Sunday 29 December 2013

Furby Boom - Review

We were very excited to receive this cool Furby Boom....a cool interactive cute character...When our Furby arrived we were delighted...we opened the box to find this cool looking Furby in bright colours and with very soft fur...we hastily added the batteries and was delighted when Furby came to life and started talking in furbish to us.

Furby gives you great interaction both physically and virtually as Furby has a downloadable app suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod, It is an optional extra but does add a new dimension into the interaction and gameplay... As it then gave us the option to name our Furby who is now called Dee-Doh, we then could use our iPhone to play virtual games.....Plus the boys loved feeding and washing Dee-Doh using the app and are able to look after their new pet Furby.

Furby, in turn, interacts and talk to us and rewards us with a virtual eggs....which then hatches into a new virtual Furby Furbling...using the app we can keep a check on our Furby look after him and keep him in good health and have a happy Furby.

We have been having so much fun and love our Furby...The more we talk and interact the more English he will speak... he already say's "me likey "when we tickle his tummy...So cute....lots of endless fun... We absolutely adore watching him dance and sing....amazing.

We love our new pet Furby....and cant wait to see what he will do next.

Furby Boom can be purchased from all good high street stores and online around £54.99 to £59.99...and comes in an array of amazing colours.

We were given the furby for purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are honest and that of our own.