My Jolly Journey Tips - Competition

Tots100 and Travelsupermarket have teamed up to bring this fab Jolly Journeys competition...
Where you could win £500 pound for sharing your Top Tips for keeping the kids entertained on can also get you best tips published on Travelsupermarket Cheap Car Hire UK.

We often travel long journeys on day trips out via car/car hire and coach ...So here are my 8 Jolly Journeys Top Tips for keeping kid's entertained on long journeys.

1- What can you see - Have discussions on what you can see as you drive along from cows in the field to colours of the cars...for older children" my boys like to talk about the car brands"

2 - Eye spy games - Classic yet great fun on the go.

3 - Keep a small collection of books and toys in the car - great to keep little ones occupied...Its always nice to have a toy or book at hand to prevent boredom.

4 - Sing a long -There's nothing quite like a sing song of your favourite rhymes and songs which keeps everyone occupied.

5 - Counting game - Before you start you journey...make a small list if items you might spot on your journey...then using this list you can count how many you see along the way eg how many red cars/yellow trucks.

6 - Tell me a story - One person starts the story eg one day bill went to the shops and brought!!!!  a few sentences along passes it on then the next person who has to continue the story and so on...this can be great fun with a funny story emerging as you pass it along.

7 - Name that tune - turn take in humming a favourite song or theme tune...see who can guess the correct answer first.

8 - I went shopping - Turn take starting by saying I want to the shop and I brought some eggs each person has to then add there own shopping item to the list and whilst repeating everybody else's shopping item....can get a little confusing...but great fun and lots of giggles..especially as the list grows

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

As a family we love nothing more then playing games together...we were delight to play The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game...What we loved is the sturdy tree shaped box which makes is extremely unique....inside is a beautiful tree which hold the acorns during game play...

Inside the tree box we found a set of Instructions..Four tree logs..Game Spinner.. squirrel tweeter and 20 coloured acorns.

The game is suitable for up to four players from aged 3 yrs ..The object of the game is to fill up your log with five matching coloured acorns using the squirrel tweezers.....Each player takes their turn to spin the spinner and depending where you land will determine your move...
Pick - 1 Acorn or Pick 2 Acorns ...
Sneaky Squirrel - steals an acorn from another player..
Sad Squirrel - skip your next turn...or
Squirrel Storm -  loose your acorns and skip a turn

This is fun filled and is great for pre-school children as in introduces turn taking and colour matching...We had great fun playing this game...what my boys like its it quick and simple to set up and they have been getting out the game and playing together.....A great simple fun filled game for all the family.

We were given this game for purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are that of our own and we remain honest in our views.

An Eggcellent Adventure

We headed off to Covent Garden in check out the Lindt Big Easter Egg Hunt 
which is in support of Action For Children.

There was some amazing eggs with fantastic art work and designs on display....

They eggs were awesome...As well as... well known cartoon characters and designs there were also some amazing works of art .... On our hunt we were treated to some yummy chocolate lindt eggs that were being handed out....So with chocolate eggs in our tummy's we continued our hunt....Although it was a cold day we found quite a few of the eggs....

The most important thing is we had lots of if your looking for In expensive adventure then this egg hunt is for you (we just donated a small amount to for the Egg Hunt Booklet)

Check out the amazing egg's which will be in Covent Garden until 7th April 2013.

The Eggs were awesome...each one unique in design and colour.....The selection was amazing

There were so many fantastic works of art on display

Moshi Monster Shop Bus...with a slide

what an eggcellent adventure x
We had an awesome day...the boys had a great time.

This is a personal post on my experiences of The Big Egg Hunt .....I have no relationship of any kind with the organiser's and have not been paid for this post.... I share my personal thoughts and opinions in this post on our adventures.

What To Expect

I was recently reminiscing at my pregnancy's and how important it was as a first time mother to have up to date relevant information on pregnancy and on becoming a first time mother...
Now day's there is a wealth of knowledge and information as you search through the Internet which can be a bit daunting as there are so many websites available.

What I like about the online site What To Expect is that is had a vast range of valuable information the pages are easy to navigate though with subheadings of topic related information.... ranging from

Pre-pregnancy - Ovulation Calculator and calender for preparing for childbirth

Pregnancy - Customised pregnancy tracking to you email inbox or select online your pregnancy in weeks and find out how you baby is developing.

Baby - Baby development, Breast feeding to introducing solids....with a vast array of information on newborn babies as well as health and safety.

Toddler - Stages of development...behaviour...sleep solutions and eating.

This is just a small selection of some of the information that is available

What To Expect was developed by Hedi Murkoff  who the author of the best selling book -
What To Expect When Your Expecting. 
Hedi and has now developed a Uk website What To Expect which is an online community with over two million parents online users.

I was amazed at how much information was available on What To Expect website...there is also a community groups page where you can view or add a discussion post with other users...And an Ask Hedi Page where you can ask Hedi your very own pregnancy or parenting question.

A fabulous resource of expecting mothers and parents.

For more Information Visit What To Expect Website

I received a goodie bag as a gift in return for my honest and personal views on the What To Expect Website...I remain honest in my personal views and opinions and I have not been instructed in what I write.

Triple Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits

This is an awesome recipe tasty.
Shortbread biscuit with a chocolate twist.

175g butter
85g golden caster sugar
200g plain flour
2 tbs of cocoa powder
100g chocolate chips (we used milk and white chocolate)
Chocolate for Dipping (as its Easter you can use half a Easter egg shell of your favorite chocolate egg)

We mixed all of the ingredients together in a bowl...Except the chocolate chips
knead together  all of the ingredients until a dough forms...Once the dough forms add in chocolate chips...Then roll into a sausage shape and chill in the fridge for an hour or more...until dough is firm.

Cut dough into disks and bake on a greased proof baking tray for 12-14 minutes on gas mark 4.

Once cooked and cooled dip in your favourite chocolate and allow to dry...yum

Mum Show Live

I must say I really excited about the up and coming MUM SHOW live which is an event for families with school aged children with a range of conference...discussions, Activities and entertainment for the kids and over a 100 of exhibitors under one roof and best of all a vibrant marketplace.

Mum Show Live will run from Thursday 16th May 2013 to Sunday 19th May 2013

I really excited and cant wait to attend.... It's great to have an event full of activities and information for us mothers with older children..

If you would like to attend .....Use this exclusive blogger discount code below

For more information on Mum Show Live .... Tickets and Events and Exhibitors Visit 
Mum Show Live

I Proud to share this information on Mum Show Live...All thoughts are of my own and my expectations on mum show live....In regards to what I have read and my personal opinions ...
I Have Tickets to Attend and Look forward to seeing you there.


Here is my quote this week......Something which is close to my heart and shares the great relationship my sons have with their Dad.

"Any man can be a father but it takes a special person to be a Dad"

English Proverb

Share your Wednesday poem or quote ... Linking in with Emma from Crazy with Twins

Little Pinkies

I was extremely honored to review this amazing Sweetie Bracelet from Little Pinkies .... I could have never imagined that I could have my boys handprints engraved on a bracelet along with there initials  I'm so glad and delighted that I have found Little Pinkies ...... I only wish I had found them sooner.

We were sent two Inkless Handprint Kits....which consisted of a small Inkless wipe and a special sheet of paper.... It very easy to use and actually great fun....We did at least two handprints on the sheet of paper and left it to the experts at Little Pinkies to choose the best one....and within 10 days this amazing package came through my door.

I was so excited and couldn't wait to open the box and I was overjoyed and this amazing Sweetie Bracelet ....As a jewellery lover who has loads of bracelets this one has to be my all time favourite and I haven't taken it off's made of sterling silver and it just perfect ...Most importantly is specially personalised for me with my beautiful boys handprints each side of the silver disk... which makes it so much more special.

Thank you so much Little Pinkies I'm ever so impressed with the craftsmanship and will adore this bracelet for years to come.

I was offered a necklace to review but the kind people at Little Pinkies let me choose a bracelet and pay the additional cost....All information is honest and I share my personal views and opinions.

Win A Thorntons Easter Egg Everyday

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If I say broken bone was my magic moment....well in my case a fractured toe bone may think I'm a little mad...

But when I fill you in it will make a little more sense......I had just returned to work after maternity leave..... and was missing my baby boy terribly and I was six months pregnant at the time with my second child.....

One day I fell over whilst running to open the door to a delivery ....  my feet buckled underneath me and thank goodness I landed quite well (considering I was 6 months pregnant)....
Well after a week if walking around I was started to get lots of pain in my feet..I headed to the A&E department and was informed I had fractured my toe....six to eight weeks off work...
I was overjoyed...I missed my baby boy so badly and I could now spend time with him and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.....I ended up starting my maternity leave early after my sick leave.
Defiantly a magic moment in my life.



Caramel Tart

This is a very simple recipe (check out my Caramel Tart - Improved Recipe here ) which is super fast recipe!! as you can now purchase Carnation Caramel and will save you tons of time. You can make your own shortcrust pastry and boil a can of condensed milk for the caramel (which ca take over an hour and a half) so the choice if quickness is yours, I opted for the quick and simple option.

Ready roll shortcrust pastry
I can of Carnation Condensed Milk
Chocolate sprinkles

Place pastry on a lined baking tray ensuring you pinch the edges, prick with a fork and bake
(as pack instructions). Once your pastry it's cooked and cooled spoon on all of the caramel, add chocolate sprinkles for the finishing touch!! and there you have it. A quick and simple caramel tart. This tart tastes amazing with custard...yummy.

Delicious Caramel Tart


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

A very tiring week so far and quite stressful on the work front ...... but here are my reasons to be cheerful this week.

My hubby has had some days off work so it's been really nice to spend some quality time together
I finished work early so me and my hubby went out for lunch was nice to sit and chat and enjoy each others company.

This evening we are heading out for family evening meal I'm really looking forward to that.

I finally collected my new glasses from the opticians which I have been waiting for all week.... as the screw in my old ones kept falling out and decided to pop open on my recent shopping trip         :-( I could have I'm very pleased to now have my new ones.

And it's almost Friday so what better reasons to be cheerful ;-)


Here are my Wednesday Words...I like this one as its very funny :-)

Share you Wednesday words with Crazy With Twins

#Magicmoments - Cake's not that much of a magic moment.....but one that I'm quite proud of.

Around a year and a half ago.... I volunteered to bake some cakes for Steve Jobs cancer charity...
I had no idea what I would be baking...then I received an email with the spec of what I needed to make...The cake had to be delivered within a couple of day's to a central London office to be sold...
No Pressure then!!!!!
And here is is a Rainbow Google Cake....
I did feel the pressure as I was so unsure how it would turn one attempt and the end results..I was quite chuffed.
Whats your Magic Moment pop over to The Olivers Madhouse and share.

Win A Set Of Ohyo Collapsable Water Bottles

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Then (when empty) squish your Ohyo up to fit in a pocket or handbag....Great for packed days out..and on the go.
Environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe.

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Rice Krispie Nests

We had so much fun making these Rice Krispie Nests

My son came home yesterday with a Shredded Wheat Version that he had made at school...It was very tasty........It got munched up before I could even take a picture of his hard work!!!!
So today my boys wanted to create their own....and as we had rice krispies at home it was perfect..great for rainy days like today.

2  large bars of chocolate 
Rice Krispies/shredded wheat or cornfkakes
Chocolate mini eggs...

We melted our chocolate...bain- maire style...I prefer this the the boy's like watching and stirring as the chocolate melts.

My boys loved mixing in the rice kripies....a little bit messy....But well worth it...It kept them occupied for a while and its very simple to do.........Although they started munching on the chocolate mini eggs half way thorough "kids".

I cant wait to have one with a cup of tea now....Yummy...lets hope there some left. :-)

Photobox Personalised Photobook - Review

Where do I start..I have so many fab and wonderful things to say about Photobox and their amazing personalised Photobooks. I have always wanted a photobook of our I was more then delighted to receive a Book For Mum - Photobook.......It was just perfect...

My husband started off creating the book as a gift for me for Mothers Day.......But me being me couldn't help but take over (just a little bit)......I must say I was very impressed...
We started by uploading 26 of some of our favourite images.....I absolutely loved the quotes that were already laid out in the virtual online book which you can also change... as there was is selection of amazing quotes to choose I could also change the page background this was great as this really enriched the images that I had chosen......I could then also personalise with text and adapt the size and and the layout of the images..

I was surprised how simple and easy it was to be honest, The hardest thing was choosing the images we wanted, That probably took the longest.
Then the best bit..... within a week the Photobook arrived....It was superb everything I imagined and hold the A4 hardbacked book of my families memories in my hands and turn the glossy pages was say I'm overjoyed is a bit of an understatement.

I love the now stands proudly on our shelf and is our families memories...
Its tells a story about us and our life...which I will treasure forever.
Photobook also offer a range of themes.... from....
A Book For Mums...A Book For Dads... Baby's First Years ...are all but a few.
I highly recommend a Photobox Personalised books as a gift for someone special, Or a gift for you and your family of fond memories.

Check out Photobox for their amazing range of Personalsied PhotoBooks

I received a beautiful photobook to review..all thoughts are that of my own..and I remain  honest in my opinions.

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