Disney On Ice Dare To Dream....We have always wanted to go and we can't wait to be dazzled my the magical musical show with awesome Disney characters and amazing costumes.
Disney On Ice Dare To Dream will be at London 02 Arena from 26th December 2013 to Sunday 5th January 2014.

How Larger Families Can Achieve Smaller Energy Bills

With the rise in the price of energy that has been in the news recently, many UK households are feeling a squeeze on their purses. There are some ways of avoiding the price-rise in the immediate future, such as by changing to a company that offers a fixed rate until a specific date or simply offers cheap energy prices. In the long run, however, it’s a good idea to start changing your habits to avoid paying for energy that you don’t really need to use. Keeping costs down can be a particular challenge for large families, but there are several ways of making sure your household is as energy-efficient as possible.
Share and share alike

The cost of running baths for several children can be astronomical, but if they’re small, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t share and if they’re too old for that then it’s usually the case that the water will be reusable. Obviously, nobody will want to go into a bath that’s been used by a muddy footballer, so it makes sense to let that child go second. There is a theory that showers are a more energy-efficient method of getting clean, but with power showers that isn’t necessarily the case and it’s almost certainly more economical to share bathwater than for two or three people to shower. The kitchen is another area prone to waste. The BBC reports that an estimated
£68 million is wasted each year by overfilling kettles, and in a big family, you are likely to waste more than a smaller household would. Make a rule in your house that if somebody is making a cup of tea, they check whether anyone else wants one at the same time. They should then only fill the kettle with enough water for the right amount of cups. Not only will this prevent numerous episodes of the kettle boiling, possibly with a waste of energy every time, but it also encourages your family to be thoughtful.
Form good habits

As soon as your children are old enough to turn on a light, they are old enough to turn off a light, or a switch, for that matter! Help them to understand the high cost of leaving things turned on unnecessarily.
A report from The Guardian suggests that a considerable amount of energy is wasted by the use of ‘standby’ rather than switching off appliances. When a room is empty, it doesn’t need a light, so tell your children to switch off lights as they leave a room. If they are playing on a games console and it’s time to eat dinner or to do homework, the game should be saved and switched off, not left ready to be taken up again as soon as they finish their other task. Good habits formed as children will help them to live an energy-efficient life and they will, one day, be glad you had the sense to teach them to do these things.

Everything that a small household can do to save energy can be done by a large household. Things like closing the curtains in the bedrooms to keep heat in apply to a four-bedroomed house as much as a two-bedroomed one and anybody can fit room thermostats to control the temperature more efficiently. But the advantages that a large family have over a small one are that there are more people to encourage and remind each other and, of course, there are more of you to cuddle up to for warmth.

This is a guest post.


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Be Ez LE bag Pro - Review

I was delighted to test out the cool Be.Ez Le Bag Pro...an awesome backpack for computer owners perfect for MacBook pro users...this is the fifth edition and Le Bag pro and took over a year to develop to ensure it was the best backpack ever.

The Le Bag Pro comes in two sizes 15" and 17 inches...We love the fact the rucksack has fully padded separate computer pocket along with several individual organiser pockets for all of your computing needs...I was so impressed by the amount of space and pockets that were available I had more than enough space, which was amazing, what is also fantastic is that the rucksack has a build-in rain cover to ensure your laptop is safe from the elements...the rucksack has a very strong sturdy shoulder strap to carry your precious load. You certainly can feel that your laptop is very safe and secure and carrying the rucksack is very comfortable. I love the cool black and yellow design which gives it a very sleek look.

With so many organiser pockets you are truly spoilt for choice.

For more information on this cool Rucksack visit Be-Ez Le Bag Pro

I was given this Rucksack for purposes of review...All thoughts are that of my own.

Crazy Soap - Review

Bath time is always a fun time in our home....my boys will spend as long as possible playing in the bath..... We have used various bath products but none as unique and cool as Kids Stuff....Crazy Soap...a totally cool and unique way to enjoy bath times.

We were absolutely delighted and excited to try the Crazy Soap products they looked colourful and playful as they came with cool foam puppets and with cool crazy crew of character packaging..they looked really awesome so we couldn't wait to test them out at bathtime. All of Crazy Soap range is child friendly, mild and gentle, and paraben and sles free.

Shake and Sparkle - Totally cool glittery foam bath...we loved the glitter it was so pretty and magical..... the bath was filled with bubbles, with a fresh fruity scent...amazing

Crazy Foaming Soap -  A awesome squirty pliable foam soap that can be shaped and bounced, with a gentle PH balance to gently cleanse and moisture's delicate skin....with a cool fruity scent.

Colour Changing Bubble Bath - This was amazing to use as we poured the orange bubble bath we watched in amazement as it magically turned to an awesome blue colour...amazingly fruity and bubble bath.

We absolutely love Crazy Soap bath range...my boys can not get enough and adore bath times more then ever.....crazy fun whilst getting clean.

Check out Crazy For Kids online


Nintendo Christmas Event

We were absolutely delighted to attend the Nintendo Christmas blogger event last Saturday.....my boys are huge Nintendo fans and have endless fun playing their Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS at home.......So we were very very excited to try and test the latest Nintendo games and consoles....With so much to see and do at the event we were truly spoilt for choice.

We had an awesome time trying the Nintendo Wii U a totally cool gaming platform and a cool way to play our favorite Nintendo family games...we were really impressed.....Great fun.

We then had the opportunity to try our hands at some cake decorating...the boys had a cool time icing their cakes and adding the finishing touches.

Decorating cupcakes...they looked amazing.


Great Gaming Fun.

Mario came to say Hello and the boy's took the opportunity to pose for some pictures and they even got to play against Mario in a game of Wii Party....Then the boy's headed off for some cool Mario Tattoos and a cool Luigi face painting.
A totally cool Nintendo Christmas.

An awesome day...Thank you to the lovely people at 77 PR and Nintendo


Nintendo has something for everyone this festive season with a stellar games line up to keep you and your family entertained whether it’s at home or on the move

No matter what games you enjoy, Nintendo has something to cater to you this Christmas. Families can play together on SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD and Wii Party U on Wii U, and Nintendo fans will love brand new games in the classic Pikmin, Zelda and Donkey Kong franchises. The kids will be entertained throughout the holiday season with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y on either the Nintendo 3DS or the newly announced Nintendo 2DS as well as super hero spectacular The Wonderful 101 available exclusively on Wii U. Those who want something a little different, can unwind in Animal Crossing: New Leaf or solve brain teasers in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy on Nintendo 2DS or Nintendo 3DS. 

For the whole family
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £49.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Mario is back for the ultimate multiplayer experience this Christmas. Compete or work together with your friends and family in the first multiplayer 3D Mario game. In SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD for Wii U, players can explore colourful 3D environments as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad and there is more fun to be had than ever with a new cat transformation which allows you to run on all fours, pounce on enemies, attack in midair or use your claws to scamper up walls and the Goal Pole. PEGI 3
Wii Party U
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Sick of playing the same old board games at Christmas time? Why not try Wii Party U, the new party game from Nintendo, exclusively on Wii U. Using the best features of the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote and including around 80 new and exciting minigames - Wii Party U is the ultimate party entertainment for all the family. PEGI 3

Wii U
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £249.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
 Wii U, the latest home console from Nintendo is the perfect home entertainment device for the whole family this Christmas, offering something for everyone. Supporting full 1080p HD graphics and featuring the Wii U GamePad, an innovative controller with a 6.2-inch touch screen, motion control, microphone, camera and more - Wii U adds a second screen to the living room allowing families to play games and watch TV at the same time via the Off TV mechanic.

Exciting new games: There is an array of exciting new games exclusively available on Wii U this Christmas including SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD, Sonic Lost World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, as well as other blockbuster titles including Disney Infinity, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Just Dance 2014, Rayman Legends, Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.
Great back catalogue: Wii U already has a great range of games that all the family can play including New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, Nintendo Land, Game and Wario and LEGO City: Undercover and, for hardcore gamers in the family, Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, Injustice: Gods Among Us, ZombiU and more will keep them entertained.

Backwards compatibility: Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games and peripherals, meaning that if you already have a Wii, you don’t have to buy new controllers and you can play all of your old Wii games on your Wii U.

Coming soon: Nintendo has announced a number of exciting releases for Wii U coming in the near future including Mario Kart 8, Yarn Yoshi and Super Smash Bros. games.

Wii Karaoke U: This free app available via Nintendo eShop, turns the Wii U into the ultimate pay-per-play living room karaoke machine. With over 1,500 songs currently available to choose from and features including voice training, updated song lists, Miiverse leaderboards as well as the ability to alter tone and speed in any song, there is no karaoke experience to match it.

Internet connected: The Wii U features a number of innovative online features, none more so than Miiverse, a brand new social network where you can share your experiences in games. Why not share what's going on around you, the things you're interested in, and your in-game experiences with the world all from the comfort of your living room. 
As well as Miiverse, a new internet browser, the Nintendo eShop and apps like Netflix and LOVEFiLM, Wii U offers families a variety of options to create a complete, online-enabled entertainment package.
Nintendo 2DS
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £109.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
 Nintendo 2DS is the newest member to the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles and will arrive in the UK on 12th October 2013. Offering additional choice and value in your handheld gaming options, the Nintendo 2DS is a streamlined version of the Nintendo 3DS that will play games available for Nintendo 3DS, as well as Nintendo DS in 2D. 

Console features: The Nintendo 2DS retains many of the same hardware features as the Nintendo 3DS including the same Nintendo 3DS gameplay controls, backwards compatibility with the vast existing library of Nintendo DS games, as well as wireless connectivity features such as access to Nintendo eShop as well as StreetPass and SpotPass functionality.

New design: The Nintendo 2DS console takes on a new distinctive fixed, slate form design, and will play all packaged and download Nintendo 3DS games in 2D. The new console is designed as an entry point into, or a new way to enjoy the Nintendo handheld experience and will be available at launch in two colour combinations, White + Red and Black + Blue, with a Nintendo 2DS Carrying Case (in either Red or Blue) that can be purchased separately.

For Dads and Boys
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Featuring new Pokémon types, mega evolutions, a new storyline set in a spectacular 3D world and exciting dynamic battles Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are two of the most highly anticipated Pokémon titles ever.
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will also allow you to interact with your Pokémon in a whole new way in Pokémon-Amie. Playing and interacting with Pokémon that are in your team by using the Nintendo 3DS system’s Touch Screen will build a stronger bond with them. Building this special bond with your Pokémon in Pokémon-Amie will help you prevail in future battles. PEGI 7

Sonic Lost World
 Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99 for Wii U and £34.99 for 3DS. Prices will vary between retailers.
Travel to Lost Hex and explore a multitude of colourful 2D and 3D courses with Sonic’s latest high octane adventures exclusively on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Kick, jump, spin, dash, use Wisp powers or even get involved in some parkour as you control the world’s most famous hedgehog in his battle against new enemies, the Deadly Six. PEGI 7

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £49.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Let The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD sail into your stocking as it makes its glorious return on Wii U this Christmas. The timeless classic with its unique “cel-shaded” art style looks better than ever in gorgeous HD and the enhanced game features make this a must-play adventure for new and returning fans alike. Guide Link as he sails the seas in search of his kidnapped sister, discovering lost islands, exploring dungeons, taking on mighty bosses and seeking out the legendary Triforce. PEGI 7

The Wonderful 101
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Enlist 100 unlikely heroes like Wonder-Bonsai, Wonder-Vender and Wonder-Toilet, and use their abilities to defeat the oncoming alien invasion in this wonderful multiplayer action adventure. In The Wonderful 101, using the Wii U GamePad you can unite your heroes into powerful formations, including a sword and a fist to battle enemies or even a bridge, ladder or glider to solve puzzles and traverse the action-packed environments. Dad and son can also don their capes and be superheroes together in special cooperative sections of the game. PEGI 12

Pikmin 3 
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Join space explorers Alph, Brittany and Charlie on a mission to save their home planet Koppai from starvation this Christmas in the third installation in the classic Pikmin series. As with previous Pikmin games, the characters in Pikmin 3 are helped by the miniature plant-like Pikmin who can be commanded to perform a variety of tasks. Such as fighting enemies, carrying items, building and destroying objects, as you gather fruit for Koppai on the hostile, yet beautiful alien planet. You can play on your own or 2 player local multiplayer in the frantic Bingo Battle or cooperatively in mission mode, making this a great game for all the family this Christmas. PEGI 7

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Explore dungeons, beat bosses, collect rupees and undergo a new adventure across two worlds this Christmas in this brand new role-play action adventure The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS. Taking place long after the events of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on Super Nintendo, some of the game’s scenery will be familiar to fans of the series, while its puzzles and dungeons are new. Classic top down Zelda action has been mixed up with elements like Link’s new ability which lets him turn into a drawing and move along walls to solve puzzles. PEGI 7

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £34.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Feeling sleepy after Christmas dinner? Control both Mario and Luigi in this innovative Nintendo 3DS adventure and enter Luigi’s dreams to save Pi’llo Island from the ghostly bat king Antasma and Bowser. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. takes place in both a 3D role-playing game overworld and a 2D platforming Dream World. When in the Dream World, you can use the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen and motion sensors to interact with the real sleeping Luigi in ways such as tickling his moustache to make him sneeze, which changes the world in his dreams. Use the Luiginary moves in the Dream Work and in action-packed battles to rescue Princess Peach and save the Pi’llo Folk. PEGI 3

For Mums and Girls
Nintendo 3DS XL
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store from £179.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
The Nintendo 3DS XL is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who likes to game on the go. It has the biggest screen to feature on a Nintendo handheld console to date and an extended battery life meaning hours of uninterrupted entertainment. It is bursting with great games, online and social features and even has a 3D camera and video camera built in.  

 Special limited edition bundles: For an extra special gift this Christmas, Nintendo have a limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL bundle with Animal Crossing: New Leaf pre-Installed for £199.99 and a cute new pink Nintendo 3DS XL for around £179.99. There is also a limited edition gold Nintendo 3DS XL The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds bundle for £199.99. All limited edition bundles are available on the Nintendo UK Online Store. Prices will vary between retailers.

Internet connected: Travel abroad and access the internet without worrying about high roaming charges or a monthly fee. Via the Nintendo Zone you’ll be able to use over 25,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across Europe where you can access the internet for free through the inbuilt web browser or download content via the Nintendo eShop. 

3D memories: With a handy built-in 3D camera and video camera, you can capture your favourite holiday memories in 3D. 

Nintendo Letter Box: Bored of sending cards that don’t arrive for weeks? Send animated notes and drawings fully personalised with photos or sounds to your friends, wherever you are in the world via Nintendo Letter Box, a delightful free app on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

StreetPass: Meet Mii characters from other people’s Nintendo 3DS systems as you pass them in the street and then let them join you in StreetPass supported games, through StreetPass Quest and Puzzle Swap which are included with the console or through brand new StreetPass games: StreetPass Squad, StreetPass Battle, StreetPass Garden and StreetPass Mansion available for £4.49 each or £13.49 for all four. Don’t forget to add to your Mii collection as you explore and make new friends from different countries on your travels. 
Nintendo eShop: There is a huge range of downloadable games and content available on Nintendo eShop including classic games for retro fans via Virtual Console, offering great value on the move.  

Exciting new games: This Christmas sees a huge array of exciting new games available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS including The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, Sonic Lost World, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

Wii Fit U
Available exclusively on Wii U, free for 31 days, or £49.99 on the Nintendo UK Online Store including Fit Meter from 6th December. Prices will vary between retailers.
If you want to get back into shape after Christmas, take your fitness routine to the next level with Wii Fit U, the all new game in the Wii Fit franchise, exclusively for Wii U. Work out with fun new exercises that use the Wii U GamePad, Wii Balance Board or both, as well as returning exercises from Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. 
Wii Fit U features many of the strength training, yoga and fun fitness games that have made the Wii Fit series so popular. Plus, there are new games such as Dessert Course, Core Luge and Trampoline Target that combine the Wii Balance Board and Wii U GamePad, including new dance routines such as hip-hop, locking and salsa that work out various parts of the body through simple dance moves. The game also gives players more ways to create their own custom workout routines. Users can also create or join a Miiverse Gym Community to share tips and support with other Wii Fit U users who have similar goals. Or people can create closed communities made up exclusively of their friends. Also included with the game is the brand new portable Fit Meter accessory which is much more than a pedometer – it’s an activity meter that tracks a wide range of everyday activity. It records not only the number of steps a user has taken, but it also takes into account the intensity of those steps – was the user running or walking? The Fit Meter also measures altitude, so wearers get credit for climbing stairs or walking uphill. All of these data points combined provide users with an accurate overview of their day’s activity, including a detailed calculation of the number of calories they burned.
What’s more, Nintendo is offering Wii U owners a chance to download a 31-days trial version of Wii Fit U for free. Starting on 1st November, Wii U owners can download a complete trial version of the game and get a head start on their New Year’s fitness goals by trying out all the activities found in the game for 31 days – at no cost. All you need is a balance board and a Wii U system with a broadband Internet connection. Fitness fans can unlock the time restriction of Wii Fit U by simply synching a Fit Meter, available at retail separately, to the game. PEGI 3

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
It’s the end of an era as the sixth game in the Layton franchise will also be the Professor’s last ever outing as protagonist and experience the final exciting chapter in the Professor’s tale. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy for Nintendo 3DS contains over 500 in-game and free downloadable puzzles making it the biggest Layton yet and it will be sure to keep you wracking your brain all Christmas. PEGI 7

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £34.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
Can’t get to the North Pole this Christmas? You could create a Christmas village of your own and get away from festive stresses with this beautiful, rewarding and welcoming exploration into the life and times of a village full of animals. The only limit is your imagination as you take over the role of mayor and live life exactly as you want in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you could collect fruit, bugs, shells and fossils, go fishing, visit a tropical island or even design the interior of your house and build Public Works in your town to make it your own. With over 5 million people already playing worldwide, why not join in the gaming phenomenon this Christmas? PEGI 3
Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique
Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store for £39.99. Prices will vary between retailers.
For the fashionista in your life, no gift could be better than New Style Boutique. Manage a successful boutique, using your sense of fashion to help customers and build up a thriving business. There are around 12,000 fashion items to choose from including a large range of new accessories and there is even a ‘Check Your Look’ feature that allows you to receive fashion judgements on your own sense of style! You can then show your rating to friends and compare results when they have a go. What’s more, you can now serve male customers as this time men’s clothing lines have been added. PEGI: 3
For more information:
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About Nintendo:
The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Wii U™ and Wii™ home consoles, Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ family of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System™, Nintendo has sold more than 4.1 billion video games and more than 655 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo DSi XL™, as well as the Game Boy™, Game Boy Advance™, Super NES™, Nintendo 64™ and Nintendo GameCube™ systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario™, Donkey Kong™, Metroid™, Zelda™ and Pokémon™. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, based in Grossostheim, Germany, was established in 1990 and serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in Europe.

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