Saturday 30 March 2013

My Jolly Journey Tips - Competition

Tots100 and Travelsupermarket have teamed up to bring this fab Jolly Journeys competition...
Where you could win £500 pound for sharing your Top Tips for keeping the kids entertained on can also get you best tips published on Travelsupermarket Cheap Car Hire UK.

We often travel long journeys on day trips out via car/car hire and coach ...So here are my 8 Jolly Journeys Top Tips for keeping kid's entertained on long journeys.

1- What can you see - Have discussions on what you can see as you drive along from cows in the field to colours of the cars...for older children" my boys like to talk about the car brands"

2 - Eye spy games - Classic yet great fun on the go.

3 - Keep a small collection of books and toys in the car - great to keep little ones occupied...Its always nice to have a toy or book at hand to prevent boredom.

4 - Sing a long -There's nothing quite like a sing song of your favourite rhymes and songs which keeps everyone occupied.

5 - Counting game - Before you start you journey...make a small list if items you might spot on your journey...then using this list you can count how many you see along the way eg how many red cars/yellow trucks.

6 - Tell me a story - One person starts the story eg one day bill went to the shops and brought!!!!  a few sentences along passes it on then the next person who has to continue the story and so on...this can be great fun with a funny story emerging as you pass it along.

7 - Name that tune - turn take in humming a favourite song or theme tune...see who can guess the correct answer first.

8 - I went shopping - Turn take starting by saying I want to the shop and I brought some eggs each person has to then add there own shopping item to the list and whilst repeating everybody else's shopping item....can get a little confusing...but great fun and lots of giggles..especially as the list grows